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James Franco


James Franco was our first Man Candy, before we even had Man Candy Monday, and simply had our “To Do List”. Now, we’ve evolved, and our love for James Franco has only grown stronger than ever.


Twitter: @JamesFrancoTV
Status: “Dating”

Age: 35
Birthday: April 19, 1978
Sign: Aries
Location: Traveling
Height: 5’ 10”

Profession: Actor
Claim to Fame: Freaks and Geeks, Pineapple Express, 127 Hours, Oz the Great and Powerful


Why We Love Him


Iconic Good Looks

Undoubtedly one of the sexiest men of all time, there’s no question why this stud is our very first Man Candy and number one on my To-Do List. His chiseled features are reminiscent of Hollywood’s original iconic bad-boy, James Dean… except this sex symbol is real, live in color, and likely shooting a movie, grabbing a coffee, or studying at a university near you. His rockin’ pecs and abs are enough to make even the most devout Catholic girl get on her knees and salivate. But this babe has more on his resume than good looks alone, with acting and academic accomplishments that are a close second and third to his sexiness.

James Franco Bear

Inspiring Roles

I would literally pounce on James Franco playing any of the characters he’s portrayed over the years. Has he been sweating in the desert for 127 Hours, armless, dirty, and suffering from emotional baggage? He’s lucky to still have his lower half, because I can bang the Post-Traumatic Stress right out of him. Still caught up as Sean Penn’s lover in Milk? We can make this arrangement under the table. Does he want to re-enact his days as a Naval Academy boxer in Annapolis? Bring on the sweat, tears, and pent-up aggression, baby. I’ll make his soldier stand at attention. Even if he played a demonic entity or alien abductor during his struggling days as a movie extra, I don’t mind. I’ll risk my body and soul just to spend the night with him.

James Franco Hours

But, of course… if he came to me as he was in Pineapple Express… that would make my dreams come true. Let’s knock out three birds with one stone: bring that kush to the shower, wash the grease out of your hair, and get to fulfilling my fantasies.

James Franco Drug Dealer

Intriguing Intellect

It’s obvious that Franco is a tremendously talented actor, starring in a variety of movies and winning numerous awards for his craft. But, one look at this man’s Wikipedia page shows that his talents reach far beyond his acting skills. James has studied at more colleges and universities than I even applied to, and it isn’t because he failed out. He successfully completed more majors and minors than most people consider during their college careers and often achieved scores that placed him at the top of his class.

With all these accomplishments, he must be quite the intellectual. Can you even imagine what that early morning coffee conversation would be like? While he’s contemplating the origins of life and perplexities of the universe, I swear, I’d be in a sex-crazed daze… trying to contain myself from longingly staring at him, and possibly popping sedatives just to keep myself from jumping into his lap and ripping off his flannel pajamas.

James Franco 5

Laidback Daze

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to love James Franco… we are also talking about the winner of the 2008 High-Times Stoner of the Year award.

That’s right, ladies. The man we have all come to know and adore also smokes the herb, and with one bong rip, he’s floated on a green, swirling cloud of smoke into our hearts. Even if I can’t bask in the glory of sleeping with such a gorgeous and talented man, just to share a joint with him would be a dream come true.

James Franco High Times 2

A sexy, sultry, and smart stoner that looks good in whatever he wears and who’s morning breath probably smells like a bong rip and a cup of coffee. What more is there for a slut to love? James, if on the slim chance you ever come across Slutty Girl Problems, just know… you’re always welcome to some free weed and one hell of a night on the East Coast.

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