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Booty Parlor – The Beauty Parlor for Your Sex Life


If you’ve been looking to pamper yourself, boost your confidence, land a man, or ignite your sex life – you’ve come to the right place. No, I don’t mean Slutty Girl Problems. We’ve got some great advice, but even we need some tools to step up our seduction game. Instead, I’m taking about Booty Parlor – the beauty parlor for your sex life, with a team of sexy lifestyle experts who bring sex appeal and luxury to each and every one of their products. At it’s core, Booty Parlor is a confidence brand that gives it’s customers the tools to become a happier, sexier, more confident you. Their products are designed to boost your confidence, enhance your love life, and build a hot connection with your partner. Whether you’re looking to wow your boo in the bedroom, or are simply searching for a way to pamper yourself and relax – Booty Parlor has the perfect line of products for you. If you’d like the share the love – their fun, flirty, and deliciously designed products make the perfect gift for your BFF, sorority sister, or a bachelorette party.

Even the more confident girls could use a little pick-me-up and pampering from time to time – and even more, some sexy products that make them feel like seductive vixens at the bar and sex kittens in the bedroom. Here are a few of my favorite delights from each of their sultry product lines – and tricks of the trade that every slutty girl needs to have in her arsenal. Check out all their products here, and keep reading for my favorites! You can click the pink links at any time to go directly to the product page. Once you’re on their site, you can get products separately or design your own Love Kit to get a totally customized package.

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Pamper Yourself

Some of my favorite Booty Parlor treats are their aphrodisiac and pheromone infused beauty products – designed to not only make you feel like a confident bombshell, but also to boost your sex appeal & natural seduction. You can easily get into a sexy getting-routine that feels luxurious and relaxing, while simultaneously turning you into the smoldering temptress of your dreams. Their gorgeous line of luxury beauty products is designed to highlight your most alluring assets, boost your confidence, and attract a partner with pheromone and aphrodisiac magic. What’s there not to love?

Pheromone-Infused Products

Pheromones are an instinctual part of attraction. They are chemicals that naturally exist in our bodies and trigger desire and sensuality in prospective partners. I like to use Booty Parlor’s pheromone-infused products all together during my beauty routine, for max-effect, when I want a nice pampering or want to feel uber-confident on a weekend night out. First, I start with the bath products, then the body, and finally the perfume, until I’m all lathered up in man-magnet and can practically hear them banging down the door already.

  1. Pink Caviar Scrub – Caviar sounds rich and fancy, but I initially thought that it may be a bit strange for a beauty product. Yet, after giving it a go, I was totally hooked. It feels like a soft, gentle sugar bath scrub with caviar beads that gentle exfoliate your skin. The only thing I have to compare it to is the scrubs at Bath and Body Works – except this scrub is much more gentle, soft, and luxuriously moisturizing. They’re not even in the same playing field. It has a yummy, sweet raspberry citrus scent and leaves behind a gentle shimmer. It’s perfect for a relaxing bath before you head out on the town!
  2. Pheromone Infused Firming Cream – Once I’m done in the bath, I like to put a little bit of firming cream on my “problem areas”. A little dap along my thighs and tummy makes my skin feel a bit smoother and firmer, like I had just done a round of sit-ups and squats, and my muscles are engaged – but not tired. It’s a very subtle effect that definitely helps me forget about any little jiggle that might be triggered from my days skipping out on the gym. I’m not sure if it’s noticeable to an outsider, but my confidence boost definitely is. The cream is also a bit scented and shimmery, which is super cute when it glimmers in the sun.
  3. Luminizing Body ButterI lather this creamy body butter on all the spots that I don’t use my firming cream. It gives my skin a moisturized glow and has a light and has an alluring scent that’s incredibly erotic. Overall, I just love this body butter as a high-class alternative to lotion, because it makes my skin feel ultra-moisturized and smooth without any oily feeling at all.
  4. Perfume Oil Finally, there’s Booty Parlor’s pheromone infused perfume oil. I love using pheromone perfumes and oils because it seems like the most direct and obvious way to use pheromones the your advantage. Perfume preferences vary from person to person, so this scent may not be for everyone. It’s a decadent blend of fruit scents with just a hint of musky, earthy sandalwood. It’s a very erotic combination, but not perfect for everyone – and can be a little overpowering if you lather it on strong. I enjoy using it, but hope they release some more scents soon!

Aphrodisiac Lip Glosses, Stains, and Breath Mist

Once you’re loaded up with seduction-enducing pheromones, aphrodisiacs come in to make your attraction even more pleasurable. Each aphrodisiac product has a blend of ingredients that inspire desire and keep kissing simply irresistible. Their lip stains are rich with color, long-lasting, and slightly minty, so your lips will always be ready for a kiss. Their lip glosses make a perfect pair, and give you that full Angelina pout, without a sticky mess that will be left over when you kiss. My favorite part about the lip glosses is that they’re slightly moisturizing, so they leave gentle, soft feel after wearing them. Their aphrodisiac breath mist has a tasty cinnamon / minty flavor, that kind of reminds me of popping in a piece of gum before locking lips, without having to worry about getting rid of it pre-kiss. Put these aphrodisiac products together, and you’ll be tongue-tied the rest of the night.


Hot Couples Products

Beyond their luxurious beauty products, I absolutely love Booty Parlor’s products for the bedroom. You don’t have to be hitched up to enjoy their romantic couple’s products. Introducing them to your booty call, friends with benefits, or part time lover is a great way to get excited and give something new a try. But if you’re in a relationship, these tools are even better as a way to break out of your routine, re-ignite your romance, and connect on a new level.

This massage candle is by far my favorite product in the entire Booty Parlor line. It’s a candle that comes in two erotic scents – Sandalwood Vanilla (which is my scent) and Chocolate Cinnamon (which I haven’t tried). It’s adorably packaged with a cute little bow, and can sit inconspicuously on your nightstand. As it burns, the room fills up with it’s scent – and then you can blow the candle out to use the oil for a massage. The candle comes with a little pour spout to drip it directly onto your body – but unlike hot wax, this oil doesn’t burn your skin. Instead, it’s just a gentle warming that quickly adjusts to your body temperature. The massage oil is incredibly silky and smooth, without leaving any film or residue. It’s moisturizing and makes your body feel soft and silky to the touch. It’s absolutely fabulous and totally irresistible!

This is typically a confidence-boosting beauty product, because adding a little shimmer to your chest is always sexy – but I like to use it as a couple’s product because it’s so deliciously lick- and kiss-able. It’s super-fine shimmer brings a bit of attention to your most sensitive spots and erogenous zones. Once your partner gets close enough to smell and taste it’s sweet scent and flavor, he’ll be hooked on kissing and licking it off you. I love how tasty this body shimmer is – and love getting it licked off even more

I typically have trouble with the glycerine and parabens in many lubricants. They tend to make me itch and burn like crazy, especially the more I use them. This lubricant has these problem-chemicals, but personally didn’t give me any issues. If you have sensitivities like me, I’d recommend doing a spot test first to make sure it’s right for you. This lubricant was very smooth and natural-feeling, as if nothing was there at all. It didn’t get tacky during use, dry up, or leave any strange films or residues. It comes in a very cute and discrete bottle with a super-convenient pump that won’t leave to fumbling to open a cap. If you’re searching for your new favorite all-purpose lube, try this out as a fierce contender!

Booty Parlor didn’t send along their body fondue (or body topping), so I haven’t given this product a try, but I can’t wait to! I love the sensation of having a partner lick kissable treats off the most sensitive areas of my body, and I suspect that adding some sweet melted chocolate to the mix would only up the excitement. Give it a try, and come back to let us know how it is!

Frisky Accessories

So you’ve already relaxed and pampered yourself. You’ve found a man, and already love to get romantic and erotic during your play. But, maybe you’d like to turn up the heat – while still keeping it classy and sexy, rather than raunchy. Girl, I feel you. Sometimes, the thought of kink is enticing – but hardcore gear is intimidating and hard to bring into the bedroom without making it feel like a dungeon. Booty Parlor’s line of frisky accessories is perfect to bring some kink into the bedroom without sacrificing romance, girly glam, or luxury.

Good Girl Bad Girl Blindfold

This blind fold is made with a soft, smooth, elegant silk – and is adorably embellished with the pink and black “Good Girl” on one side, and the naughtier “Bad Girl” on the other. Choose your preferred personality for the night, and bring your fantasies to fruition! This blindfold is totally soft and smooth with a comfortable strap, so you’ll never feel itchy, scratchy, or otherwise irritated while getting busy (or sleeping, for the really good girls). Combine it with their soft wrist cuffs – which almost perfectly match – for a totally tied up experience.

All Tied Up Bonding Tape

It’s no secret that I love bondage… the thrill of being powerless and helpless to you partner’s desires is the ultimate thrill. But, even bad girls can be intimidated by the harsh bounds you find at fetish stores. This bondage tape is perfect for the beginner or experienced gal looking to bring a little kink into her life, without the cuffs. It’s sturdy, strong, and best of all, it doesn’t stick to your skin or furniture. It only sticks to itself, so you can tie yourself or your partner up exactly how you want to, without having to worry about any painful consequences. It’s currently not on site, but may be soon!

If you want to amp up the kink, give their feather spanker or feather whipper a try. One side is naughty, the other is nice – perfect to switch things up and give you several erotic sensations.

Pink Feather Boa

Adorable, seductive, and perfect for a strip tease or bachelorette party – feather boas are the ultimate adult dress-up accessory. Just be sure you’re ready to pick up the feathers after you’re done. Like all feather boas, it tends to shed like crazy!

Your Confidence Bible

If you can’t quite get your confidence boost, even after our advice and Booty Parlor’s sensuous product, heck out their Mojo Makeover: Four Weeks to a Sexier You. This guide book, written by sexy lifestyle expert Dana B. Myers, has tips and tricks for everything from getting into a sexy routine, re-creating your beauty and style choices, getting your love-making space feng shui, flirting, communicating your desires & fantasies, and then exploring them! With the right tools and guidance, you’ll be a total sex-kitten in no time, and will have your sexy confidence both in and out of the bedroom.

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Note: This review is sponsored by Booty Parlor, and I received these products for free in exchange for an honest review.  None of the links are affiliate links. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. I only recommend things I would use myself! Read more about our reviews.

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