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Anal Bleaching Kit | South Beach Skin Solutions Review


If you read our in-depth features on Anal Bleaching, Lighting, & Brightening – then you may be curious as to where you can get your very own anal brightening kit – from a reputable company that’s known to make safe and effective products. Look no further, Slutizens! In late September, I received an at-home anal bleaching kit for review, from the lovely experts at South Beach Skin Solutions. Although I’m a little late in my writing of this review, I’ve had plenty of time to give their kit a try. It’s time to reveal the results of my brand new bleached asshole, the process, the results, and all the stuff in between.

Is this your first time reading about anal brightening? Check out my Read-All-About-It article that will answer any questions you could ever have about applying these kinds of products to your asshole.


The Products

I received an awesome pack of goodies from South Beach Skin Solutions (lovingly shortened to SBSS for the purpose of this review).  Of those products, three are meant for anal lightening. One was an Accelerating Wash meant for prepping your asshole for brighting. Another, the Gel for Sensitive Areas, contains the actual solution for anal brightening. Finally, there is a Soothing Lotion for aftercare and moisturizing the area. All are pictured below (in the opposite order as described). The contents and chemical makeup are discussed in my previous article here, which goes over the safety of these natural brightening chemicals compared to other bleaching and lightening products. but rest assured, they are safe for daily human asshole use (insult not intended). You can learn more about the specifics of brightening from their website here.

SBSS also offers a variety of other brightening products, like all over body, underarms, face, lips, and nipples. You can check out all of their products here.

What They Feel Like

Each of the products has a different composition, texture, scent, look, and feeling – all of which feel natural, non-offensive, and non-chemical. None of the products are painful or uncomfortable (though SBSS notes that if you do feel discomfort, you should stop using them immediately). The chart below shows the basics of how each product feels to your various senses. As described, the Accelerating Wash looks clear with a bit of a yellow tinge. It feels soapy, and has a soapy smell. It lathers easily and gently against the skin, without any irritation or discomfort. The Gel for Sensitive Areas (the main anal brightening product) is a milky white, thick, gel or lotion-looking product. It has no smell, and goes on smoothly like a lotion. Surprisingly, there is no discomfort to the process at all. Unlike other chemical bleaching products (which can itch and burn), this gel feels like nothing is there at all. Just be aware not to get the gel inside your rectal cavity. It should be external only. Finally, the Soothing Lotion is another white lotion that feels cooling, soothing, or moisturizing. It has a slight soapy smell that is barely recognizable, and only noticeable if you’re sniffing it directly.

The Routine

I used each of the three products as directed, in succession, once a day for three weeks. However, it is recommended that you use the products twice a day for 2-6 weeks for best results. My results were just fine with how much I used the products. I had no complications at all (like discomfort, pain, rashing, redness, or anything else) and was able to use the products as intended. I followed the directions to the best of my ability. This is what it looked like:

  1. Enter tub, squat awkwardly.
  2. Apply Accelerating Wash – rub asshole for about one minute, usually counting out loud.
  3. Rinse off wash, hop out of tub and gently pat my asshole dry.
  4. Apply Gel for Sensitive Areas for about a minute – using circular motions.
  5. Scurry out of the bathroom, dance naked to Shake It Off for 1 whole song, pat asshole dry if not dry already.
  6. Apply Soothing Lotion, rub in well for about 30 seconds.
  7. Twerk to air dry lotion
  8. Laugh at myself lovingly

Though washing my asshole felt super silly for a girl who’s hair is lucky if it gets brushed three times a week, I didn’t really mind this process. My longest beautifying process including showering, shaving, and makeup – which takes an hour fifteen, max. That being said, this process will add about 15 minutes onto your day – and you can easily go about getting ready while it dried. You will also get very comfortable with your asshole, which I think is a wonderful thing. We should all be friends with our assholes!

The Results

Many people experienced varied results when using anal bleaching products, or bleaching products in general. With an at-home treatment kit, you may have some novice error (though rubbing your asshole really isn’t hard). But, it really ultimately depends on your skin. Some people see results immediately with at home treatment – and for some people, it takes about a month. Some people can keep their results for almost a year, with no touch ups. Others have to do some monthly maintenance. Just like with everything sexuality related, there is no one answer. Every body is different – so results vary.

For me, the results happened quickly, well within the three weeks I was using the product – and were very noticeable. I took before and after pictures which will NOT be shared, but my asshole thanks you for your interest. While I wasn’t particularly concerned about my asshole’s color prior to reviewing, I did notice that it became more flush with the rest of my skin tone. The chart below shows various skin pigments – and a look at what my asshole’s color was before starting the kit (shown on the right) and after three weeks (shown on the left). The results are very apparent, and noticeable.


I would recommend this process to anyone who is concerned with the appearance of their asshole, in terms of it’s color. It takes literally fifteen minutes each morning to go through the process, and it’s simple, non-invasive, and relatively comfortable. If you have any insecurity over a darker colored asshole, this product is really perfect for you. The process is quick, effective, and hey, now I have a pink asshole! Now I just have to figure out what to do with that fact…

You can get any of the products above at
South Beach Skin Solution’s website.

It is easy to order, and they have lots of information if you need any more@

You can purchase specific kits, packages, and individual products
for whatever part of your body you want lightened.

As mentioned, you can also check out my previous post here for more info!

Note: This review is sponsored by South Beach Skin Soultions, and I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. I only recommend things I love and would use myself! Read more about my reviews.

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