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Strapless Mesh Babydoll Review


It’s often hard to find the perfect piece of lingerie – especially when you’re shopping online. Will the design be a flattering fit for your curves? Is it made of high-quality materials that will feel luxurious against your skin? Will the retailer have a fab return policy, in case it doesn’t fit as well as you expected? Luckily, your favorite slut is here to review some fab – and not so fab – lingerie, to ensure you always get the most bang for your buck… so to speak.

Not every piece of lingerie is a smoldering win, but if you find something that you can rock, it’s definitely a pleasure to wear. Although this Strapless Mesh Babydoll isn’t my favorite piece of lingerie ever, it’s sweet, petite, and perfect for soft, romantic moments with your sweetie. Or, it’s fabulous for just lounging around and enjoying a slow day, with a little extra sex-appeal. It has an innocent feel of soft mesh and silky lace that hugs your bust line, and gently flows past your curves. If you’ve got a little extra in the tummy that you’d rather not display, this baby doll design is perfect for highlighting your accents rather than your (perceived) flaws. Although I wish it was a bit more tailored, rather than “one size fits most”, the fit worked for me – and probably will work for lots of ladies. I would absolutely recommend it to any girl who loves to lounge around in a bit of luxury, or wants to add a romantic, simple flair to her boudoir.

Real pics later!

Name: Strapless Mesh Babydoll
Type: LingerieBabydolls, Dress
Designer: Shirley of Hollywood

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 3 Stars
Naughtiness: 1 Devil

Material: Nylon, Lace, Mesh
Qualities: SimpleCasual, Bows, Loose, One Size

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Darling Design

Overall, I love the design of this simply little baby doll. It has a simple floral lace top which is soft and easily stitches over my large bust. The sheer mesh skirt is also pretty soft, and has a gentle ruffled hem that lets it fall nicely past your curves. It’s not a form fitting piece by any means – rather, it hangs to hide your curves. If you love your waistline, this piece won’t show it off. But if you’re looking to cover up a bit, this is definitely a gorgeous and sexy way to do so! This design would make a great nightie – or something to just hang out in. It also comes with a free white thong, made of the same mesh material with a tiny cotton gusset.

Sheer Sex Appeal

The sheer top is definitely much more sheer than I was anticipating. Unlike the model in the photo, who’s nipples are photo-shopped off, this baby doll shows everything. Personally, I’m not complaining. I wasn’t planning on wearing this out anywhere, anyway. But, compared to the picture, I was definitely surprised to see how much was shown. The bottom half is the perfect sheer-ness for me. It is just sheer enough to show the outline of your curves without revealing your panty line.

I was a bit disappointed in the quality of the bow. The bow in the original picture looks soft and satin-y, with a delicate flow and poofy curved top. Instead, this bow is floppy and kind of cheap. The lingerie comes in a flat box, so the bow is pretty crumpled up (as you can see in both pictures). It definitely doesn’t have a delicate flow. You can see the lines from where it was folded, and it just kind of droops there. I considered cutting it off, but you’d still have some of the pink bow on each side of the dress, and it would also take away from the waistline (as you can tighten the bow to accent there). The low-quality bow isn’t really a surprise, because the baby doll is relatively cheap in price, and you get what you pay for. You can definitely still make this baby doll work. Your boo will probably just be staring at your nipples anyway.

One Size Fits “Most”

My biggest concern about this baby doll is that it is “One Size Fits Most”, which really means “one size fits a little over 50% of ladies, but definitely not even close to all body types”. As a 32DDD curvy girl, this baby doll fit me pretty well. The floral lace bust hugged by breasts nicely, and the sheer flowy bottom covered my curves. It wasn’t form-fitting by any means, nor did it accent and highlight my favorite assets – but it didn’t show off all my flaws, either. However, I can imagine if you’re small busted, this baby doll may be too large and just fall strangely, or fall down entirely, as it’s just the right size for me, and I have huge boobs. Similarly, if your best asset is your tummy, this baby doll won’t show it off. If you’re any bigger than a 32-36 around the bust, maybe a 38, this baby doll may not stretch enough to accommodate you. But, if you’re somewhere around my size, even a little curvier in the tummy, this baby doll will probably work and cover you in the places you’re a bit self-conscious about.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same of the other One Size lingerie at Of the 4 pieces I ordered, this is the only piece that fit me even semi-well. Luckily, has a fabulous return policy – described below!

Big boobs, tiny waist is basically all that will work with this baby doll.

Pros & Cons


  • Really comfortable and cozy
  • Can easily fit a variety of sizes and body types


  • Cheap materials
  • Bow looks cheap
  • One size only

Simple, Sweet Seduction

This delicious little baby doll is a sweet & petite – perfect for soft, romantic moments rather than smoldering seduction. Don’t get me wrong – you can absolutely be seductive in this simple statement piece, but it will definitely have an air of romance and sweetness rather than rip-your-clothes-off passion. It’s surprisingly soft material feels very luxurious against my skin, and the design is perfect for simply lounging around, or casually surprising your partner with something sweet and sensual. It has a very innocent feel with a floral lace bodice, gently flowing mesh skirt, and a little bow around the waist. Although I wish it was more customizable than “one size fits all”, I think it would fit many body types (as I’m pretty curvy, and it fits me!). I would definitely recommend it for any girl who loves to lounge around in something pretty, or is looking for something sweet to surprise their partner without all the fuss of something fancy. It’s definitely a fab little thing!

Get this lovely little strapless baby doll
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