Ok so around November 2013 I broke up with my first (significant) boyfriend of 2 years. He is Turkish, sexy, passionate, and very well-endowed. Why did I break up with him? Eh, idk. It was becoming monotonous. I just graduated and there is a whole world of men and experiences that I feel I need to explore. Therefore I justified that breaking up was the best solution.

During my new break up days, there was this dude from my acting class that was basically the opposite of what Turkish boyfriend. I found him sexy and was on the prowl. We hung out a lot and there was a lot of sexual tension although we didn’t hook up until I had broke up with Turk. Anyway after a couple months of hanging out we finally fucked. A month later he asked me to be his girlfriend after a romantic day of snowboarding. I said yes. Next day I am thinking to myself – SHIT.
I know that he was filling some emotional void that the Turk was no longer fulfilling and that’s why I said yes.

NOW mysterious acting dude is my boyfriend and not so mysterious. In addition – sex is pretty shit. Like when he’s down on me he bites (which isn’t often or enjoyable) and it’s fucking weird. Our sexual chemistry is just off. I’ve had 1-2 REAL orgasms but the last 4 times we’ve fucked I fake some orgasm just so that it’s over and I can make myself cum in his bathroom.

The Turk knew how to own me and worship my body. My body was his temple and that was fucking hot. Acting dude reminds me of every fucking lame lay that I’ve had – it’s like when he fucks he is on cruise control. Shuts his eyes and just rails me. Acting dude has these pussy little ejaculations every 4 minutes and then gets disappointed when I turn over and am not into it. REALLY? It doesn’t help that he is not nearly as endowed as the Turk.

This isn’t even the dilemma cuz I know what I need to do – breaking up with acting dude is the solution. BUT (ugh I am going to say it) I actually respect him as a friend and want to continue a friendship despite his horrible fucking skills. When my best friend refer to him as my ‘fake boyfriend’ cuz I really am just not that into him like I was about the Turk.

How do I end this gracefully?