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Hooking Up with Humans & Bots

Meggyn Pomerleau is our favorite feminist graphic artist.  So when you sent in your hottest hookup conundrums in search of advice, we knew she’d give it to you straight.  It turns out she’s not only a fabulous illustrator, she’s also a source for all things slutty guidance.  Check out her best tips below…


Hey there,

I just read a bunch of stuff about sex robots, and that they’re coming. I read about this study where 2/3 of men said they would be interested in sex with robots, where as 2/3 of women said they wouldn’t be. As a single girl, I can say that having sex with a robot would still be masturbation and I would rather have sex with a real person.

What do you think about this whole sexbot thing? Should women feel threatened if men start to play with sexbots? What happens to this whole hookup culture? I am thinking that not all men would move on to robots for the same reasons I wouldn’t, but what if robots will replace women? What if men start to enjoy sex more with robots than with real women? I am 20 and totally enjoying my freedom to hook up with random guys, but is this robot world going to be our future?


This is the first time I’ve been enlightened about any artificial intelligent sex slaves, only because I’m surrounded by sexually repressed American culture.

The studies claiming men prefer robotic lovemaking and women opt for the real thing are narrowed to a very specific demographic…in Europe. On top of that, there are many contradicting stats presented on the internet in these “studies”.

What I can tell you is sex robot manufacturers are largely based in Europe, whose sexual health advocacy precedes the rest of the world. The only sex robot brothel exists in Spain. Presuming you don’t live in Barcelona or Lars and the Real Girl isn’t willing to pay extra shipping for his honey, chances are slim in that these erotic bots are readily available to your black book entries.

And as far as I know, only robots from [the fictional] Tyrell Corporation can replace women demonstrated by the fact that they can give birth. Having sex with robots could not endanger any sort of “hookup culture” because it is merely a fetish/kink. However, AI sex is, in fact, sexually transmitted disease free sex and is an interesting way to explore sex safely.

But on an even more important note, how do you know the random guy you are hooking up with isn’t a robot?


I need to know why butt plugs won’t stay in. I’ve read about people wearing them out in public, or during vaginal sex, but I can never get them to stay in. I’ve tried all sorts, shapes, and sizes, all without any luck. My partner (male) and I really enjoy anal sex, would like to rank up the anticipation by having a plug inside me while we are out. What are we doing wrong?

I’ve never personally encountered butt plugs—something I’d like to change. Keeping in mind my lack of experience, my first suggestion would be to wear tight hose, underwear, or both, which will keep the butt plug in place in the event your anal muscles become loose enough for the butt plug to slip out. Another strategy would be to sit in the passenger seat while your partner drives a car past the speed limit.

If those don’t work, I propose moving to a larger plug (particularly one with a smaller “shaft” between the plug and the flared base) or using anal beads.


I have “innie” nipples. for the most part I’ve always been in long-term relationships where I never had to be self-conscious about it, but now that I’m newly single and not looking for a “boyfriend” and just want to figure myself out, I feel like the nips are the only thing that I’m self-conscious about when it comes to hookups. I just wish I could accept and love every part of me without worrying about being judged by them.

Someone who thinks you are cool as fuck will think your innie nipples are cool as fuck. Every part of you is beautiful, despite whatever instinctive self-conscious thoughts are telling you. Most people negatively hyper-focus on a part of themselves which sometimes ​subconsciously ​brings more attention to it.

One way I have overcome this obstacle is making that part sexy to me- the easiest way being wearing lingerie for myself or to tease a partner with. Try on a provocative bra that will make your innie look enticing and mouthwatering, or experiment with some alluring pasties that play up your beautifully unique trait.


How do I go from being a booty call to a guy to his actual friend?

Going from booty call to a friend is one of the many progressions of connecting with someone. For some, it’s unnatural, especially if you are used to going from an acquaintance to a friend to a partner. There’s also guilt and shame often associated with the concept of a “booty call”. Mostly, that guilt and shame are just to make women feel powerless. Fuck that.

Dissect why you want to be friends with your casual lover and it should come naturally if it’s meant to be. It’s okay to have a connection that is purely physical and continue just hooking up if it is not damaging for you.

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