I recently started dating this guy. He’s sexy, charming, the typical “know-it-all” guy. A few days ago, he took his shirt off to reveal scratch marks on his back. They weren’t from me. After asking if he had recently itched his back he said, “No, why?”

After telling him about the scratch marks on his back, he seemed to not have a clue how they got there. I didn’t make a big deal over it because I was with him everyday this past week.

Last night, we went to a friends house and somehow it got brought up and he got highly defensive – accusing me of thinking that he’s cheating on me. Having never said that, I started thinking “what if…”

Now that he put this idea in my head, I don’t know what to do…  Any advice?

A Worried Girlfriend



Oh scratches on the back? He must just have a case of small pox. They probably just got a little itchy, so he just got some lady to scratch off the irritation for him. Except the last case of small pox was in 1977….. in Somalia. So unless he traveled back in time to go to Somalia for some unknown reason, then you should have a few questions for him.




There are a few things you can do:

1. Examine the scratches on his back when he is asleep, take a sample, and bring to the CSI Miami HQ, and have Horatio Caine do some investigation all before breakfast tomorrow morning.

2. Examine the scratches on his back and see if they are in a pattern that no human person could illustrate while laying down. For example, if they’re in a zigzag, with absolutely no pattern whatsoever then maybe he just got a case of small pox, and that should raise even more questions!

3. Get some of your own dope ass scratch marks on your back and get a glimpse of his reaction, if accuses you of cheating then you have got your answer. But if he is just as clueless, then maybe the scratch marks mean nothing at all and then you guys will leave happily ever after with dope ass scratch marks to match.




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