Best Sex Toys

Looking for your new favorite sex toy? Look no further!

Here are lists of my toy-rated favorite toys, broken into categories. These are toys that have not only made me shake with orgasm – but have stayed in my bedside drawer for good (the ultimate compliment for my sex toys). These are the most powerful vibrators, ergonomic dildos, and high-quality toys I’ve tried so far.

If you’re looking for beginner’s toys, lighter vibrations, or something else that’s not listed here, check out my “best of” lists or e-mail me! I’m always happy to give you some recommendations, and help you figure out which sex toys are right for your body. Contact me at [email protected] with your questions and preferences!


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Toy Categories Coming Soon:


Clitoral Vibrators

Internal Vibrators


Kegel Exercisers

Couple’s Toys

Beginner’s Toys



Massage & Aphrodisiac







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