Even though it’s definitely a norm in the modern adult dating world, so many of my friends are hesitant about meeting their next partner online. While there are definite pros and cons, meeting someone through a dating app is certainly an experience every modern single woman should try. So what is it about online dating that I enjoy so much?

1. I can embrace my case of cold feet.

Standing someone up is rude, but ignoring the texts from some random Tinder guy you’ve yet to meet? It’s considered a completely legit, (somewhat) polite form of rejection. If I did all my dating with guys I met IRL, I would be forced to have manners. Gross.

2. No harm, no foul.

The internet set us up and the internet doesn’t have any feelings. When your friend sets you up with her hot coworker who turns out to be a snooze, you have to deal with your friend’s questions or wounded feelings. “Have you talked to John again?” Uh, no, because it turns out he’s voting for Trump. If I find out I’m not compatible with a Tinder date, no one questions why I’ve peaced out.

3. Attention is easy to get.

About 50% of the time I’m on Tinder, I’m not even looking for sex or a date. I just had a bottle of wine alone and want attention without having to put make-up on or change out of my sweatpants. And if one guy gets boring (or bored of me), there are thousands of others to move on to.

4. Stalking makes getting to know a new person easy.

Half of the time when I’m in person, I forget to ask the important questions. Even if the conversation is smooth, the discussion doesn’t always hit major points. If we met online, your dating profile may very well include essentials. If it doesn’t, we might add one another on social media. An Instagram picture tells a thousand words.

5. I can really think about what I want to say.

Over-analyzing what a potential bae says can be bad, but overall, getting to know one another via text is easy. Plus, I can send my friends screenshots if I’m not sure what to say or if I think you’re throwing up some red flags.

6. Inhibitions are lowered.

Sure, when you meet a guy at the bar or a party, alcohol lowers your inhibitions. But sober Tindering can do the same thing. When you don’t know the person in real life and there’s a cell phone screen between you, it’s easier to be honest and carefree.

7. You can get exactly what you want.

It’s easy to say what you want on your online dating profile and get just what you’re looking for. In real life, it’s a lot less socially acceptable to say, “I’m just looking for sex” or “What I really want is a serious relationship.” Online, you can list what you want in your profile. That doesn’t always narrow down who ends up messaging you, but at least you can get your wants and needs out there.

8. Everyone does it.

The stigma to online dating is almost completely gone. I don’t know many single millennials who haven’t tried it. Nowadays, it’s definitely considered less weird than older dating themes – which I have also tried and which are also fun – like speed dating and blind dates.

9. It’s high-speed.

In today’s world, we want and can get almost anything instantly. Why not add dating and sex to the mix? There are so many apps out there that encourage instant meetings, whether your intention is to grab a coffee, find someone to go to a show with when your friend bails, or to get laid.

10. It’s fun!

Dating is fun and a part of life. Updating it to fit our modern lifestyle keeps it entertaining and current. So get out there and meet people, whether that’s at the club or from the comfort of your couch.