Coming home from college can be a huge bummer. For most of us, we go back to having our old curfews and can’t go wherever we want, whenever we want. It’s no fun realizing if you want to get drunk on a Tuesday, you can’t just knock on the door across the hall, or persuade your roommate to rip shots with you. You’re back to reality, and it can totally suck. Breaks can suck a lot less though if you have a constant hookup at home. Here are five reasons keeping a hometown hookup buddy is the best thing ever…

1. Something to Look Forward to Over Break

If you’re used to going out on campus, staying home on the weekends gets boring quick. Knowing you have a hookup back at home means you’ll always have somewhere to be on Friday night. Or Tuesday afternoon.

2. You Can Skip The Small Talk

Random hookups in college can be awkward. If you’re trying to make small talk before you get down to business, it can really be a mood killer. Having a hookup back at home means they already know the basic stuff (your age, major, name of your dog, etc.). You can skip the awkward ‘get to know each other’ phase and get down to what you really met up for.

3. They Already Know What You Like

If you maintain the same hookup over every break, you’ll never have to try and guess what kinks they’re into and vice versa. The more you hookup, the better and more continuous the sex will be. Plus, after having some awkward hookups during the semester, there’s nothing better than coming back home to someone who you know will please you.

4. No Strings Attached

Since you go to different schools, you’re right back to no strings attached. Instead of having to see each other every day, you can keep your space and your personal lives separate. It’s much easier to keep your emotions under control when you don’t see each other constantly. The space is good, and it gives you anticipation to see each other again over break.

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5. Sexting

You’ll always have someone to sext. Those late nights when you’re roommate’s gone and you’re feeling into it, you know you’ll have someone to sext. The best part is to start doing it a few nights before you go home. It makes it steamy and anticipatory for the next time you get to get down to business.

Hometown hookups are a must-have to keep you excited about coming home over breaks. The key to keeping the relationship active is to talk occasionally throughout the school year. Stay in touch, send some sexy pictures back and forth, and remind them how excited you are to see them. Whether you’re snuggling up in winter, or chilling at the beach in the summer heat, your favorite hookup will be the one at home.