While some people enjoy going to parties or enjoying a night out on the town with their valentine, others enjoy staying in and having a quiet (or not so quiet!) evening with their partner. What can you do to ensure you make the most out of the holiday without having to go out? If you’ve decided to stay in instead of attending a party, here are several fun ideas for staying in and having a low-key evening this Valentine’s Day.

1. Watch a Movie

Watching movies together can be just the kind of quiet and comfortable night you need. Pick out a romantic comedy, a scary movie, or just binge watch your favorite show. Snuggle up under a blanket with candles lit around the room and enjoy the relaxation this idea brings. Who knows, maybe your night will end in some stereotypical Netflix and Chill?

2. Read a Book

If you both enjoy reading; sit down and read. It can be very romantic to sit with your partner and get lost in your own books, while still sitting hand in hand together enjoying the quiet time. This idea works even if you’re on a budget, books are free when you have a library card!

Want to make it extra sexy? Try reading a book of sex tips and tricks and learn how to give your bae a mind-blowing orgasm.  Or, read some steamy hot erotica to get in the mood for a romantic romp later in the night.

3. Bake Together

Baking together can be sexy. Whatever you choose to bake, be it cookies, bread, muffins, or something else entirely, you’re sure to enjoy your time together mixing ingredients and tasting what you’ve made together. Making food with your partner is a great low-key activity, you can talk while you mix, giving you lots of time to flirt and banter back and forth.

4. Write Each Other Letters

Some people are better are expressing themselves through writing, rather than talking. Sit down and each of you writes a letter to the other. When you’re both finished writing, trade your letters and read what you had to say to each other! This can open up a whole new world of conversation for the two of you and could be just what you need to improve your communication. Not to mention, the letter itself makes a beautiful keepsake to treasure for years to come.

5. Enjoy Some Cocktails

Just because you aren’t going out doesn’t mean you can’t still drink. Get a couple of bottles of wine, a case of beer or some vodka and let yourself get tipsy at home with your partner. Why not use this time to experiment and try a few new cocktail recipes? Drinking at home with your partner can lead to some serious lovemaking with your partner as the night progresses.

6. Give a Sensual Massage

Trade sensual massages with your partner this Valentine’s Day. Dim the lights, grab your massage oil or candle, and give your partner a sensual massage they’ll remember all year long. When you’re finished, trade places and enjoy a relaxing massage of your own.

7. Take a Bath Together

Unwind and enjoy a relaxing hot bath with your partner. Pour some wine, light some candles, and soak in a warm bubble bath together. This is romantic, relaxing, and a great way to unravel together. Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll be squeaky clean when you head to bed together.

8. Try a New Sex Position

This may be an obvious suggestion, but have sex this Valentine’s Day. Switch things up and try some new positions while you’re at it. Be an acrobat while getting into positions you didn’t even know your body could accommodate. And if it doesn’t work out? Well, there are countless other positions to give a go instead!

Staying in on Valentine’s Day is arguably the best way to spend the holiday! Try one or all of these quiet night in tips for a night you won’t soon forget.