It’s the annual month of crazy holiday shopping, and sluts round the country are struggling with everything being sold out. I’m here to present to you The Slutty Girl’s Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List, so you don’t have to show up with a crappy present because you went shopping too late. Here you will find a gift for every type of person: The People Who are the Life of the Party, The Person Who Sees You Naked Daily, The Person Who Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself, The Fashion Aficionados, and The Cat Lovers. You can even click those pink links to jump right to the section of your choice. Of course, these gifts are for every generation – and should you love them as much as we do, you can totally put them on your own Christmas list.


For the People Who are the Life of the Party


Skull Decanter & Matching Shot Glasses

Both of these are sold separately, but go together perfectly because let’s be honest, there is always that one night when someone cracks a perfectly good bottle of alcohol, and it would be alcohol abuse to just throw it away. So instead of killing your liver with a wild night, put it in this gothic themed decanter for a future use. The Skull Decanter is priced at $12.99 and the glasses are $14.99 for a set of four. You can also buy the shot glasses separately for $4.99 each. Spencer’s is also having a BOGO sale on all their glassware this week!

SGP Flasks & Shot Glasses

Everyone needs a flask in their life, especacialy a Slutty Girl Problems Flask! If you’re familiar with our store, we have many different designs on our flasks and drinkware, although The Tequila is My Spirit Animal has to be my personal favorite. They run at $22.00 each. Just like our flasks, shot glasses are a must!

You can even design your own creations at the shop. Don’t forget to take pics of your purchases, tag us in it, and hashtag #ShopSGP so you can be featured in our gallery in the future! You can also sign up for our newsletter (in the right sidebar) to get the heads up on all the sales & deals in the future!


For the Person Who Sees You Naked Daily


Matching Pajamas

I know, it seems insanely corny, but it’s the cutest gift EVER! Stores like Spencers‘ carry pajamas that together would make the perfect set, from Batman and Batgirl to the Red and Pink Power Ranger. Of course, the power rangers are footie pajamas and there are a few other styles you can choose from. Honestly, pajamas in general would be fine. But with Spencer’s selection, you will spend endless time on there and come out with the perfect ones. Forget ugly Christmas Sweater Party, hello ugly Christmas onesie party! Anyway, let’s be honest, after a long day at work or school who doesn’t love coming home and slipping into their pajamas and grabbing a bottle of wine. No one against it? That’s what I thought.

Edible Body Paint

Christmas dinner is filled with many bottles of wine and other alcoholic concoctions, and lord knows that once you get home with your significant other, one of you is going to want to thank the other for that wonderful gift they got you. Aka: body paint. You most likely won’t remember painting yourselves the next morning, but the paint would give a clear direction on how good the night was. This particular Body Paint Box is on sale at Spencers for 12.99 and the box includes four bottles with the flavors luscious cherry, blueberry, banana, and pina colada, as well as erotic stencils. Is it bad that I want it just for the stencils?

Beard & Beanie Combo

Since you’re naked friend is, well, naked, it’s the perfect time to buy them this awesome hat and face cover combo! These are actually really popular in the colder areas of the country, like where I’m from. Spencers has so many different styles, whether you want one like the one pictured below or a longer bearded one, in many different colors. The prices for them range from $24.99 to $39.99 depending on the style you want. Spencer’s also has their BOGO event going on with their hats, buy one get one ½ off.

Sexy Santa Costume

Although this is something you shouldn’t wear to your family parties, it’s still will come in handy during the holiday season. After all the family parties and opening presents, why not give your partner something else to unwrap? This particular outfit costs around $39.99 and comes in small/medium and medium/large. This is also the easiest thing to pair with the edible body paint that I mentioned above. You can also check out my top picks for hottest holiday lingerie at all our favorite shops! 

For the Person Who Knows You Better Than Yourself


Every Slutty Girl Needs A Best Friend Gear

These are my far my favorite things on this the list. They are the perfect thing to get your best friend(s), who support you through all your slutty times. You can also create your merchandise, like I mentioned earlier, and put this saying on a shirt or phone case. The prices vary on what type of product you use at the time of customizing, but it usually ranges from $15.00 to $45.00 before taxes and shipping. Buy one for you and your best friend. Lord knows there is never a shot glass around when you need one!

Matching Belly Button Rings

If I had my belly button pierced, I would own these in a heartbeat. They come in a set and available online only. Spencers is also offering their BOGO offer on jewelry as well, so make sure you take a look around the website before purchasing. These particular belly button rings run at $14.99. They are 14 gauge piercings, and silver with two cubic zirconias in the set. You can also find other styles to fit to your friendship style. They also have different types of jewelry, so even if you don’t have your belly button pierced you can still get something to share with your BFF.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sweatshirt

What’s better to get your best friend than a sweatshirt with the characters from a television show that was basically about the basis of family and friendship? That’s what I thought. This sweatshirt is a festive Christmas and TMNT themed, which only comes in red and the size medium, but it on sale for $13.99 instead of the normal $18.99. Just order a size up because they do run small.

FabFitFun VIP

Every Season FabFitFun sends their VIP members a box with the seasons latest goodies for the low price of $49.99. It’s perfect for your BFF – or yourself! The boxes include over $200 worth of goodies that range from beauty products to wellness and fitness products. They ship you the box for free every season and the first time you sign up you get five dollars off with a code they give you at the beginning of the site. It doesn’t take that long to sign up for the box and it only cost $120 a year for the four boxes they send you.

Don’t want to box, but want hot tips, advice, & insight into the best products? Sign up for their email list!


For the Fashion Aficionados


Delicate Lace Dress

This is the perfect dress for any party that you are attending during the holiday season. It comes in three different colors; red, purple, and blue. The good thing about this dress is that the sizes have a larger range than most things that you can find on Jolly Chic. Those sizes are s-xxl and they do not have a sizing issue, so order true to size on these. The dress is considered a mini dress, as it does hit a little above or just right at mid thigh, and it is solid lace, quarter sleeve. The dress is on sale currently for $20.99, which saves you $21.00.

Double Breasted Wool Coat

This coat is gorgeous, it gives you a sophisticated feel without the costly price. The coat only comes in red, but that’s what makes it pop with the white wool at the collar. The coat has all sizes from small to extra large. The price is also great at just $28.99. The fur collar is detachable to your desire and there are true front pockets at the waist of the coat. They do recommend that you order a size up because of the amount of clothing that you can and will wear underneath the coat.

For the Cat Lovers


Grumpy Cat Everything

Spencers released their holiday gift guide in early December, and they have an entire section just for cat lovers! The main focus this past year in the media, animal wise, has been Grumpy Cat, who stole the show with a grumpy face that never goes away. The cat is rumored to be worth 100 million dollars as of last week. Spencers has started to carry a multitude of things catered to Grumpy Cat lovers. From cups, stuffed animals, can koozies, and coffee mugs, Spencers has it all. The prices range from $4.99 to $19.99. Spencers is also running a new promotion everyday, so be sure to check for their daily deal!

Cattical Dress

This dress is carried by Jolly Chic and it only costs $15.99! Currently, the dress only comes in a medium and it also only comes in one style as pictured. They do also recommend ordering a size larger because it runs small, all as advertised on their website. It hit’s about mid thigh and depending on your height, you may need to wear leggings or something else underneath so you’re not showing all your goods. They do carry a few other styles of dresses if this one doesn’t tickle your fancy.

Cat Themed Hats

Another Jolly Chic cat related item! There are six different styles of hats and the prices range from $2.99 and up to $9.99. The colors also vary. This is another one of those things that they recommend that you order a size up because they do run a little smaller in the long run.

Happy Shopping!