An open relationship is a relationship where both parties are allowed to have sex with other people, but remain a priority to each other. The couple loves each other but when it comes to sex and only sex, they get to explore others. However, no feelings are involved, because you always go back to your main girl or guy.

Due to the nature of my job, I get to fuck other men a lot! I expect my man to be able to fuck another woman as well, under the circumstances that he will have no emotional feelings toward her. I will always be his main priority. When I’m out of town, he can have sex with others, but it stops at sex. One aspect I don’t embrace in this type of relationship is that sometimes people start to have feelings or become jealous. I believe this is a unique relationship that requires a great communication between the primary partners and their other sexual partners.

Benefits of an Open Relationship

Spice up your sex life! I like a lot of variety in my sex life. Having sex with the same person is dull to me, so having an open relationship allows me and my partner to have a new experience with others, while still remaining close to each other. It also helps with our busy schedules and long distance issues. Sometimes my schedule can get very hectic. There are times I’m not able to go home but I’m always in the mood for sex. Having an open relationship allows me to find different men, in whatever city I’m in, and my partner can have a different girl come over as well.

Challenges of an Open Relationship 

Many people can’t separate between love and sex. People involved in open relationship need to understand that having sex with new people doesn’t mean you have to take them on a date. There is no dinner and movie, you just meet up to have fun. However, many people tend to develop feelings, and that’s just not okay with me because I’m not looking to date that person. I simply want to have a great time and move on.

“Vanilla” people often have the wrong judgment about the people in the lifestyle.  Most people can’t understand the whole process of how can you have sex with someone without having any feelings for them. Others might think you don’t love each other at all that’s why you have to experience. You just have to do what makes you happy despite the judgments.

My Personal Rules

Most of the time, I’m in open relationships with men. I have many play girlfriends ‘on the side’ as well as single men. Off limits for me? I do not go out on dates. If we do a group party, that is fine, but I will never sleep over.

I like to think of it as a booty call. With a booty call, you don’t go to a movie. You simply meet up to have sex and sex only. It’s definitely intentional for me to stay away so I don’t develop any feelings. I don’t want to hurt anyone, knowing that I constantly want variety in my life.  I simply want sex and I’m not interested in going on dates. I’m not a romantic girl so dating activities don’t interest me.  

Group Sex

I realized I’m into having orgies years ago. I love the feeling of getting the best both worlds, sexy men and women. I love sharing my experience with other girls. Kissing her, licking her clit as I’m getting fucked from behind. I love the chaotic vibe of an orgy too. Everybody is just there to have fun. I prefer to be actively involved in an orgy. If I watch, I’ll play with myself first then join in. I want all my partners to join in the fun also and not just watch.  


I love swinging because I’m surrounded by sexually open-minded people.  We live in a society with strict rules, but in swinging lifestyles, they go wild. They do things they don’t do in their normal day job. Everybody just lets loose …and I love being watched by so many people.

What I don’t like about swinging is sometimes the men can be aggressive. I’m picky, I want chemistry and I am not attracted to many people. When someone is too aggressive at a club, and starts touching me without permission it’s disrespectful and I move on. I want you to be a respectful swinger and always ask for permission first, before approaching or doing anything. Don’t be that clingy swinger!  

For me another pet peeve is that some swingers want to play every night, and that’s very difficult with my schedule.  I prefer for us to schedule time together in advance so we can all play, rather than have them hitting me up every night to play. 

Total Swinging Turnoffs!

I don’t like men who are disrespectful and aren’t a gentleman when they approach me. Simply come introduce yourself and your partner to me rather than just bending me over without me knowing who you are yet.  Also, I know I’m a porn star but please ask what my limits are before sex.  We don’t need to redo a scene I have done, nor can I help you get into porn.  Just be considerate!

Bad hygiene is another turn off. Make sure your breath is good, your body smells nice, and your cock doesn’t smell like the cigarette in your hand.  Always clean your body before sex!


Advice for Exploring Open Relationships

If this is a lifestyle you’re interested in, make sure to go over every rule you can with your partner first.  Trust plays a major role in an open relationship. You have to find out what your partner is comfortable with and not.  Some couples don’t allow kissing others. Some like to fuck in a different room – so what is your limit? Don’t be afraid to set the ground rules and say what you want. You have to be able to trust each other and avoid jealousy!