Relationships and dating can be HARD. We know first-hand. From Tinder ghosting and convos that go on forever (only to lead to nowhere) – to endless dates with jerks and ignoring all the red flags… just to wind up with another fuckboy. We know… because we’ve been there.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working one-on-one with experts, researching the SHIT out of healthy relationship tools, and putting them into practice to find what really works. 

We want to share those tools with YOU! So, we’re creating a workshop to empower you with expert tools to create the dating life or relationship of your dreams. So you can date SMARTER rather than play the numbers game. You’ll be able to see red flags clearly (and listen to them!), find partners what are awesome AND want the same things you do, and communicate your needs and desires to make sure you’re heard!

Help us create something that truly serves you! Tell us what YOU want to know with this 100% ANONYMOUS survey. This will help us create the BEST program out there to solve your dating & relationship dilemmas!

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