As the weather warms up and the convertible tops go down, college students everywhere are returning home from a long semester at university. People are now, more than ever, taking time off and spending time outside. Summer flings start developing as the nights begin to get longer… and steamier. Whether it’s just a fling, or you have been together for five years, there are plenty of fun summertime dates. It’s time to retire the tried-and-true dinner and a movie and go out and have some summer fun with your date. Here are some new exciting date ideas to go on this summer!

1. Beautiful Beach Bums

Why it’s a sizzling date: There are tons of things to do at the beach! It really does have something for everyone. From hunting for romantic keepsake heart-shaped rocks to strolling the boardwalk hand-in-hand, there are plenty of opportunities to get close and soak up some sun. More active couples might want to bring a volleyball or a Frisbee for some friendly competition (winner buys a drink for the loser). More laid back couples would enjoy just laying down together and soaking up some rays. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Rubbing in sunscreen not only protects you from getting burnt—it gives you an excuse to cop a feel. Not to mention the fact that you both will be in bathing suits, leaving little to the imagination and giving you sneak peek into what you can look forward to later on that evening. End your day with a little beach picnic or snacking on each other while watching the waves crash against the shore.

2. Theme Park Thrills

Why it is a sizzling date: Theme parks aren’t just for little kids anymore! They are actually a great date destination. Time spent waiting in lines forces couples to talk and discover more about each other—maybe even play some games. There are endless rides and attractions to see. Rides aren’t your thing? How about the games? Games aren’t your thing? Just walk around and take in all the sights and smells. Get some fried dough and a big ice cream. Theme parks are fun and adventurous and have something for everyone. Watch him as he tries to win you that massive pink teddy bear and laughs as he tries to fit it in the car at the end of the night. Be sure to thank him for it later so everyone wins a prize. Be adventurous, take risks and enjoy a playful date with your summer fling.

3. Hiking Hunnies

Why it’s a sizzling date: Outdoor dates are low cost and a ton of fun. You’ll have a chance to explore a new area while you spend time with your date. It is a great opportunity to become comfortable around each other. Hiking takes a lot of patience and trust. You have to trust the other person to guide you and not be afraid to ask them to slow down, speed up or take a break. When you hike you’re surrounded by breathtaking views and nature. You are in such a relaxing environment, an environment that allows you to escape the crowds and the hustle and bustle. It gives you time to talk and time to help each other along the trail. Cool off (or maybe even skinny dip) in a spring or the pool at the end of the hike or go out for frozen yogurt. Test your partner’s strength by asking for a piggyback ride in exchange for sexual favors. Bring a picnic for when you reach the top and enjoy a homemade lunch with a scenic view. Hiking is also great exercise and a substitute for the cold, monotonous gym. Sweaty post-hike sex is perfect cardio and a great way to reward yourself for your hard work.

4. Peaceful Picnic

Why it’s a sizzling date: Like many of the other sizzling dates, a picnic gives you the opportunity to spend time with your date in an intimate setting. You aren’t confined to movie theatre seats or bothered by couples in the booth behind you. Picnics let you sprawl out and cuddle with your date. They are also cost-friendly and can be very romantic. Bring along wine to set the mood, and start happy hour a little early with your date. You can admire the scenery, enjoy some homemade snacks and take advantage of the privacy. Be sure to bring a blanket and the bug spray (maybe even some condoms)!


5. Wine Tasting

Why it is a sizzling date: There’s a reason why so many people get married on vineyards and at wineries. They are incredibly romantic and one of a kind. Attend a wine tasting to find your new favorite wine, try what is in season and get a little buzzy with your date. Enjoy some alone time with plenty of opportunities to sneak off and engage in intimate… conversation. Show them how classy you can be and impress them with your taste and knowledge of wine. The wine may even calm your nerves and anxieties if you two are on a first date. Wine tastings are a great excuse to drink in the morning while being able to have a new experience with your date—look at you multitasking. Bragging rights are in order while telling your friends about that time you and your lover went to a winery and got buzzed at 11 a.m. on a Tuesday. That’s any wine lover’s wet dream.

6. Berry Picking

Why it is a sizzling date: Last summer my boyfriend took me berry picking and we picked several quarts of blackberries. Not only are berries healthy and fun to pick, you can do a million things with them We had a blast picking the berries and making some blackberry brandy afterward. Though it took a while for it to be ready, we took so much pride in the finished product. It gave us something to look forward to and was a fun way to connect as a couple. Try picking berries one afternoon and returning home to craft your own unique berry creation or make a healthy fruit salad. Berries are normally easy and cheap to pick. Some farms sprawl out for miles—which means plenty of space for conversation. If your date is a little apprehensive about spending your day berry picking, brandy is a great incentive… and the effects of it are even stronger.

7. Volunteering

Why it is a sizzling date: Volunteering is a good opportunity to see your date in a different light. Not only is it great for the community, it is a great way to genuinely get to know someone. You will get to see how they react under pressure and see their charitable side. Planting flowers in your town parks, helping build foundation or helping out at a field day for local youth. Every time you drive by those little projects, you will think of your time there that day and be reminded of the time you spent volunteering together. The only cost to volunteer is your time, and spending that with your significant other is a great way to give back. Seeing your date’s gentle side… or handyman skills is enough to get any woman hot and bothered. Once the day is done, reward each other for all of your hard work.

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There are plenty of creative date ideas to try this summer. For more fun try visiting an art gallery, attending a local concert or going to a flea market to shop for goodies. Keep an eye out for local festivals and events that will spice up your dating life. Summer is the time for romance—try to leave the ordinary behind and brainstorm your own summer sizzling date ideas. Have fun and stay safe!