No matter who you’re shopping for this Valentines Day, we have you covered on which gifts to buy! Follow our shopping guide below while shopping for your Valentine and you’ll be sure the find the perfect gift they’re sure to love!

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The Romantic

If your partner seems to be more of the romantic type, there are several gifts you can give them to cater to their romantic needs.

  • Make them dinner and serve it to them by candle light.
  • Give them a map of the stars showing them what the sky looked like above you the night you met, the night of your first date, or if you’re married; the night of your wedding.
  • Give them chocolate covered strawberries and feed them to each other on Valentine’s night. Get chocolate covered strawberries on Amazon Prime!
  • Plan a weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast. Stay snuggled up under the blankets all weekend enjoying food, drinks, and other activities right in the comfort of your bed. Make it a weekend you’ll both remember for years to come!

The Kinkster

If your partner is a kinkster, there are limitless gifts you can get them that will definitely keep them on their toes!

The “F” Buddy

Just because you’re friends with benefits doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your “F” buddy a Valentine’s Gift! They deserve a gift for seeing – and causing – your orgasm face on a regular basis.

The GF/BF Relationship Status


Do you have a serious boyfriend or girlfriend but haven’t quite jumped to the engaged or married stage yet? Don’t fret! There’s still plenty of gifts you can get for that stage in your relationship!

  • Flowers with a sweet note may seem cliche, but there’s something about the simplicity that makes them a great gift to give!
  • Their favorite candy
  • Sexy Love Coupons – You can get Sex Checks on Amazon!
  • A framed picture of the two of you
  • Make them a gift basket with all their favorite things

The Newlywed

Are you newly married and spending Valentine’s Day with your new spouse? Going from dating to married actually makes it harder to shop for your Valentine than you’d think! Instead of your partner being your boyfriend or girlfriend, they are now your spouse and you have started your lives together. There are plenty of gifts you can get your new spouse this Valentine’s Day!

Your Long-Term Spouse or Partner

Maybe you’re married but you’ve been with your spouse for many years. If that’s the case, then every year you probably wonder what you can get them that you haven’t gotten them before. Or maybe you get them the same gift every year and you want to get them something different this year. Don’t worry, we have just the gifts you’re looking for to make this year different than the rest!

Whoever you’re shopping for this Valentine’s Day, they’re sure to love whatever you get them! Get them something romantic, kinky, sensational, or all of the above and everyone will wish they were your Valentine.

Stay slutty this Valentine’s Day!

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