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Katy Perry – Bon Appetit

“Cause I’m all that you want boy. All of that you can have boy. Got me spread like a buffet, Bon Appetit.”

It may not be the weekend yet, but being a Brit means I’m behind in hearing all of the fabulous music of the USA sometimes.

Will Katy Perry ever not be absolute fire in the industry? Everything about Bon Appetit is fantastic.

It emphasises the fact that the pussy region is an all you can eat… and we want it all to be eaten.

Right from the start, the squeezy ketchup noises imply I’m having very wet anal – I love it! From the bouncy riff to the breathy verses it has got me writhing around on the sofa. Katy Perry also starts spinning around on a surprise pop up pole at the end, which I was not expecting. I will be dancing to this at work very soon.

There is a succulent savoury flavour in the video which may have all sorts of unexpected healthy influences on society which we can look forward to. This very savoury feel also takes us away from the idea that women taste naturally like cherry pies, which is just another unrealistic beauty standard women have to live up to.

Migos also promote the cutting out of dairy in your diet, as “no dairy” suggests. The cutting out of another animal’s breast milk can’t be a bad thing! Furthermore, they are using their stacks of money as phones. Phones! Who doesn’t use their stacks of thousands as phones, it’s the only thing to do, coz money talks.

Also, did he just ‘respect’ his crab? WILD!

This is the sexy pizza eating anthem I tell ya!

And here’s the video for extra crab respecting checking.

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