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How to Create the Perfect Playlist for Sex


I love nothing more than putting on some music to set the mood in the bedroom. It’s important to feel comfortable and relaxed before having sex, and the words and sounds of your favourite track can help you unwind and be present in the moment. The playlist you select will depend on what type of sex you want to have – a slow long session or an under a half hour quickie. I recommend listening to your playlist beforehand, so you can remove any songs you don’t like or that might remind you of your last partner. You want to make sure you have enough songs to last the session, so you don’t have to pause your momentum by having to change the CD or record part of the way through a session.

It’s all about the bass

I’ve dated my fair share of men who don’t like the same music as I do, including a DJ who used to pump the bass through the back of his practical but incredibly unsexy white van. He did teach me the value of how different types of music create different feelings and emotions. We often attach memories to songs and periods of our life. Any time I hear ‘Life is a Highway’ and ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ I think of the last day of my high school.

Music improves exercise performance

Scientific studies have classified music as a ‘legal drug’ because when exercising it reduces your perception of the effort significantly and increases your endurance by as much as fifteen percent. Music has a positive effect on exercise performance by reducing feelings of fatigue, increasing our psychological arousal, improving our motor coordination and enhancing the relaxation response. We have a tendency to move in time with synchronous sounds. So as long as you aren’t just lying there, then by my definition sex is a type of exercise.

For Solo Time

When you are masturbating solo then you can really indulge yourself and play exactly what you want without judgement. You don’t really need to worry about what your partner thinks of your closet liking of the old crooners or feminist war chants. There are a number of songs which are apparently about female masturbation including: Cyndi Lauper’s She Bop, Tweet Oops, On My, Lady Gaga’s Sexxx Dreams, Pink’s Fingers, FKA Twigs’ Kicks, Selena Gomez’s Hands to Myself and Hailee Steinfeld’s Love Myself.

While Making Out

Music which is good for some light making out can be anything you like. It doesn’t matter so much, but go for some feel-good upbeat tunes.

Silent Disco Sex

Silent disco sex is where you both wear headphones and listen to your favourite music while having sex. This is a good option if you really don’t like each other’s music taste and you two fit the saying of ‘opposites attract’.


For the Quickie

 If you are wanting to have a quickie then you’ll might like to set the stage beforehand. Start by sending some flirty texts or suggestions of what you’d like to do in your partner’s ear at least an hour ahead of time. Music which is good for quickies have a fast tempo – think about the music played in movies when there is a car chase or the suspenseful moment.

For a Super Long Session

The ideal playlist for a super long sex session is going to progress like a movie script, you want to start slow and have a couple of peaks and troughs and then end with a big finale. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t make it through until the end of the playlist.

During a Strip tease

Music which is good for strip teasing can include the classic show stoppers or something more modern. The secret to a good performance is going to be about creating a little routine and practising it a couple of times beforehand. The key moments in the song will correspond to the accents in the music.

Every Day is Hump Day Sex

Music which is good for every day sex can be as simple as turning on your favourite radio station or playing the top twenty songs of the moment in your favourite genre. Spotify has a list of the Global Top 50 which is updated daily and consists of the most played tracks right now.

Make up your own playlist

Music is a very personal selection but the great thing about digital music is that you can slice it any way you like and it could be an ongoing project to find the perfect playlist. You can start with some of my Slutty Girl themed playlists (to listen to the playlist download the free Spotify app) or just mix up your favourite tunes. My playlists are a work in progress, so don’t worry if yours are too.

Foxy B Bold // Author

Foxy B Bold is an Australian freelance writer and blogger. She loves books, movies, stationery and her rescue dog.

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