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Dating the Wrong Men


Dating the Wrong Men by Kelly Rossi is a self-help guide that reads more like a best friend’s heartfelt advice and commiseration, rather than your mom waving a finger at you saying “I told you so”! It’s a collection of short, candid, tell-all, humorous memoirs mixed in with some on-point “been there, done that” advice. Author Kelly Rossi has dated every kind of wrong guy, and is here to tell you exactly what went wrong, and why you definitely shouldn’t follow in her footsteps. She brings us through relatable tales about cheaters, “like a brother”‘s, and drunken idiots – and retellings of more obscure, heartbreaking, and at times hilarious encounters, like those with gigolos, control freaks, and roid rage meat heads. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have had a few good laughs, poured yourself a glass of wine while contemplating your own boy choices, and have a few words of wisdom to help you pick better guys in the future.


Type of book: A candid, humorous memoir with a relatable voice, and enough bad experiences to make the author an expert on who not to date. Length: A short, quick read – 182 pages plus illustrations Naughty level: Totally tame. They’re the kind of tales you laugh about in a coffee shop with your best girl friends. Blush inducing level: Totally appropriate to read on the train. If you bring it to family dinner, your parents will be proud that you’ve “finally took control of your dating life”. Little do they know we’re just commiserating about the perils of awful boys…   When I received Dating the Wrong Men, I was definitely expecting an advice book chock full of typical Cosmo and life-coach tips on “how to attract the right man”, “how to get him to stay”, and “here’s what you’re doing wrong”. Yet, this book entirely shifted my perspective, and is anything but a list of cliche’ eye-roll-worthy advice. Instead of the author telling you everything you’re doing wrong – she tells you everything she’s done wrong – all wrapped up with humor and an inside look at some of the weirdest, most frustrating, and confusing people she’s ever dated. Rossi says the book is for

“any woman who has caught herself over-analyzing, making excuses, giving second chances, interpreting text messages, waiting for someone special, or even swearing off love forever.”

… because Rossi has been there, and she knows exactly what you’re going through. Each type of “wrong guy” has given Rossi one hell of a time, and from criminals to celebrities, she’s dated it all. Each type of guy starts out with a story from Rossi’s own life, whether they be cringe-worthy or totally relatable. Each story is just a few pages, and totally page-turning, as her voice captivates your interest. Rossi brings up so many important issues – like what it means to be a good partner, what it means to have a healthy relationship, and what we deserve, and definitely don’t deserve, from our partners. At the end of the chapter you’ll get some “Signs You are Dating” that type of guy – which are both laugh-out-loud funny, and make you take a good hard look at your own life to see if you’re making the same mistakes. Rather than giving direct advice, Rossi’s experiences prompt you to think about your own choices. What’s so attractive about bad boys? Why do we stay so long in a relationship that we know isn’t right? Why do we keep making the same mistakes, and going back to guys that are no good for us? What types of guys WOULD be good for us? This self-reflection comes naturally from Rossi’s stories, and will definitely keep you thinking well after you’ve put her book down. I’d absolutely recommend this book to anyone who’s been dating around, and just can’t seem to find her match. If you’re that girl scouring Tinder for Mr. Right, going on several first dates and very few seconds, or are a serial monogamous who keeps making the same mistakes – this book will give you some insight into what a “wrong guy” looks like, and how to do some self-reflection to find someone who’s better for you. Even if you’ve dated around, found the right guy, or aren’t looking for someone serious – you can definitely get a lot of good laughs and great advice from this book! It’s definitely a great read to have on your nightstand, and would be even better to go back to and laugh about after you date one of the crazy guys mentioned.

 Dating the Wrong Men is available on Amazon for $16.


Note: This review is sponsored by Kelly Rossi. I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. I only recommend things I would use myself! Read more about our reviews.

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