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Grace – You Don’t Own Me ft. G-Eazy

There’s not much better than an empowering, catchy, girl power jam, and that’s just what Grace has provided us with “You Don’t Own Me”. It’s definitely an added bonus that hottie rapper G-Eazy is on the track. The Australian singer covers the 1963 song by Lesley Gore (of “It’s My Party” fame) and, along with G-Eazy, puts her own modern spin on things. Over fifty years later, “You Don’t Own Me” is still relevant, and I love this new version!

Why We Love It

There are so many reasons to love this song, but let’s start with the original version, recorded in 1963 by Lesley Gore. Gore, who passed away from lung cancer in 2015 at the age of 68, sang the feminist hit “You Don’t Own Me” at seventeen, but later went on to have a great career. She succeeded as a singer, composed songs for the 1980 film Fame, and hosted In The Life, a PBS show focusing predominantly on LGBT issues, a subject very important to her.

In today’s world, the issues discussed in “You Don’t Own Me” are still relevant. Women are still told how to behave my society, and gender roles often dictate that in a male/female relationship, the man should be “in control”. Also, there’s that awful doube-standard that, during the “talking” stage of a relationship, guys can flirt with multiple girls, while women have to stay focused on just one date. G-Eazy’s lyrics add a modern spin from a pro-feminist male perspective. The rapper makes it clear that the subject’s independence is a turn-on – and beyond that, the fact that it turns him on is of no concern to her. She’s in control because she wants to be.

Favorite Lyrics

You don’t own me
Don’t say I can’t go with other boys

Don’t tell me what to do
And don’t tell me what to say
Please, when I go out with you
Don’t put me on display

She’s the baddest, straight up vicious, texting her asking her
If she’s alone and if she’d sent some pictures, she said no (what)
Well goddamn, she said come over and see it for yourself

Baddest ever, I swear she do it better than I’ve ever seen it done
Never borrow, she ain’t ever loan
That’s when she told me she ain’t never ever ever ever gonna be owned

So just let me be myself
That’s all I ask of you
I’m young and I love to be young
And I’m free and I love to be free
To live my life the way I want
To say and do whatever I please

The Takeaway

Just like Miss Gore told it in 1963 – you don’t own me. Grace and G-Eazy put their own twist on the classic song, but the message is still the same, and just as relevant as ever.


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