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Justin Bieber – Confident

Artist: Justin Bieber
Song: Confident


Why We Love It

Let’s face it, any song by Justin Bieber is sexy and brings out the slut in all of us. I know I can barely listen to his music in public because it gets me a little too excited. Despite all of the negative attention Justin has received, he has proven once again that his music is still amazing. This sultry song does more than make us feel all tingly inside, but it is also a great confidence booster. It’s great to remember a time when a boy chased us and our confidence skyrocketed. That’s the message we have to remember ladies – confidence is key! If we don’t think we’re beautiful, then no one else will!

Off his latest album, Journals, “Confident” features Chance the Rapper and in the music video, model Cailin Russo. With sexy dance moves and a passionate make-out sesh, this video will have you intently watching the whole way through. Unfortunately he keeps it PG, but it’s okay for him to leave some things to the imagination.

Favorite Lyrics

“Then she started dancing, sexual romancing. Nasty but she’s fancy, lipstick on my satin sheets”

“She’s got a body like that, I ain’t never seen nothing like that. Like a fantasy, in front of me, I think that something special is going down”

“She said it’s her first time, I think she might have lied, feels so good and I don’t know why”

“Hypnotized by the way she moves”

The Take Away

What we should learn from this song, ladies, is that men love confidence and if confidence can attract a guy like Justin Bieber, I’d definitely use that as motivation. Even though we’re not all 19-year-old models, we should all feel as beautiful as she is! This song will make you feel strong and sexy, as well as give you a good vibe. The mysterious music video will also keep you on your toes to see if Bieber gets the girl – well let’s face it, he always does, but the chase is always the best part. Check out this song and you’ll see that it’s good enough to play anytime and any place!


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