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Niykee Heaton – Champagne

Artist: Niykee Heaton

Song: Champagne

Why We Love It

Not only is Niykee one of the hottest girls we’ve ever seen, but she’s got the talent to match the look. Through this original song, Niykee completely pours her heart out into every word she sings, creating a completely authentic piece of art. This 20-year-old knows how to relate to girls of our generation. Sometimes when you have boy troubles, you’ve just got to drink, go out, and have a good time. After all, boys are temporary, but champagne is always there!

Favorite Lyrics

“One cup, trying to fill up the spaces you left in me”

“I got all these brand new addictions I’m bound to, anything that stops me from thinking about you”

“I got champagne for the pain, blackout all the memories, running through my veins, I don’t really wanna feel anything”

“Lips as sweet as wine, so I drink just to pass time”

The Take Away

The truth is, mostly everyone will have their heart broken at some point and Niykee provides a short-term, temporary solution to dealing with the heartache. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to forget the pain by drinking it away for a fun night with your girls. If you’re stuck in a rut or feel sad about someone who’s not worth it, just lose yourself in this song and let yourself have some fun! No doubt, Niykee will have you feeling super sexy and confident, which can pick you right back up. Do it like Niykee and don’t let a guy ruin your night.

Sweet D // Editor

Sweet D is a college junior seeking empowerment for women everywhere! It's time for us to take control of the word "slut" and prove why it's a compliment and not an insult. Live life, have fun, don't regret a thing! Twitter: @danagarciaa Instagram: @danadollah

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