After reading Window, the first book in the trilogy Paris Secrets, I was dying to know more about Monsieur sexy. Even more, I was dying to press my skin up against his, even if living vicariously through our main character. Book two is the perfect sequel to the trilogy’s steamy premiere.

Book Two: Screen

In book two, these two window lovers reach a new form of intimacy: voice. Hearing each other’s voices for the first time is an extra thrill that aids to their pursuit of orgasm, still, without touching. In book two, the two lovers communicate via Skype. Though they have never met, the two bring each other to orgasm with the soft purr of their voices. Their bodies strive for each other’s touch through the screen. Our main character is letting her inner vixen surface even more than in the last book, and it’s making her adventurous. Thanks to a shopping trip, she’s also now bi-curious. Her and her neighbor have talked, they’ve seen, but when will they touch?!

My Review

After devouring book one, I had images of M.Sexy’s tight boxer briefs with that bulge dancing through my head. Oh yes, yes, yes! “Give me more of this delicious French man”, I imagined I thought when starting book two.

The book follows the first story perfectly and I’m thrust back into the action, RIGHT where I left off. We have our main character (who’s name we still don’t know) facing the choice of wether or not to Skype her window lover, and for the first time, actually hear his voice. She decides to Skype him, thank goodness, and when he speaks I hear his faintly accented English whisper through my head. The book is detailed and absorbing so you can imagine all the action perfectly yourself.

As in the last book, I was able to stay absorbed in this little Parisian love affair, and I even found myself identifying with our main character’s emotions. How could we both be so attracted to him and so nervous to meet him at the same time? Renae definitely know’s what she’s doing while writing sex scenes, although though by the end of part two, the vocabulary and variety gets a bit repetitive.

I was also thrilled to see the addition of a woman sex interest – and hope this is developed more in part three!

Length: Quick read, 145 pages
Naughty level: UGH, I’m turned on but frustrated. Touch already! I guess I’ll just touch myself. . . 
Blush-inducing level: Giggle inducing with a friend.
Most surprising part: Though the girl-on-girl action was brief, I was surprised by how much it turned me on! I loved that it added a new element and surprise to the book.



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