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Paris Secrets Trilogy: Skin


Paris Secrets Trilogy: Book 3, Skin

You’ve followed my review of the Paris Secrets Trilogy through book one and book two, and now we find ourselves at the last one: Skin. The middle book in the series left off right as suspense was building. The two virtual lovers were going to finally touch, I just knew it! They know each other’s voices, and know each other’s bodies, but only through a piece of glass. Does our main character have the courage to finally meet her sexy Frenchman? Or will she lose herself in the masquerade?

Book 3

FINALLY. Our two lovers touch! They find each other masked in a crowded room and once they lock eyes, all bets are off. After only having access to the other’s body though a pane of glass, the two can’t keep their hands off. Renae indulges us in some of the most passionate sex scenes that a book can offer and the buildup from the first two books didn’t help me keep my pants on either. There’s only one problem: one of them has a secret and it could make their lives very difficult. Will they fuck forever or is this just a fabulous fling?

My Review

So psyched to have them touching! Yes pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease! I’ve been waiting for this moment. I can’t help but imagine what his moans sound like in that well organized apartment. The smells from the dinners he cooks her act as an aphrodisiac for me, engaging all my mental senses and making me that much hungrier for their bodies together. The two discuss their fantasies and it seems monsieur Sexy’s love for exhibitionism could send our little bee’s sex goddess right back to where she came from the thought of it thrills her, but she can’t stand the idea of getting caught. I was so turned on by how turned on the two were when finally completing his fantasy. What must it be like to have people looking at you have no idea what you’re doing? It turns on the submissive inside me who begs me not to show expression from pleasure.

The first five times they have sex, I’m so into it. Then, like I said in the last book, the vocabulary gets a little repetitive and their sex pattern seems the same each time. As a strong supporter of kink culture, I wish they’d mixed it up a little bit, maybe tried anal, or added in another member for double the fun. I’m surprised and in awe that Renae could keep my attention with their love for exhibitionism for so long… but I was bound to get bored of their romantic lust eventually.

Then… we have the ending. “Renae, NOOOOO!” I wanted to scream. I was so heartbroken.

We had this hot and sensual tale of these two lovers whose bodies completed what each other’s mind didn’t supply, and then the book gave them a way too happy “happily ever after”. Is this how all romance novels end? With actual romance?! I wanted to see two consenting adults have a sexual relationship and stay independent, single, and sexy… not end up in the French countryside with a family on the way! Maybe I’m not enough of a hopeless romantic, but I was hoping the book would leave me revved up and ready to go for more. Not feeling like I’d just read the end of a… “romance” novel.

I hope you enjoy the fruits of my search for “sad Paris”.

While I’d still recommend this series to anyone who wants a light and naughty read, I’d advise them to skip the last chapter and the epilogue if they’d like to keep their sexy fantasy alive.

Length: Quick read – 180 pages
Naughty level: This book’s naughtiness kind of evens out with the personal drama, but the sex scenes are enough that you’ll want to keep this book to yourself!
Blush inducing level: Never going to look at the Mona Lisa the same way again, that’s for sure.



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Note: This receive is sponsored by Michele Renae, and I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. I only recommend things I would get myself! Read more about our reviews.

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