While I may be seen as a pessimist in the love department and a man hater on the surface, I am a sucker when it comes to romantic comedies and movies that can make me cry. Maybe I’m an emotional cutter or just a sucker for a happily ever after, but I grew up with Walt Disney making me love the hardship and then the happiness. While I may not believe that’s realistic for our present day relationships, I look for that in my fiction and make believe plot lines. These are my top ten chick flick movies that I turn to after a breakup or when I’m crushing on someone new that reminds me of the butterflies in my stomach.

10. The Notebook

There isn’t a list out there that wouldn’t include The Notebook. While I read the book back in 2001, three years before the movie came out, not everyone in America was in the same boat. We all watched Noah and Allie fall in love so convincingly that our hearts broke through every scene. They didn’t expect you to figure out they loved each other; the creators took their time, made you believe, and KNOW that they were in love. Even when we re-watch it, tears shed and our feelings are everywhere. While I still consider this one of the best movie-book adaptations out there, I still remember getting pissed off when they made it look like Allie and Noah died together in the end. Not to burst your bubble, but that’s not what happens in the novel. There’s actually a sequel to the book called The Wedding which features Noah, alive. We all want a man like Noah who will make our dreams come true, never give up on us, and call us a stubborn bitch when we’re being one. Chances are that you’ve seen this movie so call up your girlfriends, grab the Ben and Jerry’s, and make sure the tissues are nearby; it’s time for a Noah and Allie reunion.

9. Never Been Kissed

Drew Barrymore at her finest. She may have been awkward and chubby, but damn did she make us misfits feel hope. I may have been a nerd in high school, but that doesn’t mean I may not go back as an undercover journalist and fall in love with my HS drama teacher, right? I have about 3-4 copies of this DVD because every time I walk past the $5 movie bin in Walmart, I grab it. I obviously love it so much that I forget I own it but refuse to live without it (for the fourth time). Not to mention that this movie gives another meaning to the 30-year old virgin. Even though Drew Barrymore is fucking amazing in this flick, she has the hottest heart throb: Michael Vartan. While most probably know him from Alias, he reminded of us every crush we’ve had on our hot teachers. That student teacher in History you had as a junior? Not even close to as hot as Michael Vartan. This romantic comedy was like The Truman Show and Romeo and Juliet had a baby. Congratulations Hollywood, you took a change on the most awkward love child and made it successful.

8. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

As I re-watch this movie for the millionth time, only one question runs through my mind: Why are Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey not married in real life? Can you imagine the beautiful blonde children they would have? As I butter up my hands from popcorn, I like to escape into the fantasy world I reside in and pretend they’re together (Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are also still married in this world). The best part about this entire movie is watching Kate Hudson do all of the things we KNOW men hate and still keep him crawling back. The next time a guy becomes annoying, just buy him a love fern and then become best friends with his mother. I’ve always dreamed of having a dress like Kate’s in the end where the yellow silk makes her look like the most gorgeous female in the world. Someday I will be rich and famous and I will have a replica made. Now I just need her body, her gaggle of hot men, and her ability to push men away that just want to get closer and closer.

7. The Proposal

This was a movie that I “accidentally” ended up with after I forgot to return it to Redbox and they charged me about $30 for the fucking thing. At that point, I figured I had better at least watch it to get my money’s worth. Even if you’re not a fan of Sandra Bullock or Ryan Reynolds (in which case: you can’t sit with us) then watch this movie for two reasons: 1. Watching a grown woman chant around a bonfire with Betty White and yelling “balls” is so ridiculous it deserves a trophy and 2. Ryan Reynolds almost naked. Even if you hate him, his body is gorgeous and deserves a shrine to admire it at all times. I wish manikins in the mall looked like him; stores really should hire live models to stand there for us to ogle at. This movie is laugh out loud funny, adorable, and worth the Redbox fee. My anger slipped after my fourth viewing but I now return everything on time.

6. PS. I Love You

I don’t know how it happened but I was late on the bandwagon for this one. Friends talked about it, sisters talked about it, and I was too ADD to sit there and pay attention. Finally I was forced down, smothered with pizza and wine, and forced to watch this very emotional movie. Now if you haven’t seen this movie, I will give you the warning that I was never given: you WILL cry and you WILL have an emotional breakdown after. I figured if I could handle multiple viewings of The Notebook then this wouldn’t be a problem. I WAS WRONG, SO SO WRONG. First of all, Gerard Butler and that accent? That’s enough to make you love it. I realized about twenty minutes into the movie that this wasn’t going to be a happy go-lucky film. I won’t spoil it for those of you that were late to the show like I was but go rent it, watch it, and don’t hate me for the heartbreak you’ll endure.

5. 10 Things I Hate About You

First off, RIP Heath Ledger. Looking back on stills of this movie and even watching it, brings back a sad feeling in my heart. He was the bad boy that tamed the pain in the ass misfit with a smile that would bring us all to our knees. I remember watching this movie for the first time in middle school and thinking, “Who the hell is that guy?” My love for bad boys was in full swing and I was hooked like big fat fish in the Deadliest Catch. The fact that he was bribed to go out with her and then fell in love with her was a great sense of karma. My biggest fear is that our posterity will forget about this film and we will have force our kids to watch it like my mother did with Rebel Without a Cause (which I actually loved). If you haven’t seen it? Do yourself a favor, educate yourself, and watch it. These 97 minutes are much more important than re-watching YouTube videos for an hour and a half.

4. Going the Distance

So I put Drew Barrymore on here twice (three times including HJNTIY), whatever. She’s a badass and definitely deserves credit where credit is due. My sister and I were getting into it and then Drew Barrymore took a bong rip and we knew that we had to stop and wait for my brother-in-law. He has the biggest crush on her, let alone her smoking out of a bong. Pretty sure he fell in love all over again. I’ve always pictured Drew Barrymore as a sweet girl, but hear her rip Justin Long for interrupting her videogame with ten f-bombs was amazing and worth a rewind in my book. As someone that has been in a long distance relationship, the hardships Barrymore and Long encounter definitely hit home. It had the perfect balance of humor and heartbreak to make it easily one of my favorites. This is even one I can break out with a guy too because it’s hilarious enough to make him forget it’s a chick flick. Not to mention that if he’s an SNL fan, he’ll love Jason Sudeikis’ role throughout the film. I have to give him credit for the “fuck-it list” I have encouraged everyone to make. Definitely underrated and one of my all time favorites. Find. Watch. Enjoy.

3. Pretty Woman

This is the ultimate throwback movie that every girl needs to see. It doesn’t matter if your little sister was born after it was released, you need to take the initiative to sit her ass down and educate her. There isn’t a female in this world that can go through life without seeing this modern rendition of Cinderella. Girls need to know that sexy isn’t Justin Bieber in his baggy pants, it’s Richard Gere in a sharp suit. Where’s my millionaire to pick me up off the corner and bang me on a piano. Not only will you see a great love story but Julia Roberts is a strong woman that doesn’t let people bring her down. She may have been a prostitute but she knew she deserved to be treated the same as others and didn’t tolerate anything less. Plus, it probably has the best theme song from the chick flick section.

2. The Wedding Planner

Come on, it wouldn’t be a “chick flick” article without a J. Lo movie. It was a close call between this one and The Back-Up Plan (Alex O’Loughlin is really hot) but The Wedding Planner is a high school classic. If you were younger like I was when this came out, chances are that you wanted to fold your napkins like this OCD woman and plan people’s weddings. Then you realized Hollywood made it seem glamorous and you’ll be single forever so it probably wasn’t such a great idea. Not only is Jennifer Lopez gorgeous but the fact that she would risk her life for her Jimmy Choo shoe proves she’s real like us. This movie is also amazing because it gives us the ultimate betrayal: HE’S ENGAGED????? Isn’t that just like life? The amazing man that saved your life is getting married to someone else and you’ll be alone forever. You feel like your hopes and dreams were crushed and now you’re the girl praying for a breakup. Other than Selena, it’s definitely my favorite Jennifer movie. Plus with Matthew McConaughey, it’s like a Chanel suit that never goes out of style. Not to mention the cameo by Dr. Alex Karev for my Grey’s Anatomy fans. How cute is he with an accent?

1. He’s Just Not That Into You

The book being better by reputation doesn’t change in this instance. My sister handed me a copy after my first breakup and I wish I had remembered that advice during my college days. Not only is the message perfect but the cast is packed and we see a bit of ourselves in every character. They took the famous Sex and the City episode and made an entire movie, even though Justin Long is a much more attractive Jack Burger and wouldn’t break up with a female on a post-it note. While most romantic comedies are stories of ending up happily ever after, we’re given a cautionary tale, with the average amount of Hollywood happiness. While most of us don’t have the patience to sit down with a book (which is sad and what you should be doing) this gives us the bold points and wraps it up with a pretty little bow full of Hollywood A-Listers. Watch and learn ladies because Justin Long the bartender isn’t afraid to tell you, “He’s just not that into you”.