The holiday season is right around the corner, as sluts round the country line up at their favorite stores for Black Friday deals, and Santa’s lap starts to look more and more appealing after each cocktail. (I know that feeling, girl.) In all the madness of shopping for your loved ones, baking cookies for your boo, and wondering just how you’ll tie that red bow around your breasts on Christmas… it’s important to take some time to treat the most important person in your life – yourself! 

Give yourself the perfect gift this holiday season, and splurge on a toy that will give you endless pleasure in all your favorite ways. No need to straddle Santa again this year after drowning yourself in the punch bowl… the perfect toy, no matter your preference, will have you purring with pleasure ’til next year, and beyond!

Here’s our top toy picks for every kind of slut – whether you’re a newbie or an expert… a clit lover or a g-spot tamer… an anal adventurer or a BDSM bitch. We’re showing you the best of the best – and where you can get them at the lowest rock-bottom prices this holiday season. We even have some special, exclusive coupon codes for readers! Click the pink links on the names of recommended toys to go to the full review. Reviews have all the best deals and places to buy that toy at the bottom.

(To prevent getting defective or knock-off toys, remember not to use Amazon!)

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A selection of all types of toys.

For the Beginner

We’ve all been that girl, wandering through the toy store with a deer-in-the-headlights look, wanting a vibrator, but having know idea where to start! You want something that’s small, cheap, and powerful… but everything looks the same. Worse yet, you’ve heard rumors of cheap toys breaking after just a few uses, and some toys can even be toxic and dangerous. Did you know that cheap toys are often made of low-quality materials (like jelly) that contain toxic chemicals, like phthalates? Do you also know about porous materials that can harbor bacteria, like TPR and TPE? These toys can give you allergic reactions, rashes, and pain that doesn’t go away after play.

But, don’t let that scare you! I’m here to steer you away from the land of cheap and shitty toys. You can definitely find cheap toys that are still body safe and reasonable quality, with powerful vibrations that will last. Starting your journey into sex toys can be confusing and take a lot of trial and error, but this little guide will take out some of the guess work!

My favorite toys for beginners are all under $30, body safe, and reasonably well-made.

  1. Adam & Eve Bullet – Simple and sweet, you can’t go wrong with this powerful, cheap bullet!
  2. Bswish Bnear Classic – This dual-motor vibrator is powerful for a beginner, and has a variety of speeds and patterns.
  3. Red Cyclone Wand – If you’re looking for a cheap way to explore thrusting and penetration, a slim and sleek glass wand is the way to go! If you’re willing to spend a little more, try the Icicles #52.
  4. Bswish Bcute Classic Pearl – This simple vibrator is reasonably powerful at a low price, and great for clitoral stimulation.
  5. L’Amour Tryst 1 – If you’re looking for a simple and sleek internal vibrator, check out this one. It’s made of silicone, and has a good range of vibration settings. It’s also waterproof.

A selection of Beginner’s level toys. Thin toys with lower to moderate vibrations.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, go with:

  1. The Lovelife Dream – This vibrator is absolutely gorgeous, slim, powerful, high-quality, and rechargeable. It even comes with a storage pouch! It’s my favorite all-time slim vibrator.
  2. Happy Rabbit – This is my favorite rabbit EVER! It’s easy to use and insert, rechargeable, incredibly powerful, and made of super silky high-quality silicone.
  3. Tantus Sport – Tantus can do no wrong! This is the ideal silicone dildo. Slim and perfectly curved to hit your g-spot! Also safe for anal, and can be cleaned very easily.
  4. Jopen Lust – This vibrator is rechargeable, features a lovely rabbit design, and has mid-level vibrations. High-quality and silky silicone makes this toy top notch!

I haven’t met a girl yet who hasn’t had a love-affair with her favorite vibrator. But, if you’re new to the sensations or masturbation in general, you might not want to start out with that Lamborghini sex toy that looks intimidating on the shelves, and will make your vagina quiver in fear. Better to start out with something simple, easy, and most of all, cheap – before diving into a higher quality and more expensive toy that’s just not your style.

Just remember: Higher quality toys are so worth it once you know what you like!

Here’s a look at all the toys that are tagged for beginners.

A selection of mid-level to high-end toys.

Clit Queen

For all you ladies who love clitoral stimulation (and who doesn’t?!) you deserve the best of the best to make your pussy purr. My all time favorite clitoral vibrators are an easy pick. They’re on top of my nightstand, and the first ones I reach for when I’m ready for a solo session! Hands down, the ultimate clitoral vibrators (that I’ve tried) are the We-Vibe Tango and the Crave Duet.

The We-Vibe Tango is a strong, rumbly, and satisfying vibrator in a small, travel-sized package. It is light-weight, rechargeable, easy to carry & store, and has several strong speeds and settings that are beyond satisfying, and impossibly rumbly. I can easily and confidently say that this is not only my favorite vibrator, but one the best vibrators out there. It’s so incredibly powerful! It’s always the first toy I reach for. I’d literally recommend it to everyone! You can also get it at a discount by some of the retailers listed in the review.

Runner up for first place is the Crave Duet. I could never rank it “second place”, because it’s just too gorgeous and wonderful! The Duet is perfect for the girl who likes a rabbit-style dual stimulation of the clit, as it has a design perfect for surrounding the clitoris. Each rabbit ears as a motor, to deliver powerful and precise vibrations. The range of settings is incredible – with several vibration intensities and many unique patterns, some of which use both motors, and other which alternate. The sensations are simply incredible!

A fabulous low-cost alternative is the Lovehoney Silencer Bullet. This vibrator is only $40 and offers 6 powerful speeds, 2 vibration settings, a discreet design, USB rechargeable feature, whisper quiet motor, and is entirely waterproof. It’s the best vibrator you can get for the price – and is made to last! It’s easy to clean and care for, and is the PERFECT clitoral vibrator for literally any beginner.

If super low-cost is a priority, I’d recommend the simple and cheap Adam & Eve Silver Bullet 2.0. It’s the only bullet under $20 that can bring me to orgasm every time. It may not be fancy, and can’t boast high-end materials, multiple patterns, or rechargeable features – but for the girl on a budget, you can’t go wrong with this simple yet strong vibe!




The g-spot can be tricky business, even for a well-seasoned slut. If you’re new to exploring these sensations, I’d recommend a slim toy with a prominent head that can coax your g-spot to total climax. Yet, even experienced g-spotters love the sensation of a smooth shaft and prominent head – so honestly, my recommendations for both beginners and veterans would be the same. Whether you’ve experienced a g-spot orgasm before, or have been craving to explore this sensation, these dildos are sure to give you the intense, orgasmic pleasure you’ve been aching for. You can’t go wrong with high-quality toys perfectly designed for your pleasure, regardless of  your experience level!

If you want something smooth and heavy to stimulate you, go with the Njoy Pure Wand. This toy is one and a half pounds of pure stainless steel that will leave you breathless and wanting more. With a more prominent curve, smooth texture, and two weighted balls for entirely different stimulation… the Pure Wand is a must-have item for the g-spot pleasurist.

I love this toy, but I haven’t reviewed it yet. So, you can get it at:


If you’re looking for something a bit lighter, with an equally powerful curve, I’d recommend the Jopen Key Comet, which can be bought in both vibrating and non-vibrating versions. Once referred to as the G-Spot Whisperer, the Comet is an incredibly luxurious toy, combining the beauty and weight of glass with the comfort and texture of silicone. With a perfect curve and easy handling, the Comet is an absolutely beautiful toy that will send you to the stars.

I love this toy, but I haven’t reviewed it yet. So, you can get it at:

If you’re looking for something that’s cheaper and more manageable for a beginner, I’d absolutely recommend Tantus’s Sport. This slim dildo is made entirely of high-quality, premium silicone and features a slim shaft with a prominent head that is perfect for thrusting and g-spotting. It’s one of my favorites, and wouldn’t be overwhelming for a beginner! I’ve reviewed it here.

Power Queen

Exclusively for the girl who craves the strongest vibrations out there, the Hitachi Original Magic Wand is hard to beat. Named the Cadillac of Vibrators, the Hitachi so strong that it was originally meant to be a back massager! But, since sexually frustrated housewives got the fabulous idea to put it on their lady bits, it’s been famous for powerful clitoral vibrations… and is a pretty good back massager, too. Just beware – don’t buy this toy on Amazon or Ebay! There are tons of imitations that don’t even come close to the Hitachi’s quality. Get this toy exclusively from the reputable retailers listed in our review.

If you want all the power of the Hitachi, but want some more diverse settings than “High” and “Higher” – look no further than the Doxy. This massager has the same style, size, and power as the Magic Wand – but has a much larger variety of speeds and patterns. It’s very well-made, powerful, and a great rival brand of the Hitachi!

For the budgeted Power Queen, try The Wahl (just $15) – another “back massager” that can be appreciated for its naughtier uses. Like the Hitachi, it has two strong speeds that are very satisfying.

Size Queen

There are some ladies who like it large, and while I’m a huge fan of large guys – there’s some toys out there that make me literally afraid for my vagina. For girls that love to test their limits, with something large and in charge, look no further than Tantus’s toys. Their toys are entirely made of high quality, premium silicone – one of the best materials on the market. While they have toys for a wide range of ladies, and even make some teeny tiny toys – they also cater to larger markets. If you want to shock your coochie, go with the huge Duke – a non-textured toy that is sure to give you a satisfied, full, stretched feeling. If you want something a little more textured, I’d recommend the awesome Tsunami, which has waves designed for your pleasure. If you’re looking for length rather than girth, you can’t go wrong with the Echo Handle – which is by far one of my favorite dildos for thrusting!

Anal Adventurer

Tantus has my absolute favorite butt plugs and anal toys, as well! If you’re getting adventurous and checking out the backdoor, you can’t go wrong with Tantus. As mentioned, their super high-quality silicone simply can’t be beat – and they have a wide variety of designs that are great for beginners and experienced players alike. Check out all of their anal toys here! Remember, you can get 15% off any order with our coupon code SGP.

Are you an anal beginner? Try the anal plugs perfectly designed for a newbie – The Perfect Plugs. If you’re looking for something a bit larger, try my absolute favorite anal toy – the Flirt! Or, go with some other awesome anal excursions – the Perfect Plug or the Ripple Small. Although I haven’t reviewed them personally, other reviewers have said amazing things! Want to get even more adventurous? Try some double penetration with a personal favorite of mine… the Flex dildo!

Discreet Delights

If you want something that can pleasure you, yet tuck away discreetly in your nightstand – or something that is small enough to travel with, lightweight, and doesn’t scream “Vibrator!” – this is for you! To stay discreet while getting a release, go with something that looks like it could easily be another object. This innocent tube of Vibrating Lipstick is perfect for any occasion… whether you’re traveling, want something that you can carry in your purse, or simply enjoy something with a bit of novelty. If you’re looking for something a bit more high-end, check out all our favorite discreet vibrators here.

For Use With Your Boy Toy

If you’re one of those sluts that didn’t give up her carefree lifestyle just because she’s in a relationship – than congratulations! You’re (hopefully) going to be having some great sex for the holidays. But, you can still make sex even hotter – and keep your orgasms intense! Not just with out Sex Tips – but with a cock ring or couple’s vibe that delivers powerful vibrations to all the right spots, without missing out on the live penetration you love.

For a cock ring, we recommend the Eden’s Vibrating Ring for beginners. Although it is made of porous materials, it is a great, cheap option for someone just starting to explore this unique sensation. You’ll see if you like it – or if you’d rather move on to another type of toy. If you’re experienced with cock rings, I’d highly recommend the LELO Tor 2. Although I haven’t personality reviewed it, it’s one of the most well-rated cock rings out there – made of high-quality materials, and delivering powerful vibrations. LELO may have some offensive marketing tactics on their newest cock ring – but despite that, they make a great product. You can get the Tor 2 at:

If you’re looking for a couple’s vibrator, you can’t go wrong with the We Vibe 4 – the newly updated We Vibe that’s more comfortable and powerful for both your pleasure. While the We-Vibe 3 was bulky, uncomfortable, and at times downright painful – the We-Vibe 4 solved nearly all of the original issues, and even offered new features! Believe the hype – this updated version is a totally awesome toy!

If you’re not looking for a toy per-se, but still want to spice things up, there’s some great accessories out there that you can use to turn up the heat. If you want to get naughty in the shower, try these Dual Shower Heads. They’re perfect for feeling comfortable during shower romps, so no one is left out of the water and cold. I’d also highly recommend massage candles, which help to set a romantic mood as you get oiled up and rubbed. Light the wick, warm up the oil, and get ready for an erotic massage as sweet scented heat fills the room.

Water Warrior

The Bubble Love is a brand new toy specifically designed to give you pleasure underwater – with a unique twist. Instead of vibrating or rotating, it shoots a bubble jet out and onto your lady bits (or a water jet, if you prefer). It’s totally meant to be submerged and used for your pleasure, and even has a cool attachment for internal play. Easily one of the most innovative toys of the year, the Bubble Love is perfect for someone who truly loves to make the most of bath time!



If you’d rather have a vibrating toy that you can simply bring in the shower or bath, there are tons of options out there for you. Nearly all of the toys listed in this guide are waterproof. But, there’s one that really stands out in my mind. The Lovehoney Happy Rabbit is a waterproof rabbit – that also happens to be the best rabbit I’ve ever had the pleasure of using! I’d recommend it not only for water lovers – but for anyone who wants a high-quality rabbit vibrator. It can’t be beat!

DIY Diva

Are pre-made sex toys just too mainstream for you? Don’t worry, DIY Diva – here’s a sex toy that’s 100% customized through your own at-home project. The Clone a Willy allows you to make a silicone replica of your favorite penis. Through this kit, you and your partner (or your favorite boner donor) can create a totally unique, exact copy of your partner’s prized part, to live on forever. Although the whole process of making it is pretty un-sexy… it’s a fabulous novelty, and definitely wonderful for a unique experience or an interesting conversation piece.

BDSM Babes

There’s a bit of a kinkster in all of us… and whether you’re just starting to explore, or know the location of your local dungeon, the holidays are the perfect time to stock up on some BDSM essentials. My favorite bondage accessory is the Bettie Page Spanking Paddle – and honestly, everything in the Bettie Page collection. This is a collector’s series, with unique and high-class touches and lovely details that are perfect for the fancy girl who likes a little class in her boudoir or wants to add some retro flair to her naughty drawer! It’s truly an elegant, luxurious collector’s item – and I’m so proud to display it in it’s gorgeous and classy case. The supple, smooth material is perfect for a beginner’s bum, and the naughty details make it more exciting than intimidating. It’s definitely a must-have for anyone who has a love for spanking and Bettie Page… or who loves retro pin-up style! I can’t wait to get another piece from this collection!

If you’re looking to stock up on some simple bondage essentials, rather than go with a little more flair, heres the basics to get you started. Give some simple silver handcuffs a try, or opt for Bondage Tape, the imitation duct tape that sticks to itself, but not to your skin or furniture. With this tape, you can try a ton of erotic tied-up positions without the discomfort that real tape, handcuffs, or other home-made restraints can cause. You’ll also want a simple & sleek blindfold, and a simple beginner’s paddle that will sting without breaking your bum. Want to get even naughtier? Treat yourself to a gorgeous ball gag, and experience new sensations with feather nipple clamps!

Slippery When Wet

Looking for the ultimate lubricant for your holiday romps, and beyond? Look no further than our favorites:

  • Good Clean Love – A water-based, organic lubricant that is long-lasting and natural, with no discomfort.
  • Wet Platinum – Our favorite, body-safe silicone lube!

Want something that will help you feel more aroused? Try the WOW Clitoral Arousal Gel by Wet – or Please Cream. Both give powerful, unique, erotic sensations!

Need to clean up? Try Wild Wipes (where you can get free shipping with our coupon code) or Eden’s Feminine and Toy Wipes (which you can get as a free gift with any purchase).

For Your BFF

Finally, if you are looking for the perfect gift for your BFF – something totally awesome, but on the cheaper side of the spectrum – I’d absolutely recommend Rub My Duckie. While it only has one speed with a moderate vibration – the adorableness of this vibrator can’t be beat. You can get this toy is a plain yellow duck, various colors, a devil duck, duck with a furry hood, diva duck, pirate duck, my personal favorite – the BDSM duck – and many more! These vibes are all under $30 and make a fabulous gift for any BFF – whether they’re just starting to experiment with sensations, or simply would love a totally fun, unique toy!

Want something else? Take a look at our other reviews, and email me for personalized recommendations!

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