The passion of getting down and dirty with someone you’ve been lusting after is one of the greatest feelings available to a human being. However, repetition takes the fun out of everything, sex included. If your sex life is starting to get monotonous and predictable, an easy solution is to introduce some sex toys into the fray to kick things up beyond their natural limits. Here’s how sex toys can help reignite the flame:

1. Increased Physical Intimacy

Sex toys are great at increasing the connection and intimacy felt between sexual partners. A sex toy can be used as a tool to open up a dialogue between two people as to what kind of sensations they enjoy during sex and how to best achieve and prolong those feelings. Sex toys can also be a way to start talking about different kinds of sex if you’d like to slowly nudge your partner towards being more adventurous.

Some people aren’t particularly enthusiastic about oral sex or stimulation with the fingers, leaving their partners a little disappointed at the end of the day. A sex toy can help solve or work around any issues one partner may feel, as there are now sex toys meant to simulate oral sex as well as make digital stimulation easier.

The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe is one of our favorite oral simulators.

2. More Satisfaction

Most of the time sex isn’t like in the movies and there are some real-life problems that can come up and hinder sexual satisfaction. These include difficulty reaching orgasm, orgasming too quickly, or difficulty remaining aroused. Sex toys can blast these problems away by delivering stimulation to places usually left under-served through regular sex. Some men employ cock rings to help them last longer in bed, and some women are well-served by clitoral vibrators when they are unable to have vaginal orgasms.

Using a sex toy can either directly help problems of sexual inadequacy or can render the problem moot entirely. If someone orgasms too quickly and the other still needs some satisfaction, the sex toy can do the rest of the heavy lifting and take pressure off both partners to perform in a certain way. Sex toys also take a lot of guesswork out of foreplay, and who doesn’t like more foreplay?

3. Increased Sexual Release

While sex is largely mental, the physical aspects of sex cannot be understated. Most women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, while men are primarily focused on penetrative sex. Adding in a vibrator allows one partner to consistently deliver stimulation to the clitoris without tiring themselves out. Not only that, vibrators deliver much more precise and intense stimulation such that multiple orgasms can be enjoyed in a very short timespan.

4. Sex Toys Open Up Communication

Many people are shy about their sexual fantasies for fear they’ll be branded a freak or seriously weird their partner out. Whether it is simply overthinking or being unable to approach the topic themselves. Once things start getting spiced up in the bedroom, it might be easier for one partner to start suggesting new things when they feel the other partner has been receptive to the addition of sex toys. Toys allow individuals to drop a lot of their misconceptions about what sex should and shouldn’t be and opens up a whole new world of things to try to keep things intense and passionate.

Beginner toys like the OVO D5 are great when first discussing toy use!

5. Strengthen Relationships

Using a sex toy to show your partner there are no lengths you won’t go to for their sexual pleasure can help strengthen the bond between two people. As time goes on, it is prudent to notice what your partner enjoys and doesn’t enjoy in the bedroom and apply that in a way that gives the kind of orgasm where you go blind for a while afterward. Two people who know each other inside & out physically and mentally are more connected than those who are not.

A sex toy like a vibrator or a fleshlight can also help balance the libido of a partner who is too interested or not interested enough in sex. Using a sex toy to release excess tension when your lover isn’t in the mood is a fantastic way to keep everybody happy. The same principle can work in reverse, if one party needs a little pep in their step before going at it, there are hundreds of different types of sex toys that can help them get in the mood.

The Tenga 3D Spiral is a great male toy that may come in handy…

There’s everything to gain and nothing to lose, don’t overthink it! Bare minimum, you’re bound to get a memorable reaction out of your partner. Fostering an environment of sexual openness where both people have their needs tended to is essential to a healthy sexual dynamic. Just watch out, once you cross the line the first time you might need it every time!