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Finger Condoms

Although I was initially shocked about the existence of finger condoms, and expressed my distaste in a Vine, I’ve come to love these little sex enhancers.

Why We Love It

Anal play can be really exciting… but really painful if you’re not prepared. Finger condoms paired with lube make beginner’s anal play much easier.  A smooth latex slide means easy insertion, less skin-on-skin pulling, no nail scraping and helps the lube to last longer, instead of being absorbed in to the skin of your finger.

Pink Finger Cots

When to Use It

Perfect for anal beginners and veterans alike looking for a smoother sensation while poking around back there. If anal penetration has bothered you in the past, finger condoms are the perfect fix to giving you a pleasurable and unforgettable experience.

We Recommend

Medical grade latex finger cots. They come in a box of 144, but they’re cheap at just $5, and will last forever! Buy them today, you won’t regret it. 😉


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One Comment to Finger Condoms

  1. Smart guy

    My specialty here. Step aside and let the doctor show you how this works!

    Don’t fool around with finger condoms. Go to wal-mart and buy latex gloves. Trim those long nails short and smooth!

    Get the cheap lube (or the good stuff!) while you’re there, too!

    Now, slow and easy and plenty of time to relax is how we do this!

    *Edited for graphic content. We focus on sex tips – not erotica.*

    Edited version: If you’re tight and scared, do an external massage for a long, long time! Go gently and slow. Relax and open up. You get gentle, slow massage on your anal walls, with just the tip of your finger – turn your finger around slowly.

    Together with clitoral vibrations, this will leave almost any woman in pleasure.

    You can find your G-spot, right through your anal wall.

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