By making a few adjustments in the bedroom you can move your booty and pelvis to get in to a better position so that your partner is hitting the right spot. I spend the majority of my day sitting in an office chair so my lower back is often sore. I’ve learnt that I have to be a lot more careful in the bedroom to not make this worse.

Here are some of the different tricks I have tried to hit the g-spot and enjoy sex more:


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One of my favourite ways to have sex is by using firm pillows under my body. Pillows are a great option as they are usually already on the bed so they are easy to incorporate into your sex session. The best pillows are the memory foam ones rather than feather or inexpensive ones. I like to use two firm pillows stacked on top of each other under my body during doggy position. As a bonus, this trick also stops your breasts from bouncing around and cushions the impact. Another way is to place one or two firm pillows under your bottom only during missionary position. The pillow will lie perpendicular to your body reassuring a more comfortable position.

Wedges and ramps

Wedges are a great way to get into the right position in the bedroom. Look for one with a removable cover so you can machine wash it afterwards. They are usually at a 27-degree angle so your partner can angle your pelvis for deeper penetration. You can use a wedge for vanilla, oral and anal sex.  These are sometimes called adult pillows or sex furniture. They come in a range of different shapes including a larger one for your whole body called a ramp.

Towels and blankets

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Trying one blanket and then two towels didn’t make too much difference for me. The two thick beach towels weren’t high enough and moved around too much. If I owned a second thick woollen blanket it might have worked, but one by itself didn’t cut it. These options might work for you, so it’s just a matter of experimenting.

Yoga blocks

I wasn’t a fan of a yoga block because it dug into my back. You might like to try a high-density foam block with a towel folded over a few times to cushion the impact, rather than a wooden one like I tried.

Fists and hands

In a pinch, you can make two fists with your hands and prop up your buttocks when you are in missionary. I can only maintain this position for several minutes until my hands hurts, so I recommend only attempting this trick if you are near the finish line. You can also place your hands flat underneath your booty, but I personally find this doesn’t make a huge difference.

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Some of these adjustments will work better on a bed, others on a harder surface like the floor or over a table. If any of these suggestions make your back worse over the next day then don’t do them again. By using a combination of trying different sex positions with different props like firm pillows and wedges you might just find your sweet spot sooner.