Wanting to save money on sex toys makes sense. After all, can’t you just masturbate for free anyway? What are the benefits of high-quality toys? Think of an expensive toy as an investment in your future pleasure (and maybe even your future health). It turns out there’s actually plenty of reasons to skip the Starbucks for a few days, to save money and treat yo’ self in a different manner…

We’re sharing five features your extra dollars are paying for when you invest in a five-star toy!

1. Body Safe Materials

The number one reason to pay more for a toy is safety. Like anything you’re putting into your body (in this case, literally), sex toys should be body safe. After all, what’s the purpose of a toy that causes more harm than pleasure? Unfortunately, many low-priced sex toy companies are able to keep their prices so low because their products are made of questionable materials. Many lower-end toys contain phthalates, a plastic softener, which could be toxic and can leach into your during prolonged use. Rubbers and jellies that are phthalate-free are still a poor choice though, as the material is porous and absorbs bacteria over time — you’ll want to replace a porous toy in six months to a year, for sanitary reasons.

High-quality toys come with a higher price tag because they’re often made of superior materials, like silicone or glass, which are non-porous and don’t absorb any bacteria. So, while buying a cheap toy saves money in the short term, is it really worth it to keep replacing it twice a year, or would you rather pay more up-front for a toy that’s a one time purchase?

2. Stronger (or multiple!) Motors

In the case of vibrating toys, paying a few dollars more often means the manufacturer is able to afford a stronger motor for the toy. Have you ever bought a bargain toy and noticed that the vibration doesn’t really travel through the whole body of the toy? That’s because some companies put a basic bullet vibe inside larger toys, rather than a motor designed specifically for each toy. Paying for a quality vibrator means that you’ll be getting something that’s strong enough (whether that’s buzzy or rumbly) to get you off every time.  #goodvibesonly

In the case of dual vibrators, like the We-Vibe, high-quality brands might even add an additional motor for each section of the toy, to ensure vibrations are always as powerful as you desire.

3. No More Batteries

Many high-quality toys are also rechargeable. Never again will you have to postpone a solo sex session while you run to the nearest convenience store for more AAs. If you charge your toys regularly, or after use, you won’t ever have to unknowingly reach for a powerless toy. Not to mention, the money you’ll save on batteries totally adds up, so your initial splurge will pay for itself sooner than you know!

Many rechargeable toys also have the added benefit of being completely waterproof. No, not the kind of waterproof where it’s okay to run it under the tap while washing it.  Toys with a magnetic recharge or a self-sealing port can be completely submersible, making them perfect for underwater fun in the bathtub. (Or elsewhere…)

4. Warranties

Yes, some sex toys do have warranties. Warranties are a good thing for two reasons, the obvious reason being that if the unthinkable happens and your new toy craps out on you, you can get a new one for FREE. But warranties also mean that a company is truly putting their best effort into making the best toy possible, because it wouldn’t be worth it for them to make a toy that breaks and then have to replace it for every customer. Many high-quality toys have a full warranty for one to two years, but some luxury brands really go the extra mile, like Lelo — they have a pleasure guarantee that lasts an entire decade!

5. Innovative Features

There are some features you just can’t find in the bargain bin. Features like the Satisfyer’s unique pressure wave technology, Lelo’s waving mechanism, or toys that have their own smartphone app aren’t widely available. Some companies even patent their innovations. If you’re looking for a sensation that’s totally unique, saving up for an expensive toy is definitely worth it.

Sure, a $15 toy seems like a great idea when you’re on a budget, but your health and your orgasms will thank you when you buy a toy that’s higher quality. High quality doesn’t have to mean a million dollars though, there are plenty of moderately priced toys on the market as well. Confirm that you’re not saving a couple bucks because of a scary mystery rubber, decide what features are most important to you, and don’t be afraid to shop the sales or wait until a newer model comes out and the toy you’ve been eyeing up has a price drop.