It might seem counter-intuitive. Rubbing one out is supposed to be fun, right? So, why would you want to turn it into work? With a full schedule, including keeping on top of your job, managing a social life, going to the gym, and using Tinder and Instagram, who has time to add anything else to the list?

Just wait. While fitting playtime into your busy day isn’t always easy, it is SO worth it – and not just because everyone needs their me-time. There are a ton of proven health benefits to masturbation. Getting a daily O (or three) won’t just give you a pleasure hit, it’s likely to increase your productivity, reduce your stress and even boost your immune system.

So, how do you make sure you get into healthy wank habits? Well, a sneaky way to develop a new habit without much effort is to tack it onto a routine you already have.

We’ve come up with four ways you can sneak in some self-love without adding any drama to your day:

1. Sweet Dreams

The obvious time to schedule in some self-love is just before you fall asleep (and if you live with a partner, you can double the fun by scheduling it together). Orgasms release oxytocin, which will relax you and make you likelier to have a good night’s sleep, so there’s an added bonus to choosing to take your Vitamin O at night.

2. Lunchtime Love

Why not add a cheeky orgasm into your schedule just before or after your lunchtime sandwich? Keep an eye on how quickly you get through your list of things to do, once you’ve done yourself.

Last summer, we launched our new Queen Bee clit toy by inviting the women of New York City to come down to our orgasm pop-up, The Changing Room, during their work breaks to enjoy an O on us. The response was so huge that we had lines  stretching down the street and even had to turn a lot of  people away. It turns out that workplace wanks are so popular, 40% of New Yorkers admit to taking fap breaks in the office. Psychologists agree that this activity is likely to reduce aggression and increase productivity in the workplace.

3. Set Your Alarm Five Minutes Early

A wank first thing in the morning is a brilliant start to your day for many reasons. Orgasms have been shown to increase self-esteem and give the skin a healthy glow, so you’ll feel like a boss when you stride into the office whether you’ve got the top job or not. Not only that, orgasms also give the immune system a boost, so you may be protecting yourself from any office sniffles.

If you think you don’t have time to knock one out in the AM, think again. Our Queen Bee wand toy provides deep, rumbly oscillations that will ensure you don’t have to work hard for your orgasm – the perfect lazy girl’s way to wake up!

4. The Wankitate

Science has shown that meditation and orgasms have a similar positive effect on the brain. So, if you’ve been meaning to get a meditation practice going for a while (or if you already have one), why not add in a little mindful masturbation? Rather than treating your self-love as an ‘admin wank’, you could try slowing down the process and focusing on every little sensation, seeing it as a journey rather than a destination.

Regardless of how and when you chose to get off, if we all scheduled in some ‘playtime’, maybe the world would be a better place. So yes, you have permission, go ahead, take a break and spend more time masturbating.