One of the best things about being a Slutty Girl is being confident in your sex life. However, it’s hard to be confident when it comes to STDs. A lot of us would rather not talk about all the risks of sex, but it’s really important that we do, for our own health and our partners’. Talking about STDs and knowing all the essential facts will ensure that you are knowledgeable about the risks and how to protect yourself… will only make you more comfortable and confident in between the sheets.

STDs and STIs

What’s the difference?

A lot of people struggle with the difference between these two terms, but it’s really a simple concept. It all comes down to terminology and professional jargon… although the two aren’t that different at all. Most doctors use the terms interchangeably because they mean nearly the same thing. They both refer to infections that are transmitted through vaginal, anal, oral sex. STI’s are most commonly infections that can turn into an STD if left untreated. The term “STI” has recently become more commonly used in the medical field, because people can often have infections without it turning into a disease.

How many STDs are out there?

More than you think. Most of us are familiar with the most talked about STDs, herpes and HIV/AIDS, but there are many more different types of STDs out there. As a Slutty Girl, it is important to be familiar with them, know how to prevent them, and treat them if you start seeing symptoms. Here is a list of all the diseases that are medically categorized as STDs:

If you think you have an STD…

I’d love to tell you not to freak out, but you’re going to, and that is OK. Being scared is what’s going to make you insist that he wraps it up next time… or what keeps you from going home with that dirty random at the end of the night. So after you freak the fuck out, calm down and make yourself an appointment to get tested. It is the only way to know for sure. Whether you’re having sex with more than one person consistently, or have been in a committed relationship for 5 years, it’s beneficial to your peace of mind and health to get tested regularly. You should never be ashamed to get tested. It’s always a smart and responsible thing to do. Click here for resources for where you can find reputable testing centers near you.

Ten stats about STDs that you should know

  1. HPV accounts for the majority of the STDs in America.
  2. America is home to the highest rate of STDs in the industrialized world.
  3. Less than half of the adults ages 18 to 44 have never been tested for STDs outside of AIDS.
  4. The estimated number of people living in America with an STD is 65 million.
  5. It only takes 30 seconds of sexual contact for a person to contract genital herpes.
  6. 75% of women who are living with Chlamydia do not know they have it.
  7. 1 in 5 people living with AIDS have not been diagnosed.
  8. There is an estimated 45 million Americans currently living with genital herpes.
  9. 1 in 4 Americans will get an STD in their lifetime.
  10. 10. It only takes ONE unsafe sexual contact to contract and STD


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