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4 Tips for Caring for Sensitive Skin this Autumn

Smooth, flawless skin is a statement that never goes out of style. With so many options available for care, it can sometimes be hard to know the best way to take of sensitive skin in autumn. This confusion is often a matter of guesswork coupled with knowledge. So, read on to discover great ways to care for sensitive skin during warm autumn months that will give you fresh dewy skin others only dream about.

1. Keep moisture in.

Understand that caring for sensitive skin needs to begin before you step out the door, because sensitive skin is prone to reddening and burning under the hot sun. One of the best ways is to add moisture to your skin before sun exposure. Amazing skin routines start in the shower, so be sure to avoid standard soap in favor of an emollient wash that adds moisture to the skin. Adding moisture also starts from the inside out, so be sure to stay hydrated on hot autumn days and use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30, with a moisturizing agent like Shea butter to help keep your skin looking smooth and moist.

2. Remember to keep it simple.

Because of sensitive skin’s delicate nature, it’s important to streamline a skin care routine that is simple and easy to follow. Be sure to use only one to two gentle cleansers, containing ingredients like Aloe Vera, that are fragrance-free to cleanse your skin. Once your skin has been cleansed, follow up with a light moisturizer that contains natural softening agents like coconut water.

You don’t want your skin to feel greasy in the autumn, so be sure to use brands that contain high water and lipid content, because this combination absorbs into skin quickly with a light moisturizing effect. Natural is best. When you’re seeking the best skin care products for your skin, it’s best to consider products that are filled with natural ingredients like soothing oatmeal, natural sugars, and butters like shea. These ingredients can provide gentle cleaning, exfoliation, and moisturizing benefits without harming or drying sensitive skin.

3. A light touch helps.

During the cleansing process for sensitive skin, be sure to avoid harsh scrubbing. Why is this? Because harsh scrubbing can irritate delicate skin making it look tight and dry. To avoid drying your skin out during scrubbing, use a clean, soft washcloth to cleanse your skin while gently rubbing in small circles. Once cleansed, allow the skin to dry naturally before putting on any other type of skin care product.

4. Special cases require special care.

Because of the delicate nature of sensitive skin, it is important to factor in any specific problems that those with sensitive skin may face. Here are some fast tips to lessen the effects of the following on sensitive skin:


Avoid products that contain alpha hydroxyl acid and vitamin C, due to their extreme drying effects on sensitive skin. So be sure to look for products containing: chamomile, green tea, or sulfur to help lessen Rosacea’s drying effects.


Avoid products containing ingredients that can cause an adverse skin reaction and be sure to do a patch test on the back of your arm before using any product. If your skin becomes irritated, it’s definitely a product to avoid.

Caring for sensitive skin during the autumn months can be really simple if you understand your sensitive skin and what it needs. Taking care of your skin the autumn is a matter of putting together a solid skin care routine that focuses on gentle care, coupled with natural ingredients that will keep your sensitive skin looking dewy, fresh, and clean all autumn and into the winter.

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