If you want to head out for a real workout, motivation is the most important factor towards it and what keeps you consistent at it. You might start training forcefully, but if the drive is not there, you will stop when you start feeling a little lazy. Your body needs to know that you really need results, not that you just want to get done with it. It is probable that the results may appear even without feeling motivated, but they might be very slow and you wouldn’t even feel fulfilled after they appear.

If you want some real motivation for workout and training, here are some steps you can easily follow. Thank me later.


1. Opt for something you enjoy.

You can opt for a training regime that suits you best without any pressure. You can mix and match and exercise the way you want, either with some tough core exercises or a 30-minute jog on a treadmill. To start with motivation, make your own plan with activities you would enjoy the most rather than following someone else’s that you find extremely tough to follow for even a week.

Also, it is not necessary to always head to gym for your workout. You can always find other places and sporty activities to add more fun to your healthy lifestyle. You can go on a hiking trip with a couple of friends if you like exploring new places, or you can go swimming if that interests you. To be precise and succinct, do not just let your workout routine be plain and monotonous.


2. Have a training partner.

If you want to stay consistent, having a partner to train with is a great idea. It helps you stay motivated and keep each other’s spirits up while exercising. You both can follow the same plan and even compete with one another, which leads to more drive in you to work harder each day. Plus, it is always fun to have a friend to support you and give you a push whenever you need one.

If you have the budget to have a personal trainer, that is definitely a plus. However, a friend at the gym is enough too to keep you up and running.


3. Prep your mind.

The biggest obstacle for us in the way to achieving a perfectly healthy body and/or thin waistline is our own brain throwing negative points at us. Most people just find it extremely tough to believe in themselves in order to achieve a goal. That’s where the problem starts.

For staying motivated, it is highly important to keep telling yourself that you can and will do it. Do not let the inner negative chatter take you down. You can also meditate to calm down the brain and help maintain your focus towards a goal.


4. Just get to work.

There is always a weird feeling of discomfort before you actually get to work out. The more you see different workout videos, you feel like it is something you can’t do. However, as soon as you start it, all those feelings gradually fade and there comes a moment when you begin to enjoy the change in you. But you just need to keep going to reach that point when you cannot resist working out.

You need to come out of your comfort zone and take the risk because it is totally worth it. Start warming up your body and slowly move towards heavier exercise for longer duration. Go easy on yourself and do not push the limits in the beginning. In the end, treat yourself with a relaxing massage for easing up your muscles and calming your mind.