Have a big date night coming up? Stressing over what to wear and don’t know where to start? Between finding the right dress to donning the best accessories, your first date with someone new can be majorly stressful.

However, here are our seven best tips for you to dress sexy and impress your prospective partner without worrying too much. These suggestions will ensure that you can set stress aside and have a great time – your partner will definitely look forward to the next date!

1. Bring Out the LBD

Whether it’s a fun night at a club or it’s a formal dinner, the little black dress never goes wrong. If you want a flirty and chic look, dress up in a knee length flowing number. Want to bring the house down? Show some leg in a lacy, black, off the shoulder dress and smolder for your partner. If you’re meeting for an upscale dinner, put on a beautiful, full length, black, backless gown and fire up the night, your partner won’t be able to breathe. Whatever the situation or occasion, remember the LBD can be your best bet.

2. Pump Up Your Hair

Guys love soft and shiny natural looking tresses. Shampoo, condition, and blow-dry your hair a few hours in advance. Take a dime-sized drop of a frizz-ease balm and apply all over to calm any fly-aways. For a flirtatious and girly look, use a hot curler to give soft and thick curls.

If you are dressing to kill, go for a sizzling up-do with a few loose curly strands that will accentuate your neck even more. Whatever, you decide to do, always remember not to use an extreme amount of hairspray because it’s a definite overkill and can look crunchy instead of touchable.

3. Feel So Soft

Always remember that guys appreciate girls who are comfortable in their own skin. A day before your big date night, follow your skincare regime and prep your skin for a fantastic night out. Cleanse, massage, and exfoliate your face and pamper yourself with a mud or sheet mask to soothe your pores.

Have a zit? Don’t touch or burst it, just leave it be and your concealer can do the rest. Moisturize, moisturize, and more because you want your body to feel soft and supple and have great shine. Use a bronzer sparsely on all of your exposed parts to give your body a glittering effect.

4. Wear Makeup that Boosts Your Confidence

A night out doesn’t have to signify putting on tons of makeup if you don’t want it to. Remember to do your make up according to the occasion and situation. If you are going to a dinner, consider keeping it subtle yet accentuating. Or if you are going clubbing, glam it up with contouring and highlighting to enhance your facial beauty.

Match your foundation and concealer to your skin, you don’t want a two-toned face that turns grey in an hour. Similarly, line your lips and use a lipstick that makes you feel confident. It’s better to use an ultra-matte formula if you don’t want to kiss it off quickly.Use a balm underneath your lip product because you definitely don’t want dry and chapped lips. Conceal any dark circles and cover up any pigmentation for a flawless look.

5. Accessorize and Dazzle

You don’t want to look too boring and drab on your ‘big’ date. So adorn appropriate accessories to complete your look and shine. For a casual night out, go for light jewelry with a pair of jeans and a cute blouse. Bold earrings or a statement necklace will stand out on a simple attire. Pair your gowns and formal dresses with sophisticated pearl or diamond earrings, a handcuff, or if you want to make a statement – put on a dazzling choker.

6. Tippy Toes, Not Trippy Toes

Do you want your date to be tiresome and uncomfortable? Do you want to be in agony the entire time …or you want to have fun and relax? If you don’t want blisters or sores, wear a pair of shoes in which you are comfortable because you don’t want to leave a wrong impression by hobbling around in an intolerable pair of heels.

If you can’t handle stilettos, wear a pair of sandals appropriate with your dress. You can also opt for kitten heels or wedges, if you want your legs to look long and sleek. Never wear a new pair of shoes on a date either – instead always break in your new kicks before going out. Remember that the real deal is to have fun, not excruciating pain due to an inappropriate footwear choice.

7. Relax and Unwind

The most important thing is that you want to have fun and enjoy your time together. Don’t overthink, don’t fret over minor details, just chill out with your potential partner and let your personality shine through. You want your attitude and persona to charm your new beau. Bear in mind that confidence is the key and everything else will fall into place.