Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend LA Girl instead.


Booty Parlor is a one-stop shop for all things sexy, from beauty products to edible body toppings to lingerie, and more. Over the past decade, Booty Parlor has been creating luxurious, flirtatious, and sensual products designed to boost women’s self confidence, and intensify any sexual encounter. Recently, I had the opportunity to try Booty Parlor’s Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Plumping lip gloss, in which each shade is named after actions one may do leading up to and during sex. The lip glosses in this line are meant to make women feel sexier than ever, being ready for any make-out session that may come their way, and definitely achieves that! 

Natural Aphrodisiacs

All of the lip glosses are paraben and lanolin free, making them less likely to cause irritation. They contain Vitamin E and Shea Butter, both sure to quench, moisturize, and soften even dry lips – which lasted long after the gloss wore off. They are also infused with a unique mixture of aphrodisiac ingredients designed to arouse sexual desire. Although I never felt an aphrodisiac effect with the lip gloss on, I did feel sexy every time I had it on. 

Smooth, Soft, & Plump

I received Swoon and Shiver, both of which greeted me with a strong, delicious aroma upon opening their tubes. When I applied the lip glosses for the first time, the brushes were a little hard and stuck together, but softened after the first use, resulting in smooth and even applications. Both left a non-sticky feel on my lips, and caused a gentle tingling sensation, different from most plumping lip glosses that practically numb your lips. While, there was a slight increase in the volume of my pout, it was barely noticeable. For me, that was perfect because it had the effect of adding a look of natural fullness to my lips, which I like, rather than anything too drastic. Each time, the lip gloss wore off after a little over an hour; however, the nourished, soft feel stayed on my lips throughout the night. So if you plan on wearing the lip gloss while sitting pretty, it may last longer, but if you’re like me and are constantly talking, or take advantage of its kissable qualities, you’ll definitely have to reapply.

6 Shades & Flavors

Booty Parlor’s Kissaholic Lipgloss comes in six shades, all of which has their own unique flavor. The strength of the shades varies from sheer to bold, and can have different effects depending on the color of your lips. I tried the shades Shiver and Swoon, and our founder has tried the other shades below. They shades are listed from most sheer to most bold.

  • Sigh is a very light pink, and is extremely sheer. The color is light pink in the tube, and goes on nearly clear with a bit of shimmer. It’s very subtle, yet has a powerful kick of shine and lusciousness. It’s a great everyday gloss for clear sheerness. It has a soft passionfruit creme flavor. It’s our editor’s favorite!
  • Shiver has a corally-peach tint, was very sheer. In the tube, it appears to have more color, but wears like a light nude gloss with a hint of shimmer. It’s really pretty, but much more subtle than I was expecting. It would be perfect layered over lipstick or a lip stain. It has a light sugared pear flavor.
  • Tremble is a very glittery, sparking pink color that’s sheer in color yet bold in shine. With a bubble gum pink color, this tone is best for bold outfit on a summer day, or during a night out. It has a minty frosted peppermint flavor. It’s our founder’s favorite night-out gloss!
  • Faint has a bolder nude color that is a bit orange-red. It has a bolder look that’s still not at all opaque, and layers fabulously over a lip stain. It has a gentle pomegranate vanilla flavor.
  • Throb is perfect for that hot-red look on a night out! It is sparking red and has a cinnamon pop flavor that’s quite strong. Layer this gloss over your favorite red lip stain for even more delicious pop! It’s our founder’s favorite for classing it up.
  • Swoon is a deep wine or berry tinted gloss, and has a strong wash of color. It is on the bolder end of the spectrum, but still sheer enough to not be overpowering, making it great for everyday wear or a night out. I’m absolutely in love with Swoon and have started wearing it almost everyday. It has a blackberry honey flavor.


The Booty Parlor Kissaholic Lip Glosses are awesome… definitely something every girl should have in their make-up bag. There are six gorgeous shades offered in this line, all of which are shiny and non-sticky, so everyone is sure to find a color perfect for them. While the aphrodisiac properties in these lip glosses didn’t work for me, I did feel sexy every time I had it on. So for any girl looking for a gentle, nice scented gloss that’s sure to make your lips look and feel great, I would highly recommend Booty Parlor’s Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Plumping lip gloss!

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend LA Girl instead.


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