You walk into the bathroom, you pee for the fifth time within the hour, then as you are washing your hands you realize something; your eyeliner is half way down your face- your lipstick resembles the joker, and it looks like you never even put a drop of foundation. The best way to stop this from happening is preventing it! There are many products that guarantees to work “all night” but most of them are bullshit, and who wants to spend more money on stupid makeup? Here is how to make all night wear makeup possible using the stuff you already have!

1. Stick to neutral colors on your eyes.

When you use a neutral color, if it smudges or runs, it’s a lot less noticeable then say a green or a black eye shadow! All you need is a little sparkly light brown on the inner corner of your eye. Then, on the outside of your eye (closer to your ear) add a little bit of darker brown there! If this is not dramatic enough for you; apply a thin coat of black liquid eye liner on the upper lid!

2. A little lipstick goes a long way.

As every slutty girl knows, the more you draw attention to your mouth, the more guys think about putting something in it. In addition to this awesome trick, whenever you have lipstick on you automatically look more put together. This is a trick I use when going to class- I may have PJS on but since I have some bright pink lipstick on I look like I did actually try this morning. The trick to making lipstick lasting at a party is that first you apply your foundation on your lips as well, and then apply a transparent powder to your lips. This gives your lipstick a blank slate to stick too. Then after applying the lipstick take a brush and do a thin coat of the transparent powder over the lipstick. You might have to reapply after making out with that hot guy in the corner, but besides that you’ll be set for the night!

3. Minimize the eyeliner and go over it with black eye shadow.

Keeping the eyeliner to a minimum will result in less black circles under your eyes while you are out! If you decide though to apply some, all you have to do it take a small brush and dip it in black eye shadow. Then pat the eye shadow over the eyeliner, not only making it look intense but also setting the eyeliner so that it is less likely to smudge!

4. Don’t forget a finishing powder

After you have finished putting all of your makeup on, all you have to do it take a powder brush and apply the same translucent powder that you used on your lips, and apply it to your whole face!  This is going to set all of your foundation, bronzers, blush, eye brow powder, and anything else that you might have put on! It works wonders for when you are dancing on that bar and sweating! It soaks up all the excess oils, making your makeup much less likely to run.

5. Spray hairspray on your face.

Yes, this might sound insane and very uncomfortable BUT it works wonders! I was a cheerleader for years, and this is the best way we have found to keep that makeup on while we were sweating in front of my entire high school. I have kept using this technique simply because I have found it works better than regular makeup setter spray. When you are done with everything, take hairspray in a bottle, hold it about a foot away from your face and just spray a little bit, keep your eyes closed of course.

Doing these small things before going out are going to give you less stress about making sure your makeup looks good. This results in you leaving you more time to drink, make out with strangers, and dance on top of anything you can stand on. No one wants to leave a party looking like this…

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