So, it’s two weeks into 2018, that point of the year where your resolution for a new year, new you has probably fallen to the wayside.  No fear, because we’ve out together a fool proof way to keep improving all year round! Here’s our road-tested be sexy challenge which you can follow along with a project for each month.  The end result?  More bang in the bedroom and a more confident you!

Each month’s project aims to get you feeling more confident, and as a result feeling sexier. And when you feel great, more sex is almost guaranteed. This is your project, so there aren’t any rules you must follow every day. All you have to do to participate is commit to doing something sexy each month. This project is all about being bold in the bedroom and out of it.

The ‘Be Sexy’ Year Project

Last year, I was invited to an exclusive food and fashion bloggers event at a 5-star hotel. After enjoying a few too many Pimms, I found myself dancing to the live jazz band. I thought my dress and moves were sexy.  Unfortunately, a fellow influencer had filmed the ones dancing on Instagram. The next day, I saw myself looking frumpy and fat next to the skinny model-like beauties.  This experience inspired me to challenge myself and become a version of myself that felt sexier and more confident.  Now I’m sharing my master plan with you!

January: The Be Sexy Date

If you have read The Artist Way by Julia Cameron, you might be familiar with the idea of going an artist date to fuel your creativity and writing juices. Well, a ‘be sexy’ date is a similar idea when you pre-plan an event where you can celebrate life and get into a groove. (Or I could say….  to get your other juices going). Take yourself out and treat yourself like a hot date you’re trying to impress.

If you’re in a relationship, take turns each planning an extra special date night. This is strictly not a takeout food and Netflix night in! I want you to go all out with the right music, the right food, and something a little different.  If you are stuck for ideas there are some great subscription services out there which will send you a box each month packed with activities, food, and a playlist.

February: Looking Sexy

Start the month of love off by having a makeover of your wardrobe. Discard any clothes which don’t fit well, or make you feel frumpy. Buy a couple of purchases which could be considered sexy. Sexy to you might mean a top where you get lots of compliments, a dress which fits perfectly, a silk kimono, a g-string made with pearls, or a matchy-matchy set of lingerie. Here’s some of our favorite lingerie pieces to treat yourself with.

March: Watching Sexy Women

There is nothing sexier than seeing a woman owning her own power. I want you to rent some kick arse movies where women are the lead. I’m talking Wonder Woman or Atomic Blonde. You might like to watch Professor Marston and Wonder Woman too (the story behind the comic book hero – you’ll never look at Wonder Woman the same again). Try Masters of Sex if you’re more about TV than movies. For even more inspo, check out our favourite fictional sluts HERE.

April: Find Your Beat

This month I want you to celebrate and move your body to sound. Buy some old-school CDs, records or cassettes. Explore some raunchy podcasts like Guys We F***d . It’ll make your commute so much more enjoyable. You might also want to bookmark some of the songs on how to create the perfect playlist for sex

Just practice dancing around in your bedroom to your music. I’m not going to tell anyone if you want to use your hairbrush as a microphone (just like your high school days). Music is a way of expressing yourself, and by having music on in the background when you have sex, it can give you the cue when to pump and grind.

May: Get Spiritual & Self Care

In a consumer hungry, achievement-driven society, we often deny our spirituality. I want you to think about your spirituality and self care this month. In whatever form that means to you. Mostly I want you to think about your femininity. Start thinking about your daily habits and whether they are healthy for your body and your sexuality.

If you need some inspiration, watch this great video by Sera Beak.

June: Move Your Body

I’m hoping you have found some music you like. This month, it’s time to move your body and explore how it feels to strut confidently. Think about taking up belly dancing, pole dancing or burlesque just for the sake of owning your own body.

I love Kaouthar Darmoni’s TED talk about femininity. And when she tells you to get up, I want you to promise me, you’ll follow along with all the moves. (So watch this is one in the privacy of your own home).

July: Create a Sex Toy Box

This month it’s time to create (or add to!) your sex toy box. Splash out on something you’ve always wanted to buy. If you are stuck for ideas then browse through the reviews on Slutty Girl Problems. Here you will find lots of comprehensive and honest reviews of different types of toys.

Our best toys from 2017 can all be found in one go-to list HERE!

August: Read ‘Be Sexy’ Books

Head online or to your nearest bookshop and purchase something a little raunchy. If you don’t have a karma sutra book grab one for your sex toy box. Allow yourself to read about sex, erotica or explore a new technique through the power of words.

September: Watch ‘Be Sexy’ Movies

Back to watching movies this month – however, this time we going to explore some female-friendly porn or instructional videos. There are some women who are producing good quality porn like Anna from Frolic M, Angie Rowntree of, and Erika Lust of Erika Lust Films and XConfessions. 

October: Your Sexual Bucket List

This month we would normally celebrate Halloween, but I want to think about something sexual that scares you. It’s time to try get out of your military position rut and try something new. If you need some ideas, you might like to know how to create your own sex bucket list (with 69 ideas).

November: Be Passionate

Sexy people are often the ones who are most comfortable in their own skins. They own their weirdness and authenticity. If you don’t have a passion project this is your chance to start one. If you need to explore keeping your mean girl in check, then you must read Melissa Ambrosini’s book.  Don’t forget to apply this philosophy to your social media as well as your in-person interactions.

December: Role Play or Dress Up

Let’s end the year with a fun photo. Here’s your chance to get into a role play or dress up for a professional photo. Embrace your inner pin-up girl.  Try a new makeup look to go with your temporary persona.

Keeping a ‘Be Sexy Project’ Journal

As an optional extra, you can also keep a journal about how you feel each day. Whether you want to keep what you write is up to you. I like to rip up my rants, and sometimes I burn my dark thoughts. We all have them, but there is something powerful about allowing yourself to write them down and express them.

Did you know that writing by hand changes the way we problem solve?

The stories we tell ourselves about our lives are the most important ones and they can be rewritten at any point.  Check out journal subscription services if you need an extra reminder to stay accountable, our favourite is this cute bullet journal.

Start weaving risque, raunchy, a little bit naughty and slutty stories into your life. You only live once, so why not be sexy?