A new year, a new you. That’s 365 days to get your shit together. Maybe 2017 wasn’t the best for you, or maybe it couldn’t have went better. Either way, a fresh start is here and you need to set some goals, girl! Here’s a list of goals every slutty girl needs in order to have the perfect 2018:

1. Focus on Yourself

The obvious but completely necessary goal. Focus on yourself because you’re the only one who can live your life. Set some personal growth goals, whether it be for your career, your self esteem, anything! Cut the negative people out of your life, the people who question who you are and those who bring you down. This year, embrace the positive and welcome good things. Don’t say maybe when you want to say no. Take a day out of your week or an hour out of your day to just veg out and do nothing. Relax, breathe, and consciously look at where you are in life and where you’d like to be. Always keep busy working towards bigger things. I live by the quote “you did not wake up to be mediocre” and ain’t that the truth! Be selfish this year! If you’re looking for permission, this is it.

2. Expand Your Horizons

What does this exactly mean? It means open yourself up to new things. You’re never going to learn new things if you keep repeating what you are comfortable with. Expanding your horizons means looking beyond your everyday routine. Even if you do this just once this year, you’re doing yourself a favour. Allow yourself to feel fear, embrace that adrenaline, and pop your personal bubble because there is more to life than anyone can imagine!!

3. Save Up for Something Big

Learning how to budget is not only a life skill everyone should master, it also teaches you self discipline. What is something you’ve always wanted but just never went through with? A weekend getaway? A luxurious new toy? Set a plan with maximum detail on how much your goal is and how to realistically achieve it without breaking the bank. Don’t forget a timeline and daily reminders on what you are working towards. Use a reminder app, a countdown widget, or even a simple pen and paper list of reasons why it’s worth saving up for this thing. You deserve to spoil yourself (to a healthy extent). You’ll feel so accomplished when you reach the final prize of that trip or new product!

Have an epic 2018 and don’t forget to keep setting those goals!