Sex toys are perfect for learning about your hot spots, exploring new sensations, and enjoying pleasure in different ways. They’re great because they can be used to enhance solo pleasure, foreplay, and partnered encounters, which is why we’re firm believers everyone should have at least one good sex toy in their bedside drawer – though we hope you opt for more.

Here at Slutty Girl Problems, we’ve made it our business to review the best, worst, and weirdest sex toys on the market. Whether our opinions are positive, negative, or totally out there – we’re dedicated to sharing them openly with you. We also find the best prices, and have special coupons for our readers (all shown at the bottom of reviews).

We prefer to review body-safe, non-porous toys (like silicone, plastic, and glass) that are Phthalate free, hypoallergenic, and latex free. In the rare occasion that it’s not, we make sure to mention that. We also review BDSM toys, intimacy products, lingerie, and unique health and beauty finds.

Here are our most popular reviews from 2017, based on your over 1.1 million views!

1. Hitachi Magic Wand

This classic toy, the One Vibe to Rule Them All, and an untamed beast whose unrelenting vibrations refuse to be silenced or subdued, is one of favorites. The Hitachi Magic Wand scoffs at other vibrators, maintaining its position as the all-powerful, while other vibrators merely quiver in comparison. If you can’t find a clitoral vibe to truly satisfy you, and you’re always craving more, you have to try the Hitachi! (Pssst… just beware of fakes! Don’t buy on Amazon or Ebay. Get it from the reputable retailers at the bottom of the post!)

2. We-Vibe 4

The premier couples’ vibrator got a makeover in 2014, and we compared it to the previous version. It’s smoother, sleeker, slimmer, more powerful, and overall a huge upgrade from the We-Vibe 3. It’s not perfect – but it’s by far the best couples’ vibrator on the market, and more comfortable than others we’ve tried. It works best during slow, gentle, rocking, light thrusting sex, and is awesome if want something to stimulate you hands-free. It can also be used with a remote control, which is perfect for panty play! This was our most popular review of 2014 – and rightfully so, as it’s totally innovative with gorgeous quality!

3. Clone-A-Willy

Have you ever met a guy whose penis was just PERFECT and you said to yourself, “God, if I could have this penis forever without the guy attached – I would totally take it. I literally wish I could just make a mold of his penis to have forever”?  Well, now you can! Meet the Clone-a-Willy – the molding kit that makes an exact replica sex toy of your partner’s favorite plaything. The molding kit works surprisingly well, and is a fabulous novelty if you want to make a long-term mold of your partner’s member.

4. Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable

We didn’t think anything could be better that the legendary Original Wand, but the launch of the “Hitachi” Magic Wand Rechargeable that boasts an A/C rechargeable feature rather than needing to be plugged in to the wall, officially made our jaw drop. Not limited by a cord, this baby can be brought with you anywhere… in the kitchen, in the car, or dancing around your house like a maniac before you collapse into orgasm. It also has a body-safe silicone head, additional speeds, and multiple patterns! It’s literally everything we could ever want in a vibrator.

5. Lovense Long Distance Couples’ Toy

If you and your partner are long distance lovers, and usually rely on phone sex and Skype to get each other off, then the Lovense set of toys is your savior. Lovense is a pair of toys that can be controlled wirelessly using internet connection. Using their unique smartphone app, you can control each others toys with controls on your phone – or by using the toy itself. That way, when you move your toy – your partner’s toy reacts – and vice versa. Both their male toy (Max) and female toy (Nora) are incredibly high-quality toys on their own, with ergonomic designs and pleasurable sensations. But when used together, with each partner controlling the other’s toy – the experience is undeniably intimate, seductive, and the best solution out there to long distance loving.

6. Eden’s Ben Wa Balls

Also called “How Ben Wa Balls Got Stuck in My Vagina” – this was less of a review and more of a cautionary tale. Our founder had always wanted to try ben wa balls, and finally settled on the perfect pair, or so she thought. But, once she put them in her vagina… there was no hope of getting them out. Her joy came to a screeching halt, making her vow to never put anything in her vagina again that didn’t have a retrieval cord. Go ahead, laugh at her misfortune in this “review,” and make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

Eden's Glass Ben Wa Balls 1

7. Nox the Night Drake Bad Dragon

Specializing in making imaginative, fantasy-driven toys, the sex toy crafters over at Bad Dragon have quite the interesting niche in the market. So many of their designs looked incredibly unique and pleasurable – but Nox the Night Drake stood out as one of our favorites.  It features a crested head, silky-smooth shaft, and graceful bulge, with striking details, customized natural colors, and as always – total customizability. It’s a nice size dildo with comfortable and pleasurable textures that are not overwhelming at all.

8. OhMiBod blueMotion

If you’ve been looking for a remote-controlled toy that can be used anywhere – from the bedroom to the bar – the OhMiBod blueMotion will be sure to excite you! This bluetooth remote controlled vibrator fits right into your panty and contours against your body to deliver vibrations controlled by an app on your smartphone. Using their unique mobile app, you can control the toy from across the room, or even from across the continent (with an in-app purchase). The toy is made of body-safe materials, has a great ergonomic design, and delivers light, buzzy vibrations that are meant to tickle and tease to pleasure, rather than by earth-shatteringly orgasmic.

9. We-Vibe Tango

This vibrator is the full package – lightweight, rechargeable, easy to carry & store, and has several strong speeds and settings that have even this toy enthusiast purring. It’s the strongest, rumbliest, most high-quality vibrator we’ve found for that size. And can even be used inside any dildo that takes a small bullet vibe, to turn it into a vibrator. We can easily and confidently say that this is not only one of our favorite toys, but definitely one the best vibrators out there!

10. The Doxy

The Doxy is similar to the Hitachi – the type of vibrator that you plug in and press against your clit to deliver intense, rumbly, brow-sweating, knee-buckling, body-shaking orgasms at a moment’s notice. It’s the kind of vibe used in forced-orgasm porn, because you literally cannot escape it’s vibrations or mentally / physically prevent yourself from having an orgasm within a few minutes of it resting against your clit. It’s fucking insane! It’s a fabulous toy for a gal that craves power, but also wants some more variety than a simple two speeds.


Hope you enjoyed our most popular reviews from the past year! We’ve got tons more to come that you won’t want to miss!

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