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Hey Fabulous Followhores & Illuminaughty Insiders!

We are so proud to celebrate our second year in sex blogging, and we’re coming up on that anniversary soon! That means we’re also taking part in Kinkly’s 2015 Sex Blogging Superhero contest! Could you help us by voting? (It takes 5 seconds!)


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Our mission has always been to entertain, educate, and empower women with our with funny, relatable posts,  detailed  sex guides, and feminist, body-positive, and activist posts. This year, we’ve worked hard to keep our amazing community informed, inspired, and connected! We’ve expanded our feminist & LGBT sections, spotlighted careers in the adult industry, covered events like Slut Walk, and launched a gorgeous store. This year, we have an upcoming YouTube channel, and our founder Lorrae is launching a personal site.

Even with all of that, the best part about Slutty girl Problems is that we get to connect with YOU. It is so amazing to inspire you to embrace your sexuality, support you in no longer feeling ashamed, and make a stand together against slut shaming! You inspire us – and you’re the reason we keep doing what we’re doing.

If you’ve liked hanging out with us the past 2 years, please take literally 5 seconds to vote for us in Kinkly’s 2015 Sex Superheroes ContestIt will help us to get recognized in the sex blogging world, and reach more women than ever before!

To vote, go to Kinkly
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Thank you!

Slutty Girl Problems // Site Administrator

Slutty Girl Problems says everything your mom was too embarrassed to tell you. We entertain, educate, and empower women to feel confident, take control and discuss their sex lives openly. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @sluttygrlprobs. Our founder Lorrae can be found on Twitter and Instagram @Lorraejo.

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