I knew I would love the Baci Sexy Schoolgirl Outfit the moment I opened the package. This was partially based on my own personal preferences – I have always been a little into the sweeter, less overtly sexy aesthetic, and this often comes across in lingerie as the perverted-innocence trope of many roleplay accessories. So I knew I’d be into the aesthetic, but the fit it another story. I have an apple-shaped body and gain my weight on my midsection, which makes belly-baring lingerie items a bit of a hit or miss depending on whether I ate a muffin that day or not.

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Adjustable Fit

Nevertheless, I loved the little two-piece schoolgirl-inspired design of the set. I received it in a US size 2-14, which is a really wide margin! Despite this, I feel it will work across a wide range of sizes – just be sure to check the physical measurements to your own, or just hold it up to your body the best you can if shopping in an IRL store. I’m closer to a 14. It consists of a cute little white bolero with green tartan cuffs and collar, and a matching tiny tartan skirt. The skirt was what really got me – it’s what my friends in high school would have snidely called a ‘belt.’ They wouldn’t have been wrong – this thing is tiny, pleated, and made to barely cover your butt. Aww yiss. I am down with this look.

The Blouse

The fabric of the blouse is made from the kind of semi stretchy stuff that would be pretty forgiving for most body types. It ties in the front under the bust, creating a bursting, voluptuous look if you’re a larger-breasted lady, or helping to create cleavage if you’re more petite. It really feels like a one-size-fits-all scenario – except for the sleeves. The tartan cuffs are of a slightly stiffer, less forgiving material than the rest of the blouse, making it difficult for me (a lady with regular-sized arms) to force my bicep into them. If would be a struggle for those with larger upper arms.

Comfortable Material

The silky, synthetic fabric of the blouse also makes it a little difficult to tie securely (although perhaps this is not the point), so I found it needed a double-knot to stay in place. Fortunately, the elasticity of the fabric also allows for tying into a cute little bow, which only reinforces the schoolgirl theme. I also liked how the edges are properly finished instead of just the raw fabric on the cheap Halloween versions you often find popping up in novelty stores, making it feel more durable. As an added bonus, the seams on the shoulders actually fit my broad upper-body, dispensing with the unflattering fabric pull often present in badly-designed or ill-fitting shirts.

Well Designed Skirt

The skirt is my favourite part of the outfit. It’s got that cute-but-fetishistic appeal to it that I love, and it’s actually made from a very similar material to the (far frumpier) pleated skirt I had to wear in school. Plus, I discovered that it is remarkably well designed. The first time I tried it on, I had to wiggle a little to get it over my hips. The fabric is sturdier than the soft stretchiness of the blouse so has less give, and the waistband isn’t fully elasticated all the way around. Later, I discovered what I’d missed in my eagerness – there’s a zip in the side of the skirt! Not just any zip, but one of those secret fashion-style ones that are practically invisible. No wonder I’d missed it. The zip opens almost to the hem, making it incredibly easy to tear off when you need to (although why bother – it’s short and cute enough to leave on).

You can also wear it a couple of ways depending on the way your body is structured. For me, I keep it at a mid-rise, halfway between my belly-button and a standard pair of bikini briefs – just long enough to cover my underwear at the front but short enough to allow my underbutt to hang out and give a little glimpse of whatever undies I’m wearing. However, it also looks pretty great sitting in a high-waisted position, which on me is more panty-flashy. Depends on the effect you want to have! Smaller, more slender body types could even push the skirt all the way to their hips for a more pronounced midriff-baring look as well. The flare created by the pleats also really works for my body type, creating a slight A-line effect that balances out my wide shoulders and narrow hips.


The whole outfit is just really great, making me feel really cute. I love to wear this with my over-the-knee socks and an unlined bra that lets lace poke out through the open part of the blouse. It’s also a really good excuse to wear your hair in a lazy ponytail and still be on-brand. It’s comfortable, nothing rides up, there are no itchy seams or uncomfortable tightness, and most importantly, it makes me feel fabulous and confident in the way I look. If you’re looking for a roleplay outfit or some lingerie that is both adorable and sexy, I would highly recommend Baci’s Sexy Schoolgirl Outfit.

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