There are so many sex products on the market these days that it can be so hard to choose. While variety can be a great thing, I often get overwhelmed with choices. Sometimes I just want someone to pick stuff out for me! Fortunately, Better Love has curated a Couples Pleasure Box that has everything needed to keep you and your lover satisfied. This box is brimming with sultry accessories and one of our absolute favorite sex toys on the market, the We-Vibe Couples Vibrator! No matter what you like in the bedroom, there is something for you in this versatile box and plenty of fun products to explore!

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There is something for everyone in this perfectly curated box, whether you’re a beginner or pro, into kink or tantra, or anything and everything in between. This box also includes products that can be used during any stage of intimacy including foreplay, intercourse, and aftercare. Start things off with a sultry massage using the Dona Aphrodisiac Massage Oil Elixir or heat things up with the massage candle. I absolutely love having some hot wax dripped on my back before being rubbed down by my partner. It doesn’t get hot enough to burn your skin but still has a lovely warming sensation.

Next, get your partner in the mood using the We-Vibe couples vibrator (with included We-Vibe Power-bank). We have reviewed this product and we adore it! See our review here. If you want to get a little kinky, this box comes with one pair of lace handcuffs and a lace eye mask. These are great products if you’re just starting to explore kink. Even if you’re a pro, everyone could use an extra pair of restraints and a blindfold in their collection (just in case!).

This box also includes one Screaming-O Ringo, a cock ring that helps to maintain an erection and make orgasms more intense. This simple cock ring doesn’t vibrate, but it’s super comfortable to wear and does the job it’s made for. Even though the ring is pretty stretchy, you may need to use some of the Wicked Water-based Lubricant wicked (Wicked is another one of our favorites) to make putting it on a little easier. Don’t forget about protection! The couples box wouldn’t be complete without ONE brand clear condoms, one of our favorite condom brands. (Read our review of part of their line, ONE Vanish extra thin condoms.)

But before you dive in, choose your fate with a pack of Sex Fortunes Cards. These tarot-style cards will give you and your lover new and exciting ideas for different positions so you can keep things interesting. I love picking out a card and getting a new position to try during playtime. Finally, treat yourself and/or your partner to a sensual bubble bath complete with a heart-shaped bath bomb. This bath bomb adds just the soothing aroma needed for some relaxing aftercare.

Best of all, this box serves a double purpose. It makes the perfect place for you to store your favorite toys.


This box has everything you need for you and your partner to have a fun evening of passionate lovemaking. The products in this box are for everybody, no matter what you’re into. Better Love has really thought of everything and included products needed for any step of the process. The cherry on top is the We-Vibe Couples Vibrator, an amazing high-quality sex toy that both partners will adore. If you’re someone who has a tough time deciding between an endless variety of products, this box will absolutely delight you!

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