Note: This toy is no longer available! We recommend the Evolved Seduction or LELO Mona 2 instead.

Pleasing “Pleasure Pottery”

The Ceramix line of sex toys isn’t the same ceramic you played with in art class… okay, maybe it is, but the artists who crafted these toys, coined by Pipedream as “Pleasure Pottery”, are significantly more skilled and dirty minded than our art class professors could ever have inspired us to be. Pipedream has effectively gone where no toy has gone before, crafting a beautiful line of sex toys from the innocent material we used to sculpt vases for our mothers at age 9. As a vase, ceramic pleased our mothers with exuberant colors and quirky designs. As sex toys, ceramic manages to please men, women, and mothers alike with bullets, vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs that would have our art teachers blushing and sending us to the principal’s office.

The Ceramix #8 is a gorgeous example of just one of the many vibrators in the Ceramix line – only two of which I’ll review (for now). At a glance, it is a totally body-safe traditional vibrator with a rounded tip and textured ribs for additional sensation and pleasure. Measuring in at just 7 inches long and 5 inches around, it is the perfect size, shape, and design for beginners, or anyone who loves high-quality vibes. It has 3 strong vibration speeds and 3 unique patterns, that can even be felt underwater. Although the vibrations are a bit buzzy for clitoral play, they are perfect for strong internal stimulation, and easily brought me over the edge with my favorite bullet. With such pleasure perfect qualities, it’s no surprise that the Ceramix #8 is a fierce contender for reaching the ranks of my favorite vibrators.

Name: Ceramix #8
Type: Traditional VibeVibrators
By: Pipedream

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibration: 4 Cars
Noise: 3 Bees

Material: Ceramic
Special Features: WaterproofBeginnersCute DesignTexturedRibbedRounded TipMulti-SpeedMulti-FunctionHigh QualityBuzzy VibrationsBattery

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The first thing that stands out about the Ceramix #8 is the unique ceramic material that brings the line its “pleasure pottery” name. Never have I ever heard of pottery that had a secret double life as a sex toy… unless of course you’re postulating what the Ancient Egyptians may have used to get off. I can’t even begin to imagine how Pipedream passed this by their local kiln… and then succeeding to pull off making their artistic fantasies a reality. But, the effort was well worth it, because ceramic as a sex toy material is simply amazing. In fact, I didn’t even realize pottery could be so beautifully crafted. The rounded tip and shaft are luxuriously smooth, with a perfect subtle ribbed texture along the length of the shaft. The vibrator doesn’t feel fragile at all, and although I wouldn’t recommend dropping it on a hard floor, it can definitely fall from the bed onto a rug without even the slightest fear of breaking. (I can’t say that about my vases.)

Beyond the gorgeous feel of ceramic, is is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic and silicone sex toys. It is made from natural, recyclable materials that are body-safe, hypoallergenic, nonporous, and perfect for temperature play. In fact, you can even put hot or cold water in some of the dildos and butt plugs for some hot/cold feelings or a unique “tidal wave” sensation. The outside of the toy is shiny and sleek, attributed to a glaze that is applied after the ceramics are fired in the kiln. Pipedream’s representatives wrote me, “the glaze acts as a sealer and is the same type of glaze used on dinner ware or coffee cups. The glaze keeps the colors from smearing or coming off, and it is completely body-safe.” Makes sense to me… ceramic is used in tons of our dish ware we use every day… we trust that, and I totally trust these toys. When it comes to cleaning and care, this waterproof toy can be easily washed with a gentle anti-bacterial soap and hot water. Due to the vibrating mechanics inside the toy, it cannot be boiled or put in the dishwasher – though Pipedream assured me their hollow Ceramix dildos could be could withstand the heat without breaking.


The Ceramix #8 has a gorgeous design for a traditional vibe, with comfortable ergonomic ridges for a bit of extra sensation. The #8 measures in at 7 inches long, 1.5 inches in diameter, and 5 inches in girth. This is the perfect size for me, with a comfortable “fullness” feeling – and may even be a great size for beginners looking to get a step up from their first vibe. The smooth finish makes it incredibly easy to insert and glide against your curves. It doesn’t have a curve though, and may be a bit too thick to accurately point it at the g-spot. Otherwise, the design is perfect for thrusting… if only it had a  pouch for storage!

Vibration & Power

The Ceramix #8 is multi-speed and  multi-function, boasting 3 powerful vibration speeds and 3 unique settings. The vibrations are pleasantly buzzy bordering on rumbly, but not quite all the way there. The lowest setting is the most rumbly (a good light warm up), medium somewhere in between (most pleasurable for me), and the highest is the most buzzy (too much for me). The motor itself may be strong and rumbly, but the vibrations tend to get a bit lost in the ceramic – especially at the tip. Surprisingly, the vibrations are strongest at the mid-shaft of the toy, where the motor sits. It isn’t rumbly or powerful enough to be a clitoral vibrator – but its not meant to be. It’s perfect for internal pleasure and vibrates in the perfect place to stimulate your outer walls during penetration and thrusting.

The vibrations are slightly louder than the Pure Aluminium Pink, and can definitely be heard throughout the room, and are just barely heard through a closed door. The vibrations are controlled by an easy, one-touch button at the base. Click the button to turn it on, cycle through settings, and use a 5-second hold or reach the end of the settings to turn it off. The settings are:

  1. Steady Low Vibration
  2. Steady Medium Vibration
  3. Steady High Vibration
  4. Medium Pulses
  5. Two short medium pulses, One long medium pulse
  6. Gradual Low to High Vibration

Pros & Cons


  • Gorgeous ceramic material
  • Very unique
  • Gently textured
  • Nice size and shape
  • Nice quality vibration


  • Vibrations could be more powerful
  • Texture could be more interesting


I really enjoyed the Ceramix #8 vibrator. The unique feel and novelty of the material is definitely the highlight here. But, aside from its well-made and pleasurable design, it didn’t blow my mind with a particularly powerful vibration or an especially pronounced ribbed texture. If you already have a traditional vibe that you love, the ceramic material alone isn’t enough for me to recommend it (unlike the Pure Aluminium Pink, where the material was incredibly unique and pleasurable…) Unless you’re a sex toy lover and collector like me, or if you’re particularly fond of having a ceramic vibe in your collection (which I wouldn’t blame you for)… having one traditional vibe that you love is probably enough. But, if you don’t have a traditional vibrator that you love already, this is definitely a worthwhile buy to help expand your collection and introduce you to traditional vibes. I would also recommend it in a heart beat to anyone looking for a cool vibrator beyond the standards you see in stores. The Ceramix #8 is a great, high-quality, and fun vibrator – and even more, an exciting exploration into the new world of Pleasure Pottery.

Note: This toy is no longer available! We recommend the Evolved Seduction or LELO Mona 2 instead.


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