From the outside, there is nothing too special about the Durex Extra Sensitive condoms. They really look like any other condom. They come in a square, bright purple package and look pretty ordinary at first glance. What sets these apart from any other condom is the fit, the texture, the lubrication and the sensation. They’re really one of a kind, and a great everyday condom choice!

Name: Extra Sensitive Condoms
By: Durex

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars

Design & Feel

These condoms really are awesome. I am always incredibly worried about how durable “thinner” condoms are and am paranoid they will break. These condoms are thinner than other Durex brand condoms, yet they seem very strong and durable which was a plus. The fit of these condoms is rather snug. It is easy to roll them right on which makes the “putting on a condom” process a bit less awkward. Because they are pre lubricated, it eliminates the awkward “let me just fumble around in my drawer to get the lube” pause. There are no fancy “bells and whistles” such as ribbing or design. It is just really a classic simple condom without any unnecessary and often undetected ribbing or design elements. As with most condoms, only add water based lubes not oil based lubes or creams. These can decrease the effectiveness of the condom and make them prone to breaking and snapping. These condoms really feel incredible. I am a sucker for a good lube and a healthy amount of lube. They come pre lubricated with plenty of good quality lube. As for how it feels for him, these are thinner so he will experience great sensation during sex.

The Safety Factor

No complaint about these condoms as far as safety is concerned. They feel durable and less likely to break than some thinner condoms on the market. These condoms do exactly as they promise. They have the reservoir tip and natural rubber latex which did not irritate my skin like other condoms do. When used properly and preventative measures are taken, these condoms are effective in protecting against STDs, HIV and of course, unplanned pregnancy. These are great condoms from a highly trusted and respected brand and a great way to protect yourself and your partner.

All and All

The Durex Extra Sensitive condoms are great. I really have no complaints or suggestions. They do their job and are very well designed. They are simple and straight to the point. The lube packs a punch and provides stimulation for the female while the tight fit and the thin texture provides male stimulation as well. Truly are “elite” condoms and make the whole process leading up to sex much less awkward and bothersome. I would recommend these condoms to a friend and will be buying more seeing as we have used up all of the samples already. These are a great alternative to the “fancy” condoms with all the ribbing and divots that might even go undetected depending on the person. They’re perfect for every day use!

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