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I Tried Waist Training So You Don’t Have To


Corseting, cinching, and lifting has become a recent trend, with celebrities like Kim and Khloe Kardashian training their waists and Instagram-ing photos of their progress (i.e.: impossibly tiny and virtually unattainable proportions). Waist cinchers, the baby sister of corsets, are designed to make your waist tinier and more pronounced. They pull in, contain, and define one’s waist – just as larger corsets define the waist, bustline, and hips.


Although this trend just recently gained mass popularity and exposure, it’s definitely not a new concept. Corsets have been around for centuries, and were the preferred fashion statement throughout the 1500’s. With “proper” corseting, you can actually “train” your waist to stay tiny, supposedly re-arranging your fat deposits away from your waistline, and toward your breasts and your hips (yay). With enough corseting, you can actually push the bones of your lower ribcage closer together to create a permanent change (not so yay). Either way, the result is a more “ideal” figure, if you want to call it that.


They even had infant corsets?!


Those who regularly corset, or corset tightly, are prone to have some symptoms while wearing their corsets, but these diminish as soon as you take them off. Shortness of breath and lack of mobility are most common (and totally temporary). But, for the casual corset-er, the issues are very mino. You may feel a little stiff and tight while wearing your corset… you might not be able to dance your butt off at the club… but you are going to have a super-slim waist while you’re out (and possibly even after). If you’re into that aesthetic look, corsets or waist cinchers are a fabulous way to achieve it, and give you a look that is really slim, flattering, and highlights the hourglass form. Check out this article for more info on how corseting effects your body.


Classic Shapewear

I’ve always been interested in corsetry and waist training, so contacted Classic Shapewear to see if they’d like to support my cause and share some expertise with SGP readers. I was hoping that with the help of one of their waist cinchers, I could achieve the killer waist of the stars. I opted to try the TruFigure Classic Latex Waist Cincher, their bestseller. Despite my initial issues of closing it up and getting over the initial discomfort, I actually really enjoyed the cincher. It was surprisingly high-quality, and definitely gives a great look with the right outfit.

My experience with this waist cincher is detailed below… but regardless of my experience, Classic Shapewear has tons of cool products. If you’re interested in any type of shape wear or body training, definitely check them out. They believe that “undergarments are like inner beauty – what you don’t see matters… a lot!” I love that – and especially love that their products come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that every woman can find the perfect fit. Their materials and designs are specifically hand-picked with comfort and quality in mind, so you can be assured you’ll find the right product for you.

Keep reading for my experience with this awesome waist cincher

The Right Fit

When I first started looking through all the corset options at Classic Shapewear, I was totally overwhelmed. They have so many options, ranging from full body shapers and corsets, to smaller waist cinchers, to butt lifters, and everything in between, and then some more! Once I had narrowed down that I wanted to try a waist cincher, I was still faced with tons of options… sorting through them one by one, not knowing at all what to look for. I kind of took the easy way out: I picked their most popular “Best Seller” – the most highly rated and highly bought waist cincher on site. That sounded like a good choice to me!

The Quality

As mentioned above, I chose the TruFigure Classic Latex Waist Cincher. When I took out my waist cincher, I was really immediately impressed by the quality. It is made of a high-quality latex that is able to stretch yet hold you firmly simultaneously. It does have a very strong latex / rubber smell when it first comes out of the package, but that starts to subside during wear. You could easily let the waist cincher lay out of the plastic bag for a day or two before wearing to prevent the scent from getting onto your clothes. The interior of the cincher is made of a soft cotton lining. The sides of the waist cincher are reinforced with “boning”, or flexible strips from top to bottom which help to reinforce the sides and prevent bending or rolling during wear. It has a front closure via hook and eye clasps, with two different adjustable sizes, each with 12 hooks and eyes.

Unlike corsets, which are often decorative and designed with fashion in mind, this waist cincher is pure function. Although it looks nice, it’s meant to be under-wear rather than outer-wear… though you could definitely rock it with the right outfit!

The Concept

This waist cincher provides instant body shaping, with a high-compression design that is meant to immediately reduce your waistline and flatten your tummy. It also has some health benefits, like correcting posture and reducing lower and middle back pain. As soon as you put the waist cincher on, you should feel supported and compressed, with a defined waist and confident, straight posture. Rather than just smooth your bumps in the short-term, this cincher is designed to mold the shape of your body over time. It’s said to take 1 to 4 inches off you waist over the course of 30 days with daily wear (though they don’t specify if that means an hour of wear, or literally all day…). From my research, it looks like you’re “supposed” to wear it for 4-6 hours a day… and to the gym. Though, that’s probably unrealistic for most people. It’s also said to accelerate weight loss – though it’s not confirmed why. It could be simply weight re-distribution, or it could be because of a reduced appetite due to compression, or water weight, or something else entirely… so I wouldn’t take that as scientific fact.

The Experience

My first time trying on this corset was a total flop. Before deciding on my size, I meticulously looked over their size chart to ensure I got the perfect fit. I picked a Medium – which perfectly fit my height/weight category, waist size, and hip size. In fact, according to the size chart, I was right on the border of Small and Medium… so the “Medium” was me being generous. I wanted a waist cincher that was comfortable rather than constricting, so I figured that erring on the side of caution would be my best bet.

I was wrong.

I’ve worn corsets before, but this was a whole different beast.

I first sat in my chair and tried in vein to wrap the top hook around the eye. The eye has so little space to pull that I could barely get it around. I assume that over time, the eyes will loosen, which is why they made them so godforsakenly tight. I tell myself that it will get better… but at the moment, I’m fumbling. I can’t close it at all. After a few minutes, I decide that my breasts must be in the way, so I lean back in my chair – again to no avail. The clasp is touching the eye… it’s right there… but I can’t force it in. I decide to lay down on my bed and see if I can clasp them. I quickly realize that’s a joke. All my tummy fat has redistributed, and closing this thing is even harder than ever. It’s been ten minutes. I’m defeated. I’m so done.

Round Two

I wait until my roommate gets home, thinking she’ll surely be able to help me. I soon realize she only wants to laugh at my pain.

I decide to try the bottom clasp instead, and quickly get it closed. My tummy spills out of the top, and I feel like I’m wearing too-tight mom jeans with maximum muffin top. This doesn’t feel sexy. I try to pull my muffin out from the bottom of the corset, but then realize that will mean I’ll have a foopa. I don’t want a foopa. I return to the top clasp and test my luck.

With my laying-back-in-chair routine, I’m able to fasten the top buckle, which instantly perks up my breasts and also makes me slightly short of breath. I feel accomplished, yet slightly nauseous from the pressure and compression on my body. For a moment, I think “You don’t really need to do this to yourself…” But I give myself a pep talk. I’m better than that. I’ve come this far. I’m going to get on this fucking waist cincher.

I sit for a while in my nauseous, short-breathed sadness.

A few minutes later, I try to take a selfie of my cincher – just the top and bottom clasps together – to show you my achievement, and realize it’s not an achievement at all. I’m embarrassing myself, Kim Kardashian, and the world.

The Middle Clasps

I don’t know what to do next. Do I try to fasten it from top to bottom? Bottom to top? Or just the middle button, and have my belly look like two buttcheeks?

I decide to go with the latter because I think it will be funny.

I’m flabbergasted that it works… and actually doesn’t look nearly as bad as I expected.

I feel like I can actually do this. I feel like I’ve finally made some progress.

I look at the clock, and realize I’ve been doing this for the better part of an hour.

I’m surprisingly able to quickly fasten the remaining clasps within five minutes. My corset is on! I feel totally accomplished. I snap a selfie.

But I still don’t feel like Kim Kardashian.

Wearing the Cincher

At first, the waist cincher feels fine. I feel like this is how it is supposed to feel. My back feels supported. My waist feels compressed. My breasts look perky. I figure this tightness is totally normal and natural… I have the right size after all… this type of sizing will definitely lead to progress. I feel like I could walk around, shop, or do basically anything with just a little discomfort. Walking around is totally easy.

I sit down in my desk chair and promptly feel my organs compress. I feel like I’m going to puke.

I power through, and after about 20 minutes, feel much better. This is comfortable again. I can do this. I’m in it for the long haul.

I wear the corset for about an hour, feeling a little tight but overall just fine. My hookup is coming over soon, so I put a black tight shirt on over my corset. When he comes in, I expect him to come in and say something like “OH MY GOD YOU LOOK GREAT! Have you been doing pilates?!” but instead he comes in, hugs me, and says “What is that under your shirt? You feel so bulky and stiff.”

I feel defeated.

I tell him I’m wearing a cincher and that it makes my waist smaller. He says “You look exactly the same”. I laugh because he’s clearly an idiot. I look thin and fucking fabulous. Surely I am smaller. I aim to prove this to him by taking selfies in the bathroom. I take two selfies with my corset on – one from the front and one from the side. “I look thin and shapely” I say proudly, looking at my selfies.

I then unbutton my corset and immediately feel a wave of relief over my internal organs. I have a huge red imprint down the front of my tummy, and my body suddenly feel dumpy and flab. I say “See? Look at all this tummy?” I say, tummy in hand. My hookup says “You look like you just had surgery” because of the mark, but doesn’t look convinced that I look any bigger now. I scoff. I take another selfie, determined to show him that I do, in fact, look thinner with the waist cincher. I take one from the front and side. I compare the photos.

I look exactly the fucking same.

Photos below. BTW don’t mind the fuzz in the photos. I don’t know why my shirt looks like I rolled it around in lint. 


Can you tell which photo I’m wearing the waist cincher in? It’s actually the photo on the left… quite deceiving.

Wearing the waist cincher again on the left. I don’t see much of a difference.


Waist Training

Although the waist cincher didn’t make me appear any smaller in the short term, I was convinced that if only I kept using it, it would train my waist. It’s said to take 1 to 4 inches off you waist over the course of 30 days with daily wear for about 4-6 hours and go to the gym with it on. Personally, there’s absolutely no way I could wear this for 4-6 hours, let alone go to the gym. I could barely breathe. But, each day for about two weeks, I put on my waist cincher and went about my business for about 1-2 hours. I felt confined and tight, as before… but each day, the waist cincher was a bit easier to get on. It felt like it fit a little bit better. It felt a little more comfortable.

It felt like I was making progress.

After the end of the two weeks, I measured my waist, excited to see my progress. I found that there was no change. Despite my cincher fitting better, I was the exact same size. Perhaps my cincher had stretched out a bit, because my waist stayed the same.

I was disappointed, but at the same time, was not surprised. It can take months or years to actually train a waist, and would definitely require many more hours each day than I was willing to commit. According to Classic Shapewear’s reps, the recommended use for waist training is at least 4 hours a day – but no more then 10 – and you should also consult your physician about it.

I suspect I would also need a much tighter waist cincher to see results, even though the thought of something tighter makes me want to hurl. I’ve worn tight corsets in the past, that have the ability to lace up the back. Those corsets are specially fitted to allow you to cinch in your waist while allowing a lighter pressure on the rest of your figure. This has worked much better for me. I suspect that I would need a professionally fitted corset to get better results – because then, you can really customize the look and pull the corset’s center strings to get a super-fitted waist, without hurting your lower ribs. Rather, this waist cincher pulls fairly evenly across all sections, making the waist not quite as defined.

On another note, I already have an hourglass figure, so this waist cincher may work much better for someone with a different body shape to begin with.


Even though I didn’t “train my waist” as I desired, I still enjoy the look of this waist cincher. Wearing it still makes me feel fabulous. It did tighten my curves, flatten my tummy, and accentuate my hourglass figure – moreso than if I were wearing nothing, or even Spanx. It also supports my posture, perks up my breasts, and gives me a really refined look and feel. I love the way that it looks under tight clothes, and would totally wear it over clothes with the right outfit… or to a fetish club. I suspect that someone without an hourglass shape to begin with would have a much better experience with waist training. For me, it accentuates my figure – but didn’t give me huge results. Even so, it’s a fun piece to have in your boudoir for a quick fix under flaw-highlighting dresses.

I’d also absolutely recommend checking out other products at Classic Shapewear, because even if waist cinching isn’t what you’re looking for, you can find all kinds of cool body-shaping products there, from things like Spanx and butt lifters, to thigh firmers, and many more!

Get the TruFit Classic Latex Waist Cincher at Classic Shapewear for $63.
Mine is size medium

Check out all of their gorgeous waist cinchers here

or all of the products at Classic Shapewear here!

Classic Shapewear has an awesome return policy.
You may return or exchange items within 90 days of receipt.

Note: This review is sponsored by Classic Shapewear, and I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. Some links are affiliate links, which help support the site. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. I only recommend things I would use myself! Read more about our reviews.

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