The Lapdance Crotchless Fishnet Body-Stocking from Lovehoney brings that classic sex-appeal with a touch of gothic allure that fishnets always signify. Body-stockings hug every curve and are great to wear for nefarious sensual purposes, as well as just under everyday outfits to provide a little interest. The make a bold, unapologetic statement of intent when worn with nothing underneath, or they can be paired with fancy underwear. There’s lots of variety to be had with these versatile lingerie pieces.

Note: This Product is No Longer Available, We Recommend Lovehoney Treasure Chest Fishnet Crotchless Bodystocking Instead!

Sleek Appearance

This particular Lapdance piece is long-sleeved and made out of a light fishnet material that extends even to the feet, like a far more salacious version of those footie pajamas I used to dream of as a kid. It’s edged at the wrists and neck with nondescript black elastic, and, as promised, has a fairly substantial crotch-gap that almost made me wonder if you could pee in this thing without going to the trouble of undressing yourself in a public restroom. By some magic, there are no visible seams except at the shoulders, giving a unified, sleek look to the piece.

The fishnet is tightly-woven but expands when stretched, like regular fishnet stockings. I feel like this factor would help this lingerie fit various body-types and sizes.

In Use

The Lapdance Crotchless Fishnet Body-Stocking is fairly easy to get into, which surprised me because body-stockings tend to look like they need you to powder yourself down and engage in ungainly gymnastics in order to put it on your body. This one necessitated some shimmying, but not an absurd amount – the stretchy fishnet really does help in this case, and most of the trouble is just smoothing everything out so that it sits well and the fishnet is equally dense all over. It feels surprisingly light and airy, allowing a breeze to touch your skin even as you’re ‘covered’ from the neck down. This was quite refreshing, especially as getting sweaty in a one-piece that is pretty much a head-to-toe piece would be unpleasant.

The rounded neckline sits at a very appropriate height, midway between clavicles and bra-cups, which is great for those that don’t want to need to worry about popping out at inopportune moments. I sort of liked the contrast between the tight, traditionally ‘racy’ material choice and the somewhat demure neckline, sleeves and legs.

However, it could have been improved by being a little more – dare I say it – form-fitting. I mean, it’s a body-stocking, it is pretty form-fitting already. But the fishnet doesn’t really conform to curves all that well, most notably at my lower back. Instead of clinging to the natural spinal curve, the fishnet stretched from upper butt-shelf to shoulder-blades without adhering to the flattering line of the back. There was a similar, but slighter, effect happening at the front with the cups of my bra, a weird, spiderweb-like effect connecting different parts of my body with a thin fishnet skim. It wasn’t really my favorite look, but I guess that’s the price to pay for a piece that can fit numerous body shapes.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t actually like this piece as a stand-alone item of lingerie too much. While I think it would look cool layered under an all-black outfit, I don’t see myself wearing it as seduction attire. It’s a little too tight and odd-fitting for me to feel comfortable parading about in it and nothing else, but dress it up with accessories (heels, bustier, maybe one of those tiny skirts that show your entire butt) and I would feel like a rock star.

Note: This Product is No Longer Available, We Recommend Lovehoney Treasure Chest Fishnet Crotchless Bodystocking Instead!

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