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Lovense | Long Distance Couples’ Toy Review


If you and your partner are long distance lovers, and usually rely on phone sex and Skype to get each other off, then the Lovense set of toys is your savior. Lovense is a pair of toys that can be controlled wirelessly using internet connection. Using their unique smart phone app, you can control each others toys with controls on your smart phone – or by using the toy itself. That way, when you move your toy – your partner’s toy reacts – and vice versa. Both their male toy (Max) and female toy (Nora) are incredibly high-qualtiy toys on their own. Both are made of incredibly high-quality materials, have a great ergonomic design, and pleasurable sensations that are easily controlled via buttons and the app. But when used together, with each partner controlling the other’s toy – the experience is undeniably intimate, seductive, and the best solution out there to long distance loving.

The toys can be used solo, or in male/female, male/male, and female/female combos. Regardless of your orientation, the toys will react and control each other simultaneously – instantly. No matter how far you are from each other, the toys can connect you with wireless technology, and a flawless design perfectly suited for pleasure. It brings an incredible sense of closeness and intimacy to long distance partners who may otherwise be sex-less. It brings an instant feeling of connection, as you can feel your partner’s motions within your toy. It’s the closest thing to lifelike you can get through the internet. Combined with video chat (which is available within the app), the real-time sensation brings virtual sex to life. Through local wireless control, long distance control, simultaneous sensation, music-powered features, and solo smart app controls – the possibilities are nearly endless with the Lovense system, and they’re adding new features regularly!

Keep reading for my thorough review of the (incredible) Lovense toys – and visit their site here for more!

Name: Lovense – Nora (for females) & Max (for males)
Type: Couples ToysVibrators, RabbitsRotators
By: Lovense

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibration: 2 Cars
Noise: 3 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: Several Speeds, Rounded Tip, Buzzy Vibrations, High Quality, Beginners, Multi Function, Remote Controlled, Rotation, Splashproof (Max), Waterproof (Nora), Rechargeable, USB

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Design of the Nora

The Nora has a lovely design that would make for a great, high-quality vibrator on it’s own. It is a gorgeous rabbit-style design, with an internal portion that is perfectly curved to stimulate the g-spot, and a clitoral mound. The shaft is slim and easy to insert, even for a beginner who prefers a smaller girth. The insertable length is a very manageable and comfortable 4.75 inches. The beads of the rotating shaft can be felt, but in a pleasurable, stimulating way. The entire exterior of the shaft and clitoral mound are made of a high-quality, super soft, silky silicone that feels fabulously smooth against the skin. This material is body-safe, incredibly easy to clean, allows the toy to be entirely waterproof, and to glide effortlessly during thrusting. At the base of the toy lie the controls, which control both vibrations and rotations (described below!).

Nora’s Vibrations & Rotations

The Nora vibrates in the clitoral mound, and rotates in the shaft. If playing solo, the features can be controlled using the buttons on the base of the toy, or on Lovense’s smart phone app “Body Chat”. Using Body Chat, you can also control the toy with music. If playing with a partner, the features can be controlled either by your partner’s smart phone, or their toy. More on all that described later. The vibrations on the Nora can be controlled to four settings – all of which are very light, buzzy, and only get up to a mid-level on the highest setting. They would be best compared to an iPhone vibration or an electric toothbrush. They are most concentrated within the clitoral mound, and cannot be felt within the shaft, aside from just a bit below the clitoral portion. Although these vibrations aren’t right for me, they would be great for anyone who’s not experienced with toys or prefers lighter vibrations. On the other hand, the rotations on Nora are surprisingly strong and pronounced. If you left the Nora on the ground, it would totally crawl around the room. This is especially wonderful for girls who like internal, clitoral stimulation. It’s a very satisfying, intense rotation! The vibrations are very quiet, while the rotations have a louder mechanical sound that could definitely be heard through a closed door if the house were quiet. The vibrations and rotations can be controlled separately when playing solo, and when playing with a partner who is only using the app – but if your partner is controlling the toy with their toy, the vibrations and rotations activate simultaneously.

Design of the Max

Just like the Nora, the Max has a high-quality, well thought out design that would shine even as a solo toy. It offers both vibration and pressure via a pump, which is pretty advanced and unheard of among male toys. The sleeve is also made entirely of silicone, one of the highest quality materials for a toy, which is a big step up from porous TPR/TPE, which is usually picked for male masturbators. The sleeve is soft, smooth, and very life-like – rather than rubbery or hard. It is the closest thing to natural skin I’ve personally felt in a toy. It features a vagina design at the entrance (though it would be awesome if you could have some other options!). The vagina looks relatively life-like, and is pretty accurately designed to match a woman’s anatomy compared to other toys (with an opening, inner labia, and clitoris). Some people may have trouble inserting their penis because of the air suction. We solved this issue by pulling the inner sleeve slightly away from the plastic sleeve, releasing the air and reducing suction. The entire silicone sleeve can be removed from the cartridge and cleaned separately, to give it a very thorough detailed wash. You can also wash out the interior of the plastic tube with water. However, the outer plastic tube cannot be completely submerged due to it’s mechanics. Even so, the toy is water-resistant, splash proof, and very easy to clean. The sleeve may not be the right size for everyone’s body, and some guys may find they’re too large for the sleeve. Contact customer service before purchasing for help with sizing!

Max’s Vibrations & Air Pump

In addition to a soft, textured masturbatory sleeve – the Max offers both vibrations and pressure, controlled by the outer plastic tube. Like the Nora, if playing solo, the features can be controlled using the buttons on the base of the toy, or on Lovense’s smart phone app “Body Chat”. Using Body Chat, you can also control the toy with music. There’s you can control the vibrations and air pressure separately. If playing with a partner, the features can be controlled either by your partner’s smart phone, or their toy. The vibrations and rotations can be controlled separately when playing solo, and when playing with a partner who is only using the app – but if your partner is controlling the toy with their toy, the vibrations and rotations activate simultaneously. More on all that described later.

The vibrations on the Max can be controlled to four settings – all of which are very light, buzzy, and only get up to a mid-level on the highest setting (just like the Nora). They would be best compared to an iPhone vibration or an electric toothbrush. They are most concentrated at the base of the toy (where the head of the penis would be when fully inserted), and cannot be felt as much throughout the rest of the toy. Although these vibrations aren’t very strong, they are still a really great feature, considering hardly any male toys include vibrations with the masturbatory sleeve.

The changes in pressure are due to the air pumps on either side of the Max. These pressure changes can be easily felt throughout the toy, and create a gentle enveloping pressure throughout your partner’s member. To my partner, this sensation felt the most pleasurable and very life-like, as it mimics the real changes in tightness within the vagina, and at times can even feel like kegel squeezes. For my partner, it was a very satisfying, intense sensation – beyond what he would get from a normal masturbation sleeve.

While the vibrations are very quiet, the air pump has a very loud, mechanical, air-pumpy sound which could definitely be heard through a closed door, even if there were a low TV on. If your partner has roommates, or even a housemate in the bedroom next door, it will easily be heard. Definitely don’t try this toy at home when at your parents’ for the holidays. It’s loud! But, if you’re solo, the noise shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not loud enough that it’s distracting, unpleasant, or takes away from the pleasure of the toy.

Interactivity via App

Setting up the toys is surprisingly easy! There are guide videos on the Lovense website that quickly and efficiently show you how to connect the toys to your smart phones, and then to each other. The videos are great and very helpful – and the whole process takes maybe 10 minutes. It’s not frustrating and very straight forward. You just download the free BodyChat app, sign up, connect your toy, add your partner as a friend (who has already connected their toy to their phone), and start playing. If you’re setting them up while in separate locations, you can easily follow the directions. If you’re setting them up on the same Wi-fi network (as we were) – you’ll have to connect them one at a time. Make sure that the inactive toy is completely turned off – and that the person who’s not activating the toy is disconnected from the Wi-fi network – to have the quickest results.

Once your toy is connected to your smartphone via the BodyChat app, you can control your own toy using your smart phone (which is super cool and hands-free!) or music from your cloud. They are constantly adding new features to the app and interactivity – all of which are compatible with the existing toys (so you won’t have to upgrade your equipment). Once you are connected to your partner, you can also control your partner’s toy using the smart phone app. There, you can control vibration and rotation – or vibration and air pressure – separately. However, you can only do this if one person is using the toy at a time. Otherwise, the toys control each other simultaneously, using the toys themselves. This is the most exciting part of the Lovense system.

When using the toys simultaneously, they control each other. The more than man thrusts within the Max, the more Nora vibrates and rotates. Similarly, the more a woman thrusts with the Nora, the more the Max vibrates and contracts with air pressure. This is a great feature, as it uses your feedback to directly influence the toy. However, this could be limiting for some couples – as a man or woman who prefers more gentle thrusting won’t be able to stimulate their partner’s toy. Similarly, if one partner prefers something more gentle, and the other more strong, you can’t control each to fit your preferences. It seems that one partner would be left out, unless both prefer gentle or intense sensations. You can kind of fix this using the controls in the app (to higher or lower your partner’s toys’ reactions, regardless of your movements) – but in trying to do that, the toys seem a little erratic. The commands on the app are contradicting with the commands from the toy, and keep wanting to readjust. The ultra-connected feature is great for some, but won’t work for others. It would be great if you could turn “off” one partner’s toy from controlling the other, and instead control just via the app, the get the exact stimulation that you’re craving, regardless of your partner’s motions. (Perhaps that will be in a future update of the app!)

Here’s some other awesome features on the app:

  • Text, video call, or toy call your partner – which allows you to play however you’d like
  • Toys automatically connect when you video or toy call your partner – so you don’t have to go through the set up process again
  • Easily recharge the toy by plugging it into your computer’s USB
  • The app shows the status of the battery, so you know how much time you have left and when it needs to be recharged
  • The Nora is completely waterproof, and very easy to clean.
  • The Max is splash proof, but is also incredibly easy to clean as the silicone sleeve is removable, and the inner portion of the plastic tube can be cleaned with water
  • You can use a Max with a Max or a Nora with a Nora, without any issues
  • Record and replay your favorite patterns – or the entire session with your partner!
  • Soon, they’ll have a playtime alert feature – where you’ll get an instant alert when your partner starts playing with their toy, so you can sneak away and jump in on the fun. They can even control the toy from wherever they are within the app – without having to pull out their own toy!

Pros & Cons


  • High-end materials with a great design
  • Great rumbling and air pump features
  • Interactivity works fabulously
  • Perfect for long distance couples


  • Vibrations are pretty week
  • Could use some improvements to interactivity


The Lovense is the full package. As solo toys – both have an awesome design, high quality materials, and great features (vibrations, rotations, air pressure, water/splash proof, easy to clean, rechargeable, remote controlled, and more!). Together, the concept is nothing short of incredible. There is a huge variety of functions and options – whether you prefer vibrations, rotations, thrusting, or pressure – gives you nearly endless possibilities to satisfy your cravings and give you maximum pleasure. Unfortunately, the vibrations are pretty weak for both toys – but the other features worked well for us. The interactivity can take a while to get set up, but once you get it going, it seems to have no bugs at all, and works perfectly – even across long distances. Just use the videos online to help you hook it all up. The app is incredibly easy to use, and gives you great control over your partner’s toy. Sometimes, it’s a bit awkward when using toys at both times – but still a unique experience. This would be an incredible toy for long distance lovers who want to experience additional sensation – and be instantly intimately connected to control each other’s pleasure. With new updates constantly in the works, the possibilities are ever growing. The Lovense system is truly unique!

Curious to learn more about the Nora and Max? Check out all the features here!

Visit Lovense’s site to purchase the Nora and/or Max.

Each can be purchased separately for $199
Currently on sale for $119.

Two toys can be bought together for a discounted price!


Note: This review is sponsored by Lovense, and I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. Some links are affiliate links, which help support the site. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. I only recommend things I would use myself! Read more about my reviews.

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4 Comments to Lovense | Long Distance Couples’ Toy Review

  1. gnatn88

    Max does not work at all. I can not fit my penis inside the toy. I think the air gets trapped in the end of the toy. There is no where for the air to go so I can not insert my penis in toy. It is like trying to force the plunger on a syringe when the end is capped. If I try to force my penis inside the sleeve begins to pop out as the air is being forced out around the edges of the sleeve. I contacted customer support regarding this issue and they said they are making a more elastic insert that may solve this issue. Max is very noisy when using the vacuum pump. The toy appears to be very difficult to clean. The sleeve is open on the end so any lube or semen can end up inside the plastic shell for the sleeve. The sleeve itself is easy to clean because it is removable but the plastic shell would be difficult to clean because it is hard to fit your hand inside and because you have to be careful not to damage the air pouches on the inside of the plastic sleeve. I said I would like to return the toy but Lovense has not responded.

    My girlfriend says Nora is not that great for the price. It probably would have been worth it if Max had worked properly.

    The iPhone app crashes when you trying to use Nora with music. The android app and the iPhone app have issues when connecting to the toys. To connect the toy it was necessary to remove the toy and then add it again before each use.

  2. Slutty Girl Problems
    Post Author
    Site Administrator

    I’m so sorry you had a different experience with the Lovense! We really loved it. We experienced and fixed a few of these issues – and didn’t experience others. Here’s some of our fixes below, and a few ways you might be able to fix your problems!

    For fitting your penis inside the Max – we had the same issue at first. It does create the air suction that you described. We were able to quickly & easily fix this by pulling the inner sleeve away from the plastic side, and releasing the air through the outside. Then, the fit was nice and tight, without an over-suction. I also fixed the review to mention that!

    The toy is noisy unfortunately, which we mentioned in the review.

    For cleaning the Max – it’s very simple – you just remove the inner silicone sleeve entirely, and are able to clean it throughly either by hand, in a dishwasher, or by boiling it in water. You can also reverse it completely to clean the inside grooves. The plastic shell can also be entirely cleaned out with water. We used a scrub brush with a handle to get inside and clean out all the grooves. It was simple, effective, and didn’t damage any of the air pumps at all.

    I really enjoyed the Nora, even though the vibrations were weak (which I mentioned). Otherwise, the silicone, recharge ability, waterproof feature, clean-ability, and functions are really top-notch compared to other toys. Were there any specific issues she had with it?

    We also didn’t have the issues with the iPhone or Android apps. It worked with music, and both toys connected properly. Did you make sure to connect both toys separately? If both toys are on, it is not possible. One should be connected at a time. Then, you can turn and use both on. They have some video tutorials on site which go through the connectivity process, which we used and were very helpful.

    Definitely keep contacting customer service if you’re interested in a return – they may have been out of offices for the holidays!

    Hope this helps!

  3. gnatn88

    I can’t use Max at all. Maybe it is just the wrong size for me. I was not able to fix the issue by “pulling the inner sleeve away from the plastic side, and releasing the air through the outside” as you described. Customer service has been very helpful responding to my emails. I wish I could return the toy but maybe I will ask them to send me the more elastic sleeve since that seems to be my only option. I suggest other people contact customer service about sizing before purchasing.

    • Slutty Girl Problems
      Post Author
      Site Administrator

      I’m glad some of the issues were resolved! And that customer service has been helpful now that the holidays have passed!

      I wasn’t aware they had different sizes for the sleeve – I’ll add that now! Hopefully they can hook you up with one that’s a better fit for your body. Keep us posted!

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