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Moist Free Review

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Wicked Sensual Care instead.

Sticky and Disappointing

When I first got this lube, I was excited about it. Because it is a water-based lubricant, I knew it would work well with my silicone toys. Although it has 2 different parabens, which are known to give some women issues – it was totally free of glycerine, which is supposed to make it better for women with sensitive skin. However I quickly realized that this lubricant wasn’t going to be one I reached for in the heat of the moment. I tried it by myself, with my silicone toys, and with a partner, who was as disappointed as I was, making me promise I would pick a different lube for the next round. It was almost as bad as KY Jelly. Hype isn’t everything, and let’s just say that this one shouldn’t have any.

Name: Moist Free
Type: Lubricant, Water Based, Glycerin Free
By: Pipedream

Hearts: 1 Heart
Quality: 1 Star
Naughtiness: 1 Devil

Features: Glycerine FreeNo TasteSticky, No SmellNo Residue

Ingredients: Water, Sorbitol, Polyquaternium-7, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Tetrasodium EDTA, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea, Citric Acid



Sticky with Leftovers

The one good thing about this lube was the fact that it came in a pump bottle. My hookup even commented on this, and for a guy to notice this while he’s getting laid, it must be a really nice feature. Pouring it out is always a pain and I feel like I end up with way more than I needed, so it was nice to have it measured out for me with a quick squirt into my hand. However, that is about where the positive ends with this one. The first time I used it, I spread it over my silicone dildo and I noticed that I was having to reach for more only a minute or two later. I couldn’t even get too into what I was doing, because not only was I reaching for it much more frequently, but it was sticky and leaving a weird film all over everything. If we wanted to have a film stick around, we’d make our own and turn it to DVD. When I was with my partner, I found myself getting frustrated at the feeling it left on my skin and how often we’d have to stop what we were doing just to lube up more. Of course, my guy gave me a simple solution: stop using it and get a different one.

Lube or Lotion?

This particular glycerin-free lube was thicker than other waster-based lubes I’ve used in the past. It made me wonder if I should have skipped the lube and used lotion instead. I wouldn’t have been left with the sticky after feeling, and it would have made less of a mess on my sheets. I probably would have applied it just as often and it would have been just as ineffective. I use lube preferred to lotion because I know it’s safer, it won’t degrade my toys, it’s latex safe, and it’s a hell of a lot better than smothering my guy with Bath and Body Works… but this lube made me doubt that. I expected this lube to make things smoother and easier, but it just left me frustrated. Luckily I had other lube options that were more preferable so we were able to go with our business.

Pros & Cons


  • Glycerine free
  • Great pump bottle


  • Not body-safe. Contains parabens.
  • Sticky
  • Not long lasting
  • Leaves residue


I had high hopes for this lube, but it just left me frustrated and looking for an alternative. I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend, but maybe to an ex that I hated. If you are wanting to try it, I suggest trying to find a sample size of it, because now I have a four ounce bottle of it that will sit in my sex toy box until I clean it out. Lubrication is supposed to make our sex lives easier and more comfortable, not frustrate us further. I prefer a smooth lube that doesn’t leave you feeling like you just played with glue. If you’re wanting to find the perfect glycerin-free lube, keep looking.

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Wicked Sensual Care instead.


Note: This review is sponsored by Pipedream, and I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. Some links are affiliate links, which help support the site. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. I only recommend things I would use myself! Read more about our reviews.

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