Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend the We Vibe Tango instead.

Too Tiny for Teasing

Out of all the toys Pipedream so awesomely sent me (a box full of pleasures for review, courtesy of the Professional Pervert Sabrina Dropkick – thank you!) I was most enthralled by 3 of their new toy lines. The gorgeous tentacle-shaped glass Icicles. The potentially Dr. Suess inspired Ceramix line. And finally, the unique and sleek Aluminium vibrators. I had never tried an aluminum toy before, and my first pick, the Large Pink, quickly became one of my absolute favorite vibrators. It was literally perfect in every way. So, when I opened up the Pure Aluminum Small Purple, I had really high hopes and  expect ions. At first glance, it was another gorgeously designed aluminum vibrator – this time of the clitoral variety – with a beautiful ergonomic shape in a simple, sleek design. Beyond that, it was waterproof and the aluminum could be heated or cooled for temperature play. But, when I opened it up and realized it was powered by watch batteries, I was incredibly disappointed. I need a clitoral vibe that will rock my world, not leave me wanting and wishing for something more powerful.

Name: Pure Aluminium Small Purple
Type: Clitoral VibeVibrators
By: Pipedream

Hearts: 1 Heart
Quality: 3 Stars
Naughtiness: 1 Devil
Vibration: 1 Car
Noise: 1 Bee

Material: Aluminum
Special Features: WaterproofCute DesignQuietMulti-SpeedRounded TipTravel FriendlyBuzzy VibrationsWatch Battery

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Like the Pink Aluminium, this vibe is made of gorgeous high-quality aluminum. I first though that aluminum would be similar to a tin soda can, but even this tiny vibrator is surprisingly well-made. Even at a small size, the aluminum of the Small Purple is very sturdy, and even a bit heavy compared to other vibrators. It is definitely nice and comfortable to hold in your hand. The outer, insertable vibrator is made of aluminum, which has an incredibly high safety rating. It is body-safe, phthalate free, and non-porous. It is also very easy to clean and corrosion resistant. So, I have no problem at all putting aluminum inside me. It is also super smooth with an amazing finish that feels great against your skin. Amazingly, the aluminum can quickly adjust to your body temperature. Holding it for just a few seconds can make it as warm as your hands. But if you’re looking for some temperature play, it can easily be easily heated or cooled in water for some unique play. It’s completely waterproof, so you can bring it in the shower or bath… or anywhere else you’re looking to have some fun!

Size & Design

This vibe is the definition of teeny tiny, and can easily fit in the palm of my hand. The Small Purple is just 3 inches long and 3.25 inches around at it’s largest point (the handle). At it’s tip, it’s a mere 2.75 inches around. If you’re searching for an un-intimidating vibe, this is a winner. It is incredibly easy to carry with you, fit in your nightstand, and could even fit into your tiniest clutch for some on-the-go pleasure.

Vibrations & Power

Unlike its Pink Aluminium counterpart, the Small Purple is not very powerful. It runs on a few small watch batteries, and all 3 of its vibrations are less powerful than my iPhone. But, unlike my iPhone, they are more buzzy and fast-paced, rather than rumbly… and definitely in the clit-numbing category. With such a fast little vibration, it’s hard to get any pleasure. This vibe definitely ended up tickling me more than it teased me… and my vagina really hates being tickled. Unfortunately, this vibe just did nothing for me… and I was sad to see it’s beautiful material, shape, and design relegated to my bottom-most drawer. However, these vibrations may be perfect for someone who’s new to the sensations, or prefers something less powerful than me. On the bright side, this vibe is virtually silent… and can barely be heard, even through covers… even with nothing at all. It is the definitely of a quiet vibe… what all stealthy vibrators aim to be.

Pros & Cons


  • Incredibly tiny and pocket-sized
  • Nice materials
  • Waterproof
  • Quiet


  • Incredibly weak vibrations


Realistically, the weak vibrations may be standard for a vibrator running on watch batteries… but at $30 – $40 I was expecting something with much stronger vibrations and a variety of patterns. I really wanted to like the Small Purple… especially because it’s an incredibly unique and satisfying material. But, it just couldn’t bring me even close to orgasm. Even so, I would whole-heartly recommend aluminum vibrations… and if you’re interested in trying some aluminum vibes, I would definitely recommend something in the Pure Aluminium line. The material is simply beautiful and beyond pleasurable, and they are very well-designed, even if this teeny vibe’s vibrations weren’t my speed. It may be a nice vibrator for a beginner who isn’t used to the sensation… but even then, there are stronger vibes with more variety that are out there for the price, and even tickle the fancy of power queens. The material feels great, and the design is nice, but it would need a lot more power and versatility for me to like it.

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend the We Vibe Tango instead.


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